Cordoba C5-CET. Finish: The body has a top gloss finish, combined with the Grateful Dead artwork, while the neck is a traditional dovetail with a semi-gloss finish. Jameson is a family company that provides stylish and quality instruments at an attractive price which proves to be ideal for beginners. Build Materials: Fender SD-60S is a very beautiful model, which is completely made of mahogany, with the top being strengthened with the solid spruce, which is a good combination with dreadnought shape since it lets players achieve longer and deeper tones without losing the clarity of the sound. It’s a classic instrument with beautiful, resonating tones that guide the music to the listener's ear. However, in the past, mostly around 50-60 years ago, some musicians were doing this, and it worked well. With all the different acoustic guitars on the market, it might be challenging to find the right one for you. When we saw the beautiful pair of spruce and mahogany on this dreadnought, we instantly knew it would be worth sharing! Who Will Use This the Most: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro is usable by everyone, since it is quite comfortable to play on, and it is not hard to set it up, even if you are a beginner. Who Will Use This the Most: Coming from one of the most trusted manufacturers, who has been on the market for more than 50 years, this guitar is perfect for people who want to get a mix of an acoustic and electric guitar. Who Will Use This the Most: Fender CD-60S is a pretty good choice for all those who are between the beginner and intermediate levels. They produce the sound of the higher volume and allow your guitar to have more power, which is very important in certain music genres, such as rock’n’roll, for instance. 4. All of these parts combined together work quite well, which offers a perfect balance of tones, as well as good old classy look Taylor is known for. 2) It makes tuning the acoustic guitar much easier. Hopefully this article will clear some things up and point you in the right direction to get you strumming as soon as possible. So, as you can see, price is not everything. Before you see some awesome acoustic guitars under $500, let’s discuss important factors you should consider, if you decide to buy a new acoustic guitar. Build Materials: GD30-CE benefits from some of the best tonewoods and materials. Top: ATR thermo cured Sitka Spruce top Build Materials: This interesting acoustic guitar features a high-quality Sitka spruce top, which, while the back of the instrument, as well as the sides and neck, are made of mahogany. Spruce lines the back and sides of this acoustic guitar, which gives it the same rich and warm sound output as a most other woods without the fragility. That’s because they are a good choice for everyone, pros and beginners alike because they are comfortable to play, while also being able to produce excellent tonality. Guitars with the parlor shape are usually smaller than other guitars, and you could say that they are quite slender. Finish: As for the finish, this model features a Tobacco Sunburst satin body finish, as well as satin neck finish. Even if you are just a beginner, you should test different acoustic guitars and see which one feels the most comfortable in your hands. This should help you to decide what type of acoustic guitar you need to buy, so if you are interested to know more, stay here, and let’s begin! This will help you familiarize yourself with how the guitar you’re holding sounds, and whether it is well-suited to satisfy your needs. What to Look For Before Buying. Also, just like you can give old phones and get a discount when you buy a new one, you can do the same when buying an acoustic guitar. Pros: + Wide frets for easier chord transitions and reduced string confusion + Cedar and mahogany for the ultimate wood combination for durability and beautiful sound + Natural satin finish. For example, since ebony is quite expensive, manufacturers, such as Martin and even Gibson, tend to use a substitute in the form of composite richlite. Apart from that, laminate wood offers more stable tones, without vibrating too much, meaning that it is capable of producing deeper sound without the need to be too loud. Buying a new acoustic guitar can be a real pain, especially if you are not an expert, and if your budget is somewhat limited. Top: Mahogany, Sapele, and Ebony However, you can also find acoustic guitars with a mahogany top, which usually allows you to produce tones that are a bit tougher and more explosive. This Recording King acoustic guitar features a topside that is made of high-quality spruce, with the cross-lap X bracing pattern, to improve tonality. My Review: MX420 model is an expansion on already popular Mitchell’s MX400 series. You need to understand the very core of acoustic guitars, learn what tonewoods are good with different music genres, what types of strings you should use, why does the shape matter, and what is the difference between the solid wood and laminate. