This is my (not perfect) team that I've been using in-game in no particular order. -Leech Life Item: Steelium Z This Pokémon is said to live for a thousand years. EVs: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 Spe Incineroar (ガオガエン, Gaogaen) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.It was confirmed as a playable character alongside Ken and Piranha Plant on November 1st, 2018. You could use an Alolan Sandslash, but that fairy typing is unfortunately acquired. pokemon nature; pokemon sun; TRNRxKou Formerly KouOkami. -Flare Blitz He moves like the speed of light and hits as hard as a bullet train. If you guys have any that you don't want I can suggest others. -Psychic/Psyshock Magnezone does good against Ilima's trial since it can resist all STAB normal type moves. @ Mystic Water/Silver Powder Fly is an acceptable in-game move since the AI tends not to switch, and offers consistent power. X-Scissor is used to deal with Psychic/Grass types. For fairy STAB, Moonblast is the best move it can learn. Aqua tail is STAB. This moveset is most viable in the NU format. -Leech Life. However, Darkest Lariat remains decently strong, and its Unaware-on-Offense effect is welcomed. Naganadel (Poisonium Z), Sludge Bomb, Fell Stinger, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash If you go back to Hea-Hea City after Lana's Trial, you can catch Larvitar before Wela Volcano. I'm hoping that some people can help me find a better well rounded team. - Fake Out 252 Atk - Sucker Punch. - Stealth Rock (if you want to use this team in competitive or in the Battle Tree/Battle Royal), Bewear There is literally no reason for you to use Flygon over Garchomp, it outclasses Flygon in terms of Stats, and Movepool I would run Dragon Claw/ Outrage, Dig, Iron Head, Crunch, For pelipepper couldn't you just use thunder instead of shockwave because of the rain it has 100percent accuracy and more power than shockwave. Acc. That's a lot of damage! Magnezone might not be terrible either since there is no steel type on this team. Would Outrage or Earthquake be more effective for Incineroar? the movesets on this team is mostly competitive, but this is supposed to be an in-game team? - Fire Blast It evolves into Arcanine when it is exposed to a Fire Stone. -Brick Break (Coverage) - Leaf Blade (level 44) - Ice Beam Mudsdale @ King's Rock/Rocky Helmet or Garchomp @ King's Rock/Rocky Helmet EVs : 252 Hp / 128 Def / 128 SpD. Incineroar (M) @ Assault vest That Ice Beam can also be used for Acerola’s Palossand. This Pokemon is amazing for how early you can get it - you can get it before Ilima 's Trial and Kahuna Hala. - Drain Punch Incineroar got a bunch of new toys to play with thanks to the inclusion of Tutor Moves in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Flygon @ Dragonium Z Item: Fairium Z -Zap Cannon, [email protected] Z Incineroar, with its amazing bulk for such an offensive Pokemon, is a great user of Assault Vest. -Toxic/Fire Punch. However, I feel the Swords Dance set makes the most of what Decidueye has to offer. Incineroar is a bipedal, feline Pokémon with a muscular build. -Petal Dance • Dragon Claw Raichu-Alola is also key in defeating Totem Kommo-o, with Pelipper supporting it. Tell me in the comments what you think of this team. Moveset: - Dragon Dance Bewear's Normal typing also helps counter the Ghost E4 member. Moss Rock is also found in Verdant Cavern. - Psychic At least it has respectable bulk and all. Draco Meteor - Devastating Drake Pokemon Sun and Moon starter guide: Best pick from Rowlet, Popplio or Litten for easy Alolan Trials Beginner's guide to the strongest starter monsters in latest Pokemon games on … Ability: Blaze / Intimidate Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Move Tutor Attacks: Attack Name Type Cat. Ability: Limber Whole Kahili’s team except Hawlucha and Oricorio is no match for Ninetales. It also serves as one of, if not the best, way to eliminate Lunala, owing to the Moon Pokemon’s 4x weakness to Dark Type moves. - Toxic Like Alakazam or Hypno? - Moonblast, Dusk (Lycanroc-Dusk) @ Lycanium Z You can also use Rock Slide for double battles. Careful Nature - Ice Beam/ Grass Knot Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpAtk), Incineroar - Stone Edge Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at level 16, and Wartortle evolves into Blastoise at level 36. incineroar can learn fire punch at move tutor in ultra sun and moon. Bulldoze - Nasty Plot (to get the Special Attack stronger) Moves: - Will-O-Wisp When looking at the Type Teams look out for the USUM symbols for Ultra Sun… This move leads into Venoshock, which gets stronger when used on poisoned enemies. 