In New Guinea's jungles the Korowai people live in tree houses 45m high off the ground. Fun Safari Animals Facts for Kids! Altogether there are nine nations that enjoy all that the Amazon rainforest has to offer. But don’t let your kids be deterred by the word “educational”! Twenty per cent of the world's freshwater is found in the Amazon Basin. The Jungle Book is a collection of stories written by Rudyard Kipling.It was published by Macmillan & Co. in 1894. Over half of the world's species live in a jungle environment. Rainforest habitat facts and photos A beam of sunlight makes its way through the leaves and lights up the brightly colored wings of a macaw. The crowding in a jungle leaves little room to walk. The world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest is the Amazon which covers countries such as Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and Uruaguay but the majority, 60% of the Amazon, lies in Brazil. Find a wide range of interesting information that will help you understand what a jungle is and why they are so unique. Like other rainy places, they have many rivers or streams. 24 Rainforest Facts for Kids A rainforest is a forest that receives an above normal amount of rainfall each year. Rainforest Websites. Amazon Rainforest Facts Learn more about the Amazon rainforest with our range of fun facts for kids. Their food is being eliminated by deforestation. The word ‘jungle’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘uncultivated land’. Australia's jungles have flowers not found anywhere else in the world - in fact 80% can't be found elsewhere. 3. Our interactive printable flipbook for ages 8 to 10 certainly includes many fascinating facts, but it’s also just plain old fun. 2. Take your dress-up time to a new level with these awesome jungle safari animal ears! Fun Facts on Rainforest Animals : Fun Facts For Kids: Did You Know? google_ad_height = 90; Jungle Facts In 'The Jungle Book,' Mowgli walks through the jungle fairly easily. It also belongs to unique ecosystems, because it can connect plants and animals in one area. An enormous butterfly flits from plant to plant. The lion is known as the “King of Beasts” or “King of the Jungle.” There are also phrases such as “brave as a lion” or “strong as a lion.” Lions` have been the symbol of strength and bravery for […] At the bottom of the page you will find a list of toucan facts for kids. The rainforests of our world are truly astonishing. Then check out our awesome Amazon facts as we head into the depths of the Amazon rainforest! Vampire bats and anacondas live in the rainforests of South America. Let’s take a trip to the rainforest to learn about this amazing bird! Read Also: (10 Facts about Rainbowfish) Facts about Rainforest Animals 9: the poisonous snakes. Located in the jungles of Thailand are elephants that are fed coffee beans. 4. Amazing Kids! They can usually be seen in the treetops feeding on plants, fruit, insects, bird eggs, nuts, and flowers. google_ad_client = "pub-4643150179421087"; Top 10 Rainforests Facts for Kids Rainforests cover less than 10% of the earth's land surface. by Unbelievable Facts May 27, 2016, 3:26 am 1.9k Views Comments Off on 24 Wild Facts About “The Jungle Book” That Every Disney Fan Will Love! Fun Facts for Kids Jungle cats are speedy runners; a cat in Iran was recorded running at 20 miles per hour. The Amazon rainforest is located in South America and covers 2.1 million square miles of land. Interesting Jungle Facts: It is estimated that 6% of the land on earth is covered in rainforest. It can take ten minutes for a falling raindrop to travel from a rainforest’s thick canopy to the floor. This story is full of brilliant lessons, and that’s why it’s so recommended for kids! Other rainforests in the world are in Africa (mostly in the Congo), Asia (mostly in Indonesia), Australia and Central America. All of the Jungle Book stories were published in magazines in 1893-4. Contests! Jungle poems from famous poets and best jungle poems to feel good. The Land Down Under We commend Kevin Hart for sticking it out even though Kualoa is populated by creepy crawlies. They are the oldest ecosystem on earth. Marvelous and Informative Facts About the Rainforest for Kids Rainforests play a crucial role in keeping the ecosystem balanced. As the name suggests, they also grow in places that have a lot of rainfall. – Contests for Kids! Most people think of the tropics when they think of the jungle. 