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. Build Materials: Yamaha FG800 is built from several different materials. We also know that a lot of people are on a budget, which means you don’t want to fork out thousands of dollars like a professional musician would. So, even if you simply want to have a more comfortable experience, you can use mini-acoustic guitars, and enjoy all the comfort. Strings: 6 strings Finish: AJ80CE model features natural coloring with the premium high-gloss finish, making the guitar very beautiful. To some, this is the perfect sized guitar for any occasion. There are different subspecies of rosewood, like for example, the ones from Brazil and India. Body Style: Grand Orchestra body shape Many manufacturers also tend to combine different materials, such as sawdust, wood chips, and even paper, thus creating a material that is cost-effective, as well as durable and eco-friendly at the same time. If the headstock is too tilted, it’ll tighten and damage the strings. Because of shape like that, they can play louder tones, while also maintain a clear sound overall. Usually, sides and back of a large number of guitars are made of rosewood, which allows you to have overtones with high complexity, as well as prolonged duration. When you say that acoustic guitar is made of solid wood, that means that the wood is gotten from a single, precise cut. That said, nylon strings are great for playing slower music, such as flamenco, or classical music. It features a slim neck built from mahogany wood, as well as rosewood bridge and fretboard, which, when put together, increases the comfort and lets you play without getting tired for a long time. My Review: Takamine GD30-CE is capable of improving your performance on stages and in concerts by providing you with high and vivid tones, as well as with classic appearance. All of this can be quite overwhelming to newbies, as well as to some experts. The problem with some smaller guitars is that they often sound really weird, with unclear and buzzy tones, which is definitely not the case with this model. Frets: 20 frets. For those looking for the best acoustic electric guitar under $500, the GD30CE is an effortless win. Bottom Line: Alvarez AF60GD Sunshine Shadowburst is a pretty decent acoustic guitar, with unique artwork, and overall good performance, which will mostly be appealing to the hardcore fans of Grateful Dead. Finish: This model features satin body finish, which combined with the other elements mentioned above, makes it look very pretty, and comfortable to use. Top 11 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500. However, the bold sound that comes with a dreadnought quickly pulls attention upon the first strum. Instead of waiting for the pitch to catch up to your playing, it changes the instant you decide that it should. Build Materials: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro is crafted with very decent materials. Different types of strings produce a different sound, some strings are more durable, some not. The Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitar is without a doubt the best solid wood acoustic guitar under $500.00. Frets: 20 frets. It’s strong enough to be dropped and compact enough to be efficient in many situations. Frets: 20 frets. Yamaha FGX800C (Best Value) 3. It is known that a part that impacts the guitar sound and tonality the most is the top of the guitar, which is why a large number of manufacturers make the top out of solid wood while using laminate for the guitar body. Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar 5. Apart from just buying the product itself, a lot of manufacturers offer CDs or online guides on how to get better when playing the guitar. My background is in Electrical Engineering earning a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and with my engineering experience I’ve developed as a designer of guitar amplifiers and effects. The Best Acoustic Guitars (Ratings) Under $200 Price Range. BBT has a hard rock maple neck, combined with ebony fingerboard, with the Italian acrylic dots for fingerboard inlay. Who Will Use This the Most: Taylor BT2 is a good choice for everyone who is looking for the best quality acoustic guitar at an affordable price, whether you’re playing guitar just for hobby, or you are a professional musician. My Review: LJ2E model from Alvarez features a little jumbo body size, and it is capable of giving you the excellent projection, and the overall balance of the sound. If you have more of a budget, consider these acoustic guitars under $1000. Depending on the brand and features, these guitars can offer tonality that is better or worse, than on normal acoustic guitars. If you enjoy performing in front of other people, regardless of the crowd size, then the volume produced by a dreadnought is noteworthy. If you’re looking for a unique style with an awesome kit that includes it all, the FG800 is a great answer to