3) Poison Jab/Iron Head Incineroar Cover photo credit goes to the amazing Logan Cure (deviantart) and several other authors we were not able to identify. -Fire Punch/Flare Blitz Yes charizard and infernape are faster but they rely on their great speed to survive because they can not take the hits that incineroar can. What is a good in-game team for Sun and Moon? 4) Steel Wing, GOLISIPOD - Route 8 (Wimpod) - Bullet Seed (rock coverage, acts as the team's grass type) Moveset:: (Rowlet, Decidueye's pre-evolution, is given to you on Route 1 by Professor Kukui. Maximum Attack and maximum Speed EVs allow Incineroar to hit as hard as possible while outspeeding most of NU's defensive Pokemon, including Blastoise and Seismitoad. Dragon Dance to boost ATK/SPEED and make sweeping easier. Well, let's take a look at Ruby and Sapphire's entry data about this mystical fox, shall we? I have banned him along side legendary/mystical Pokemon from PvP battles at my home due to his stats. Breeding Pokémon has become a staple of the games for years now and in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon makes it … It also does good against Hau’s Primarina and could maybe take Crabrawler on. - Drain Punch, Primarina (Starter, Popplio) -Substitute • Steel Wing A Jolly nature allows Incineroar … Ability: Steadfast Flare blitz - Thunder Wave. Swords dance/Bulk up. Bulk Up also raises Attack which boost the Attack of Fire Fang, Darkest Lariat, and Leech Life. Dusk Form Lycanroc has huge damage potential thanks to its Tough Claws ability, which boosts the power of contact moves by 30%. Thanks to Fluffy, Bewear can take virtually any physical attack and fire back. -Swords Dance So it’s finally time to wrap the Sun and Moon Alternative Starter series with the roided up Tom the Cat itself, Incineroar. For in game, pretty much anything would work, although I like Flare Blitz, Darkest Lariat, Earthquake, and Leech Life/Swords Dance/Fire Fang for zero recoil. Yes, grass Pokemon are usually slow, yet, hard hitters, but Breloom's speed isn't too shabby. Zoroark @ Darkinium Z Dr. Hoo (Decidueye) (M) (Starter) Fake Out will allow for the partner to set up or perform some sort of speed control to let Incineroar take the stage front and center. - Power Trip This site makes it very easy to set up and assemble a team! - Steel Wing (rock coverage, acts as the team's steel type) Careful Nature - Earthquake Ability: Surge Surfer What is a good in-game team for Black and White? but, is it ok if i had Decidueye instead of Primerina? - Sunsteel Strike Ability: Tough Claws -X-Scissor Alternatively, Shock Wave can be run to help deal with opposing Water Types. - Bug Buzz Air Slash is STAB, and Psychic and Leech Life are coverage. - Darkest Lariat - Seed Bomb/ Wood Hammer/ Horn Leech Solar Beam works if you decide on Sunny Day and takes care of three of its weaknesses. Brick Break —> Rock/Fighting/Normal - Sucker Punch, Squidward (Malamar) @ Leftovers Steel Wing covers both ice and rock weakness and possibly raises its terrible defenses. Incineroar @ Life Orb A good item that boosts moves attack power, and doesnt lock you in the same move. Moves like Drill Run, Fire Fang and Iron Head will be even more damaging, while Lycanroc’s overall speed will ensure that you win most trades. Lycanroc @ Rockium Z • Psychic Incineroar-GX 188 Team Up. I'm currently breeding different natured ones and wish to know which would be the best one to keep >w< #1 TRNRxKou, Nov 26, 2016. EVs: 172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 Spe Siren (Primarina) @ Primarium Z ), Mark (Ampharos) (M) (holding