Layering, as easy as it is, can make an outfit go from 1 to 100 real quick!


As you must have realized, layering is now a common concept in the world of fashion.


Everybody does it, even high socialites like Kendall Jenner. But see, we don’t have all the same resources as miss Jenner (we all wish tho) so this article is what you need to know for the basic steps of layering with clothes you already have.


The First layer needs to be the longest, I guess you had that figured out. It needs to be long but not too much so that it fits perfectly with the second layer. The first one also need to be the lightest so that you don’t look like you’ve gained 300 pounds ha-ha! This layer can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, it really doesn’t matter.


The second layer is, as I say, the puffy one. You need to put on the most comfortable sweater you have to make the magic happen. Make sure you chose a sweater that fits with the first shirt you have put on and that is a little bit smaller so that we see the first layer clearly.


Finally, you need to choose the perfect coat. You can go for a puffy look or a trench coat look. Either case, you’ll be rocking the layering concept without spending one penny.


Big shoutout to the queen of layering @naomiegenes