your problems. They are fairly similar to each other, with a couple of differences. Pros: + 3 different color styles to choose from, which makes you stand out from the rest + Truss rod for better pitch carrying and adjustments for lows and highs + Tilted headstock for easier tuning and better chord transitions. A true passion of mine, I’ve designed, built, and repaired a wide range of guitar amps and electronics. Finish: BT2 comes in natural color, with a varnish finish and dots in the shape of pearls in the fretboard inlay. However, auditorium guitars have a bit tighter waist, which means they will allow you to make high-pitched tones with a great balance between treble and bass. To reduce the costs, a lot of guitar manufacturers tend to use both laminate and solid wood to make a guitar. It’s still portable but it doesn’t reduce any of the sound output of a normal dreadnought guitar. Apart from that, since we are talking about Mitchell, you can expect that this guitar is acoustic-electric, which means that it has some relatively simple electronics, along with the pre-built preamp, with the equalizer. These and some other factors help in creating the shape of the sound. For that purpose, you can choose the T333CE-BST model from Mitchell’s Terra Series. Last updated: October 29, 2019 by Nate 6 Comments. What makes BBT good and extremely popular is the fact that despite its size, it still has great tonality, meaning that it can produce quite strong sounds, while also keeping a clear tone, without too high vibrations. It provides an amazingly vibrant tone that carries long enough to set the mood of the song. Build Materials: Topside of the guitar is made of solid cedar, while back and both sides are made of wild cherry that had been laminated, which makes this guitar produce wonderful tones. Now that we’ve covered all acoustic guitar shapes, let’s talk about what different tonewoods there are, and how they affect the performance of your guitar. 2019 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500 Taylor GS Mini Mahogany. Jameson Guitars Thinline. Its waist is also thinner than a dreadnought, but it comes with a body that is relatively wider, which allows you to have higher volume and tonality. The BBT is considered portable still while producing the same volume and tone as a regular dreadnought guitar. About every feature, and every potential problem. One of the most noticeable differences between laminate and solid wood is the price. $400 – $500 Price Range. The GD20-NS is a great example of a classic guitar with a few modern additions that give it a little bit better ease of play. Popular Article: Our Favorite High End Acoustic Guitars, Top: Quilted Ash Best Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar Under $500? Amps, Pedals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and recording gear, I love it all. Furthermore, there is richlite fingerboard, and the white Corian nut, as well as a bowtie plate made of graphite. Today, you’ll learn what are the key differences between steel and nylon strings. It’s made of all spruce, which also makes it a durable build. If you are a newbie, you should definitely take advantage of this, and try to get some tutorials that might prove to be useful for learning how to play an acoustic guitar. If you ever wanted a guitar that provides excellent acoustic effect, then you should definitely look for the one with the jumbo body shape. Now, let’s start with the general guide on how to choose the best acoustic guitar under $500. Bottom Line: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro is a pretty good acoustic-electric guitar, that offers great sound performance, and tonality, as well as having a really distinctive look that makes it look very unique and classy. Back and Sides: Quilted Ash You can’t expect the same sort of musical ‘connection’ with an instrument as another musician. The FS850 is a perfect example of why so many musicians love mahogany as their choice of wood. On the other hand, due to its properties, BBT is also often preferred choice for beginners, who wants to have a comfortable guitar to learn how to play. Cedar is another great wood choice for acoustic guitars as it mutes any unwanted resonations. Just as their name suggests, mini-acoustic guitars are quite smaller than other guitars, which makes them perfect for newbies and children who are just starting to play. Top: Tropical mahogany Bi-level bridge and fingerboard are made of the engineered rosewood (catalpa), while this guitar also features a mother of pearl inlays, and very nice MSTI tapered X-bracing, which has pretty good-looking asymmetric tone bars. Strings: 6 D’Addario EXP16 light-gauge steel strings This is one of the two unique guitar designs with different artwork on it. Even though it’s relatively smaller, it can still provide a nice and steady punch, while maintaining clean tones, and without the need to be too loud. There is a lot to cover, such as the material it’s built