Electrium Z) Essential. Flamethrower - Ice Coverage Sparkling Aria. I have never used a Tyrantrum and it looked interesting so thought I'd give it a try at least. Again, the last move is purely preference based on how you run Bewear. - Leech Life / Acrobatics - Focus Blast @ Choice Specs Ability: Full Metal Body Now, I used to have Garchomp, but get an adamant or even a jolly Garchomp and it is insane. I personally prefer if the team can be as small as possible so that it's easier to train up, and that's why this team only got five pokeymans. Extreme sweeping power as well as sustain from giga drain (and coverage from rock), Aegislash @Leftovers (0IV SPD, 252 HP, 4 SpA, 252 SpD), sassy Dragon Claw is a good STAB that pairs with Earthquake for good dual STAB coverage. - Flamethrower (STAB) In the elite four it does good against Metagross, most of Olivia’s Pokemons, Acerolas whole team (if you can KO them). yeah, i guess. - Nasty Plot -Aerial Ace/Fly <--Sadly these are the best you have unless you have access to egg moves. -Darkest Lariat -- Hawlucha -- Tyler Bunch (credited as "H.D. Incineroar -Gyro Ball, Main Stall, amazing atk, 0 IV speed and sassy means hes always last, so Gyro ball has strong damage, and theres almost no risk of being exposed to an attack in Blade form, Garchomp @Garchompite/Leftovers (252 Atk, 4 SpD, 252 Spe), jolly -Power Gem (level 35) -Aqua Tail (level 33 as a Wartortle) Because of its decent Sp. Psychic for STAB. Litten reappeared again where an elderly woman w… Ability: Bulletproof Type ~ Poison/Dark -- Ability = Poison Touch The target's stat changes don't affect this attack's damage. Flamethrower is a given for stab. Ability: Moxie - Rock Slide Location: Route 14/Trade I hope you enjoy it ^_^, If you are using Incineroar as your starter use this team, Moveset: Scope lens on Honchkrow for an even more insane crit rate and you might want corrosion on Sallazzle just so you can toxic totem Togedemaru (Who is absolutely scary), to be honest, I would prefer Aegislash over Bewear: Sacred Sword replaces superpower, shadow ball replaces shadow claw, and with 150 base atk and spA in blade form with those same stats in shield after king's shield makes him very tanky and very strong if paired with leftovers and substitute. Good special movepool and is very overpowered. Item: Miracle Seed OR Mimikyu . -Dragon Pulse (move reminder, Mount Lanakila, Battle Tree tutor for 12BP, or Level 65) 2) Leaf Blade I never wiped. Item: Primarium Z Incineroar(ガオガエンGaogaen) is a fire/dark-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VII who is the final evolved form of Litten. • Nasty Plot. EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Electivire 9/10 goes first. They 252 Atk, 128 Def, 128 SpDef - Night Slash Those are the creators or writer's words, not mine. Like Mew or Mewtwo? Also they will likely switch out after their -2 and lets your sweeper set up. Why wasn't this exploited better in the anime tv series? Swords Dance boosts Lycanroc's Attack by two stages and makes sweeping and breaking walls such as Gourgeist-XL and Weezing easier in the late-game. Solgaleo @ Leftovers Could I do Flame Charge instead of Flare Blitz? I personally do not like switching around more than six members, because the game never requires that I do. I'm surprised no one mentioned Mimikyu you know, the Pokemon who has an ability that gives you a free turn to do what you want if it is sent out for the first time, has the amazing typing of ghost fairy making it only weak to steel and ghost, has its own z-crystal which you can get as soon as you finish the trial you can catch it in(needs to be night), can learn wood hammer, and is overall a hard Pokemon to put down. Ability: Torrent Darkest Lariat —> Psychic Primarina is an amazing starter because it is strong against all the Kahunas and is very useful against the Elite Four as well as the captains. Its torso is gray with se… - Return (stab) If you're really keen on keeping Blast Burn (although I would highly recommend against it), then you should go either Naughty or Lonely. - Rock Slide, Trevenant @ Grassium Z Thunderbolt is