You might have missed this one!

In late 2018, Puma unveiled a collaboration with Polaroid. They released an exclusive sneaker collection that paid tribute to the iconic brand that has revolutionized the world of photography.

In today’s world, the Polaroid cameras have been replaced by smartphones, which are now equipped with quite powerful tools for photography. That being said, Polaroids still appeal to collectors for their vintage appearance.


The “Collaboration”

Polaroid announced its partnership with Puma back in April 2018. The first Puma x Polaroid sneakers landed in September 2018, but we assure you that there are still ways to buy a pair!

If you love photography and sneaker culture, you may want to look into both the RS-0 and the RS-100. The two sneakers are intentionally far apart in terms of design, but they feature several distinct signs of Polaroid.

Designed as a celebration of Polaroid’s 80-year anniversary, the two sneakers are part of Puma’s reboot of its classic Running System (RS) line from the 1980s.


The “Quotes”

“Instant photography has taken on new meaning since Polaroid first introduced the instant camera in the 1940s”

“We now have cameras that can fit in our pockets, cameras that fly, and more places to view these photos than ever before. The reinvention of photography has changed the way we travel, share stories, interact with our friends, and capture moments.”

“The PUMA x Polaroid collaboration celebrates this story of reinvention of both industry giants.”


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