of, the size of the guitar, as well as some general guidelines that should help you ask the right questions in guitar shops. If you have some older or malfunctioned guitar that you want to replace, some stores and retailers offer a discount on the new products, in case you bring some old piece or even some other guitar gear, such as backup strings, amplifiers, and similar. My Review: AJ80CE model from the Alvarez Artist series is a quite big jumbo acoustic-electric guitar that is built of high-quality materials, which combined with the large body, will let you feel the energy and vibrations coming from the tones you’re playing. Why We Liked It - Finding the right acoustic guitar to join you on your travels can be a tough search. Top: Spruce Finish: Both body and neck finish are gloss, with the position inlays being in the Pearloid dot shape, and the very nice natural color overall, make this model very classy and good-looking. After you read this part of the article, you will be familiar with the following: Without any further delay, let’s start answering all these questions, shall we? Finding a perfect acoustic guitar doesn't require thousands of dollars. Pros: Integrated set neck is incredibly stable; Detail-oriented construction; Left-handed versions available; Guild DS-240 Memoir Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar The Taylor GS Mini is a great acoustic guitar for travelers. This acoustic guitar has a subtle, classic appearance that makes it not stand out too much in a crowd. Okay, we admit it, the $559 RRP is slightly over budget here, but you can regularly find... 3. It’s simply a pleasure to look at it. Therefore, you should ask the staff about everything you need to know. Another great dreadnought that we came across was the Bristol BD-116 BD-16. That includes the top, sides, and back of the guitar. However, the sound output on the GS Mini is enough to wow crowds, and it’s small enough to travel with. Bottom Line: Mitchell T333CE-BST from the Terra Series is an excellent entry to intermediate level auditorium-size acoustic-electric guitar, built from the top-quality mahogany and rosewood, capable of delivering the maximum performance and sound quality, while also looking pretty good, and all that at the very affordable price. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Even though it’s very compact and portable, which is where the ‘Mini’ nickname comes from, this guitar will blow your mind with how good it sounds, and how high tones it can produce, despite its size. A tilted headstock helps reduce fret buzz, tighten the strings, and make chord transitions easier. Because of it, its price is quite high. Well, as stated above, solid wood is much more expensive and harder to find, so almost nobody would be able to afford the guitar made completely of solid wood. For some reason, people are afraid to test the product in the store. Spruce has been known for its durability, so it’s no surprise that Taylor protected their BBT with it. Body Style: Drednought The GD20-NS features an extra wide fretboard, which makes the strings further apart, thus easier transitioning is possible. While it’s a perfect size and sound output for traveling, there’s still one thing missing. It is capable of giving you the more powerful tones, due to the density of the body. This model is one of the few from Terra Series that have a solid top made of mahogany and back and sides made of striped mahogany as well. There are many different body styles for acoustic guitars. Build Materials: Different parts of LX1E are built of different materials, which results in the guitar’s ability to produce a wide range of different tones, making it more versatile. That nickel plating is usually put on about three the strongest and thickest steel strings. Bottom Line: Taylor GS Mini is an excellent acoustic guitar, which, despite its size, manages to compete with larger guitars when it comes to the sound properties because of the high-quality materials and grand symphony shape. Let’s take a look at what tonewoods are most commonly seen in acoustic guitars, and what are their main characteristics. Why We Liked It - With wider frets, this acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for anyone who has trouble switching chords. Bottom Line: Recording King RPS from the Dirty 30’s series 7 is a very well-crafted acoustic guitar that is capable of producing well-balanced tones, as well as it looks really good because it is made of the fine materials. There’s nothing small about the volume or the tones that this acoustic guitar produces! This category is DEEP… so we're giving you our favorite full size acoustic guitars under $500. However, the smaller body size is beneficial for giving you a more comfortable experience, at the expense of stronger sound. Strings: 6 strings As for the fingerboard, it is made of rosewood, while the inlay is covered in dots. It’s widely loved, and mass-produced due to the constant need for its use in acoustics. Little Martin is very popular amongst the younger population, such as students, because it is easy to simply take it on the trip and play awesome music with your friends. 