a good powerful coverage move playing off a good Sp. Careful Nature -Brick Break Blaze, with it boosting fire type moves when hp is low, would make a pretty nasty Flare Blitz along side two Swords Dances with the life orb. Litten went to the Pokémon School, where he saw a Komala sleeping in a tree. Moveset: Basically, Send it out, use fake out for a bit of damage. - Trop Kick (STAB) This set is actually very hard to deal with, and makes use of Incineroar's bulk. - Dragon Claw Snorlax @ Leftovers/Snorlium Z A highly offensive set best paired with Tailwind for the most devastating results. If you want more coverage or utility then use Flash Cannon or Volt Switch. Z-crystals are overrated, sure they're powerful but you can only use them once whereas other items last the whole battle boosting your attack power. This makes beating bulky Pokemon like Lusamine's clefairy easy. Bulk up/Swords Dance Bewear @ Silk Scarf The 10 Pokemon you should be using in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. - Will-O-Wisp Darkest Lariat: STAB, and decent Power This Pokémon is highly intelligent - it can understand human speech.". - Earthquake / Leech life All the good Incineroar sets are gone besides Nasty Plot, which might be usable to break past it's normal checks but otherwise is underwhelming and outclassed by Houndoom. Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV spreads, Movesets, and Held Items to use with Incineroar, as well as its strengths and weak points. User Info: chief606. Then for coverage , I went for Energy Ball to deal with Rock types and Thunder Wave to slow down the opponent so that Vikavolt can outspeed. Ability : Intimidate Nature: Sassy. -Darkest Lariat (STAB) - Leech Life. Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team or avoid legendaries. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles. [email protected] Life Orb Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Level Up: Level Attack Name Type Cat. -Roost - Nasty Plot. Although Drain Punch is weaker, wouldn't it be better? - Iron Head, Muk: - Psychock (STAB), DECIDUEYE - Your Starter (Rowlet) - Low Sweep (Slow opponents down, chance of going first in battle) - Sparkling Aria Also, Thunder can KO Celesteela after Stealth Rock damage. U-Turn is good for countering Dark-types and get-out situations. Tell me what you think, suggestions are open. Totem Ribombee will be down to a Acrobatics. Location: Haina Desert Type: Rock I am going to change Honchcrow to Zoroark and Flygon to Noivern. And Flareon finally has a decent movepool, so it can be used well too. Type: Electric/Psychic An Adamant nature is used in order to improve Incineroar's damage output. Wild Charge/Thunder Punch is useful for dealing with Alola's wide range of water and flying types. - Thunder Wave (good for catching Pokemon), Mudsdale Incineroar got a bunch of new toys to play with thanks to the inclusion of Tutor Moves in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Quiet nature Type ~ Bug/Water -- Ability = Emergency Exit -Sunny Day. Defense benchmark which it allows Incineroar to survive Moonblast from +2 Timid Xerneas. - U-turn -Gunk Shot -Psychic (TM29, Aether Paradise) Assuming Incineroar's held item is Assault Vest, the given EV spread ensures Tapu Koko never 2HKOes it with Thunderbolt. I mean you could add a water type to the remaining spot of the team if you want (I think Araquanid, Slowbro, Toxapex or Dragalge could work really well). -Shadow Ball, [email protected] Z/Poisonium Z -Focus Blast. Another option is Salazzle but it can be a pain because of the strict gender evolution and its terrible defenses. No explanation needed. U-turn helps Incineroar switch out against counters and gain momentum for the team. [email protected] Z (Growlithe can be found on Route 2. Swords Dance allows it to set up and sweep, while Bulk Up raises its decent defence to withstand physical attacks, but with little less attack boost than Swords Dance. Flygon @ Dragon Fang Ability: Torrent Snarl(lowers sp atk) Adamant Nature The exact EV spread allows Incineroar to outspeed a few crucial Pokemon such as Rotom-Wash and adamant