2016 Summer Quick Facts: Jungles Over half of the world’s plant and animals species live in some type of jungle environment Jungles are similar to rainforests, but they have less trees and more sunlight Jungles are in warm places with lots of rainfall Down in The Jungle where nobody goes! Watch this super fun animated nursery rhyme created by LooLoo Kids and let's sing together! … a few more Jungle Animal facts Although some say there are no jungles in Australia, this may be a case of semantics with the word "bush" substituted for jungle, no matter, the edges of Australian rainforests, particularly along waterways would be considered a jungle … The African lion is not a jungle animal. Watch the video to learn all about rainforest habitats! But do you know all these awesome things about it? It is not possible to have a specific definition because of the variation in these factors. But in most jungles, you'd need to cut down branches, vines, and bushes in order to walk. Besides being one of the most loved children’s books ever, The Jungle Book has many other enthralling facts worth knowing. I've been tagged again :) I was tagged by hopeful #1 over at Happy Hopefuls to list 8 random things about me. Emergent Layer: Emergent is the top layer of the rainforest. . Vervet Monkey Facts: Lesson for Kids Proboscis Monkey Facts: Lesson for Kids Go to Monkeys, Apes, and Chimps for Kids Ch 16. In 1991 until 2004, deforestation in Amazon rainforest was accelerated. Read all poems for jungle. It was interpreted to mean 'tangled thicket' and has often been used to refer to rainforests. This stunning rainforest gives us so much more than interesting plants and animals to learn about, it also gives the Earth a lot of its oxygen! Want to learn about Jungles? The climate here is very cool but extremely wet. In the Tasmanian jungles there are pine trees as old as two thousand years. The Amazon rainforest in South America is the largest rainforest habitat in the world. Jungle Cat Facts For Kids. Like other rainy places, they have many rivers or streams. 1. Kipling was born in India, and spent the first six years of his life there. //-->, Science Kids ©  |  Home  |  About  |  Topics  |  Experiments  |  Games  |  Facts  |  Quizzes  |  Projects  |  Lessons  |  Images  |  Videos  |  Privacy  |  Sitemap  |  Updated: Apr 11, 2020. Half of the plant and animal species in the world live there. Our latest campaign features a bright and fun collection of jungle/ pirate themed pieces, ideal for any little adventurer.Today on the blog, we're sharing a few fun facts about jungle animals to give your kids something to talk about when wearing their new favourite top or dress from the range. Jungles are considered to be 'carbon sinks' which means they absorb more carbon than they release. The foods for the rainforest snakes include the insects, birds, eggs and frogs. Read on and enjoy our fun jungle facts for kids! Find out where the Amazon rain forest is located, how big … In 2004, there was a report which stated that the yearly forest loss rate in Amazon rainforest reached 27,423 km square. Jungles are home to a wide range of plants and animals. Rainforest Animals. 24 Wild Facts About “The Jungle Book” That Every Disney Fan Will Love! Some Lacandon may live in Belize, across the eastern border of Guatemala. Jump to: navigation, search A Jungle The jungle is a place in a rain forest where the forest floor is crowded with plants. As a result, the forest ground always remains in darkness. Believe it or not, slow lorises have two tongues. Did you know that the world's largest tropical rainforest is the Amazon rainforest? The trees can grow to dizzying heights, and are they only found where it’s hot and humid. Get ready to rumble in the jungle! The Amazon rainforest is so large that it would be the 9. Jungle is located near the equator. You could tie in a couple of knots to make the rope easier to grab. The rainforests are home to 70% of the plants believed to be helpful in treating cancer patients. See more ideas about animals, animals wild, jungle animals. /* sci facts 728 */ google_ad_client = "pub-4643150179421087"; google_ad_height = 600; Did you know that 50% of the world's plant and animal species live in the tropical rainforests? Facts on Rainforest Animals for kids, children and schools - ideal for homework help!.