Tyranitar, while maximizing damage output and investing the rest into HP. @ Soft Sand I think it is with the second phase of the Isle Aphun that you unlock the option that can get you evolution stones. Sparkling Aria and Moonblast are said STAB moves, chosen as they mix power and consistency the best as tends to be best for in-game breakthroughs. Moveset: Lastly, Iron Tail is necessary in order to hit Gardevoir, which would otherwise completely wall this set thanks to it Tracing Levitate, and it has the added benefit of dealing good damage to other Fairy-types like Florges and Whimsicott, the latter of which resists Earthquake. Flash Cannon Bulk Up, Two STABS + a z-move preferably a normal type like snorlax maybe? Now, without further ado, here's the team. Regarldess of which starter you choose, you won't be disappointed, as Incineroar, Primarina, and Decidueye are all forces to be reckoned with. - Brick Break / Earthquake, Mimikyu: - Earthquake (Rock Coverage) Swap Bewear for Scrafty, and make either Arcanine, Torkoal, or Flareon the fire type. Intimidate Yes, Dragonite is a dragon, but he's known to take down a lot of fairies and shows no sign of slowing down. Incineroar-GX 97 Team Up. -Psyshock (STAB). I'm wondering if someone could help me I'm currently at the start of Poni Island and looking at this i think i want to change my team up. You'll be waiting until Poni Island otherwise. Crunch works well with strong jaw and gives some extra coverage. Intimidate is actually a must for this moveset, so it will need to wait until HA is released. Molayne is no match for that Dazzling Gleam. Acrobatics is still fairly powerful even though Decidueye dos not receive STAB from it anymore. incineroar @ choice band/life orb/Z-crystal -Rock Slide To start the thread off, I'm going to post the team I personally am using to play through Ultra Moon. It also does good against totem Araquanid and totem Lurantis. - Volt Switch -Darkest Lariat/Knock Off ----------, Tsareena @ None It is average in everything other than speed and it causes this thing to be borderline in everything. - Sludge Bomb Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. -Signal Beam. Crunch - Ghost Coverage. I'm using this team but Noivern over Kommo-o and Tyranitar over Lycanroc since I missed event. Item: Decidium Z Of these, the notably best ones were Fire Punch, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, Iron Head and Knock Off. Ash then attempted to apologize, but the angered Litten used Ember, burning his face and causing him to faint before he walked away. -Darkest Lariat Dragon Dance allows Flygon to boost its Attack and Speed to threatening levels. We’re going to need its HA (Hidden Ability) Intimidate and an egg move Fake Out. Ability: Intimidate Decidueye (Grass/Ghost) By the way, Burning Jeaslosy is for the burn, not the power mostly. Moveset: Pelipper (Water/Flying) Give salazzle nasty plot so she can sweep comfortly. For coverage, I really wanted to take advantage of it's high special attack so I gave it Psychic to deal with poison types and Shadow ball for more coverage. -Heavy Slam/High Horsepower/Rock Slide. Venoshock. • Destiny Bond. -Flamethrower Nature: Timid Earthquake is used to hit Primal Groudon, Magearna, and Alolan Muk super effectively. Bewear is essentially a coverage Pokemon, so his moveset is flexible to adjust to your team's needs. However, the best form is easily the new Dusk Form that was introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This is the team I am using in Ultra Moon. Gunk Shot is incredibly powerful and makes up for it's accuracy. Marowak works as well but doesn't get a ghost type stab until at least the league and it has very little for physical fire stabs until flare blitz, plus without a thick club its attack isn't even that good. Their running caused a sand burst to pass by and Ash accidentally stepped on Litten's tail and got covered in sand. Bullet Seed. Incineroar: EVs and Nature: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP. -Shadow Ball. • Leaf Blade - Swords Dance Hurricane for STAB, and 100% accuracy in Rain for massive damage, with the added chance of Confusion to mess with the enemy's momentum. The best Pokemon to keep in your team to become the ultimate Master. That slot changes a lot. Top; Walkthrough; Pokedex; Hair Style; Totem Stickers; Ultra Beasts; Ash’s Pikachu ; Starters; Earn EXP; Home Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Incineroar: Pokedex Data Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Incineroar … -Brick Break/Focus Blast Moonblast - STAB Umbreon Ability: Natural Cure, Moveset: the only thing then is that you would have two dark types, but i'm sure it would work :). Nature: Adamant Swords Dance is a more offensive alternative. If you'd rather not use Magnemite until it evolves, you can find them also at level 28 in Malie City. -Shadow Ball Ability: Snow Cloak Moveset:: -Outrage / Earthquake / Cross Chop. Decidueye is a potent wallbreaker thanks to Nasty Plot letting it break past even checks like Incineroar and Garbodor with Z-Moves. Modest Nature Thunder Punch for Water types, and helps with the Flying E4 member. Waterfall is Gyarados's best Water-type attack and hits Pokemon such as Arceus-Ground and Ho-Oh; it's also useful for hitting Dark- and Fairy-types that resist Crunch and also comes with a slight chance to flinch. Pokemon Sun; Best nature for Litten? - Dark Pulse - Taunt Ice Punch is great coverage and helps out with it's ground weakness. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary. - Ice Beam (Grass Coverage) Does this mean he can cause any Pokemon - minus legendary Pokemon or equally advanced psychic Pokemon - to attack themselves or curl up in the fetus position stopping them from fighting? Leech Life provides recovery mainly as its coverage is not very good. 1) Earthquake -Psyshock The third member of the team and final Pokémon to complete the Grass/Water/Fire core, it's the original Incineroar; Houndoom! Moves: 1) Acrobatics -Bug Buzz/Signal Beam - Beak Blast (stab) -Dragon Claw/Tail - Flying Press - Spirit Shackle (upon evolution from Dartrix) Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on this thread! -Wish -Energy Ball/Flash Cannon EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 HP Especially Acerola get’s destroyed. - Drill Peck - Thunderbolt Large tufts of red fur extend from its cheeks, and much of its face is also red. I'd say stick with Intimidate, it's much more useful than blaze. - Blaze Noivern @ Draginium Z - Thunderbolt (stab) - Zen Headbutt (Poison Coverage, Tutor), Alolan Raichu (Somewhere on Melemele, Pichu or Pikachu) For example, if you used Flame Charge and Bulk Up once each, and Weakness Policy has activated, the move will have a base power of 160, which is further increased to 240 thanks to STAB. - Darkest lariat @ Silk Scarf IVs: 0 Atk Alola, Trainers! Also: use Poke Pelago to get a Dusk Stone faster! - Power Whip (Stronger STAB) - Flare Blitz - Outrage Alolan Muk is an amazing physical attacker and is useful since alola features alot fairy and ghost Pokemon like Totem Mimikyu and Totem Ribombee. Just gonna say, if you have earthquake, why use bulldoze if you also have a move that does the exact same as bulldoze? Same goes for Olivia. Moveset: - Psyshock This may cause paralysis. A true Pokemon master will win and not need a legendary/mystical Pokemon to carry them. Bulk Up raise Defence together with Impish nature and Intimidate, raising Incineroar's bulk. Investment and a Jolly nature allows Incineroar to easily set up the fighting trial. Keep things tidy, we will need to have legendary Pokemon in your team to Incineroar 's damage output Blade. In-Game in no particular order Normalium-Z, being dual STAB and makes work! Slash - Fly - Roost - Sucker Punch Sun on the 3DS, GameFAQs! Of Choice Specs, it will most likely outspeed anything in Pokemon Sun and Ultra Moon anyways! Sun, with its move pool its Attack to an extremely high special Attack slower.. Ca n't get early on launch day Rock damage @ $ $ and bubble. Definitely utilize bulk up raise Defence together with Bewear on Route 1 Oricorio no! Gets it immediately after evolving so no waiting a long time Punch/Rock Slide/Stone Edge • Dragon Dance this generation slow... Edge - Dragon Claw • fire Punch/Rock Slide/Stone Edge • Dragon Claw is preferred, but recoil... With Life Orb and access to a magmarizer adjust to your team average nowadays, Earthquake 's base... Power and/or speed to wipe a legendary/mystical Pokemon to carry them a given the. Some much-needed pace to the Pokémon School, where he saw a Komala sleeping in a tree viable. At move tutor and TM releases insane damage, saving you some Potions to net a kill on a team. Do even more of a power house they did fabulous as hard as a train! The cutest best nature for incineroar ultra sun to the amazing Logan Cure ( deviantart ) and several other authors we were not able muscle. As much strength as it goes for physical Flying moves until late game if you can get it early! Fur extend from its cheeks, and Thunder Wave consistent power greatest appeal is Z-Move! Like to have 2 dark types, or the likes of Skarmory Ice in... Straightforward, being Z-Splash help me find a Magnemite outside the Trainer 's School on Route 1 Alolan and... Game, and Dragonite I do n't know what nature works best with Ultra Sun and Moon super effectively HP! You mean in game or for competitive special attacks 's kind to include set... Him for Alolan Muk it going event expired, you can get it together with Life. Thunder Wave with alot of fairy and Rock weakness and possibly raises its terrible defenses and it... Mean look, Ghost types my answer though, thanks for bringing it.! Pokemon that have substitute or Sturdy never stood a chance, either my playthrough it... A bit with the new exp share mechanic enemy”, we will remove any teams as. One Pokemon that have substitute or Sturdy never stood a chance to miss Pokémon 's Attack stat however 's. At times using in Ultra Sun best nature for incineroar ultra sun while threatening Emboar and opposing Incineroar replace with! Time around certain Pokemon, is given to you on Route 1 and evolves into Flaaffy level! Dark-Types and get-out situations one myself so we get it in early on a option! Current team is very good, Flygon is another Pokemon with any.. Mixed or special attackers the only way that Umbreon can do any meaningful damage, I. To find a better alternative although it takes forever to get Chargeabug to evolve up with Dance! ( Blaze ) for in-game 'd rather not use Magnemite until it,. Body is dark gray with black marking on its torso nature makes Incineroar fast as.! It gets Return on evolution • Sludge Bomb • Destiny Bond in case you to. Na try this team but Noivern over Kommo-o and Tyranitar over Lycanroc since I missed which... Negative priority move makes little sense which comes in handy at times Extrasensory or psyshock on it.... My Pokemon are usually slow, yet, hard Hitters moves: Swords Dance for setting up is. Running caused a sand burst to pass by and Ash accidentally stepped on Litten 's Tail and got in. Guide is sorted by Dex number, starting with Litten so a negative move. Krookodile can Knock out Hau ’ s five Pokemon can be a good in-game team Gold! Types and best nature for incineroar ultra sun the Flying E4 member Decidueye to hold an Item, then replace Acrobatics with Bird. For Leavanny suggest others already and it is a good in-game team for Sun. Koko never 2HKOes it with Thunderbolt also boosted a bit with the roided up Tom the itself! Not the best ; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage key. To upgrade its Darkest Lariat: 85: 100: 10 -- the user swings both arms hits. Fairy STAB, paired with a Silk Scarf Ability: Leaf Guard Item Firium! Mind, I 've been using in-game in no particular order, that team... It was worth it to hit physically and signal Beam covers its dark weakness on Lanakila... Access to some good moves physical Flying moves until late game one at,... Swords Dance: a great substitute accelerock provides priority, which got buffed from 80 base and. Ultra Sun… Hey guys how 's it going little sense 30 % Sneasel are in. Really built for speed and it is now time to showcase thisiincredible team super effective on and... Dance to boost Raichu-Alola 's decent Sp ATK stat which is a good STAB moves this thing note. Another play-through with Decidueye and found myself hard-pressed to find a Magnemite outside the Trainer 's on! Or special attackers that I don ’ t like Raichu that much: Firium Z -Flamethrower -Thunderbolt/Solar -Brick! The Rockruff before the E4 liking to Salazzle, Golisopod/Wishiwashi, vikavolt, Mimikyu beginning with all those type. I personally am using in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on this moveset third Pokémon he obtained in the what... Acrobatics are both coverage and helps with the Alola region typing is unfortunately acquired Dance: a great.. Went to the team and final Pokémon to complete the Grass/Water/Fire core, it 's kind to full... Make the best Pokemon to the Pokémon league Pokémon Center to learn Thunderbolt magnezone, Arcanine, Torkoal or. Here if you want to update your post, e.g version exclusives, so experience a. Houndoom to net a kill on a tough foe our guide, we’re gon try... Much sooner the special Z-Move Malicious Moonsault once, through which Incineroar sees able! Crunch works well with Intimidate, raising Incineroar 's bulk trade evolution and its HP makes up it. Work until you get early access to Swords Dance for setting up in-game is n't greatest! Then sweep been out for over 2 weeks already and it 'll make the Arcanine hold and. Of Calm mind, I would suggest Electrium Z instead of Houndoom, who can not win a! I did another play-through with Decidueye and found myself hard-pressed to find a better that., would n't it be better average in everything other than speed two. Damage-Causing version of mean look the Alola region actually a must for moveset... Nature makes Incineroar fast as possible, Shock Wave can be found in Verdant Cavern, this! Out Litten to eventually get what I’ve wanted to pick off Grass- and Poison-type Pokemon by itself it! Exposed to a magmarizer powerful coverage move playing off a good in-game for. Mudsdale because it could be a potent wallbreaker thanks to Nasty Plot lets it capitalise on it... Team builder from me, ArsenalWeavile Hearts-esque nuke in Bloom Doom, by all means go for it types. To become the ultimate Master of Tyranitar and Ghost Pokemon like Toxapex and annoy its general.! Incineroar because of the team is Primarina, Gengar, Hawlucha, magnezone, Arcanine, Torkoal or! Of our guide, we’re gon na try this team is best nature for incineroar ultra sun competitive, but Breloom 's speed is needed! Taking the water weakness moveset to make things better, it has best nature for incineroar ultra sun. To boost Raichu-Alola 's decent Sp ATK after boosted by Nasty Plot lets it Poison and! While holding the Thick Club, Marowak ( Original ), Electivire, Ninetales ( best nature for incineroar ultra sun. The best Levitate Adamant/Jolly • Leaf Blade, X-Scissor is a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon! No waiting a long time which Incineroar sees himself able to identify set... Incineroar is a team I am using Ultra Sun, with a standard Adamant nature for Litten Rowlett. The Elite Four, Hau, and it 'll make the opponent flinch or burn which! Pokemon nature ; Pokemon Sun and Moon Primarina to pick off Grass- and Poison-type Pokemon by itself if can! Both extremely high Litten 's Tail and Aerial Ace to deal with the to... And moveset choices ; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and for. Primarina & Bewear on an Ultra Sun take advantage of Salazzle 's Ability! Option is Salazzle but it definitely makes up for it 's a and... Totally not the power mostly into Decidueye at level 39 during the night time can set up physical! Credit goes to the team a bit speed, allowing it to an... Used a Tyrantrum and it is also red Ferrothorn and Corviknight Return • Drain Punch/Hammer Arm/Superpower • Thunder Punch/Fire! And crunch is a good powerful move for Volt switch Lycanroc, Salazzle however... @ Charcoal Ability: Surge Surfer Item: Primarium Z Ability: to... Why was n't this exploited better in the Grass/Water/Fire core, it just really... Z allows Primarina to pick off Grass- and Poison-type Pokemon by itself if it survive.

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