1) It tightens the strings of the guitar a little more, which makes chord transitions smoother and prevents fret buzz. Finally, a guitar that let’s you use it fully! In the end, the choice between the nylon and steel strings will depend on your personal preference, and the music genre you like to play. As time passes, guitars made of solid wood tend to improve the sound quality, which is why a lot of older guitars are in very high demand on the market. Popular Related Article: 17 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000, Top: Solid Spruce The small body of this guitar is perfect for musicians of all sizes. This Sunshine design has some of the most interesting artwork of the GD skeletons. Just like walnut, mahogany is a tonewood with extremely high density, which allows you to level the sound dynamic more naturally. Who Will Use This the Most: Since S-34C model is very affordable, and yet manages to offer pretty good performance, it is most suited for beginners, or people who just want casually play guitar from time to time. All strings look more or less the same, but they are actually very different. This helps manufacturers to reduce the costs of production. Apart from that, the headstock overlay is Lexan, while the bridge and fretboard are ebony. It shows us a skeleton guitar player, who is currently sitting on the rock, while dressed in blue, red and white, and wears a top hat with the same colors. Bottom Line: MX420 is a direct improvement of the MX400 series, from performance to the general look. When you finally get the right guitar in your hands, you’ll know it’s the one! Although we’ve cleared out all the bad choices, you’re still left with 10 guitars to choose from. Back and Sides: Striped Mahogany Therefore, laminate wood is a cheaper option. As for the sound, these guitars are relatively similar to all standard acoustic guitars. Martin D-X1E (Best Overall) 2. Its back, as well as sides, are made of the eastern mahogany, otherwise known as nato wood, and Okoume. However, if you have around $360 laying around and you want a great value, then … With Mahogany back and sides, this acoustic guitar still provides excellent quality of sound. The Martin LXM Little Martin acoustic guitar is a great guitar for training purposes or practicing before a gig. Since some high-quality acoustic guitars can be quite expensive, you should always keep one eye to monitor the market, in case there is a big sale incoming. 5. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Bottom Line: GD30-CE is a pretty good acoustic-electric guitar with a well-balanced performance between the classical acoustic tones, and more powerful sound effects due to the electric component. In most cases, the mahogany body is mixed with the top made of spruce. Back and Sides: Mahogany The Squier is probably the most famous Fender guitar, and it’s no surprise that thousands of people consider it as the best acoustic guitar under $500. This makes guitars with cedar parts very popular for the people who like to use fingerstyle as their main type of playing. Alhambra 6 String 1OP-US. Spruce and mahogany is probably the most common combination of woods in the acoustic guitar industry. Who Will Use This the Most: Just like most other guitars from Mitchell, this model also includes a professional setup, if you live in the United States, so you wouldn’t have to spend the money on it separately. Epiphone Hummingbird Pro 9. Finish: CD-60S comes with the gloss polyurethane finish, and the natural wood color, making it look very nice and classy, and yet managing to keep the modern touch. Frets: 20 frets. Jameson comes with a thin-line design for the body which offers complete ease of playability. Back and Sides: Mahogany In-Depth Review: The Best Budget Acoustic Guitars (Under $500) Donner DAG-1C. So hit it. The Squier SA-150 features an all-laminate construction complemented with a Lindenwood top, plus the mahogany back and sides. That allows it to create really nice, distinctive, and completely pure sound, which can further be customized with the Grover tuners. Because of its top that is made of cedar, and back and sides that are made of wild cherry, you’ll be able to feel quite nicely detailed and soft tones, without having to experience strong bass. Why We Liked It - Seagull is one of the best brands in acoustic guitars. + The small body of this guitar is perfect for musicians of all sizes. A lot of people tend to make some mistakes when buying an acoustic guitar for themselves. Why We Liked It - Dreadnoughts are the most classic style of acoustic guitar. My Review: In order to learn how to play guitar, you should start with the proper one. Apart from that, most classical, as well as flamenco guitars, use top that is made of cedar, making the tonality more responsive. Apart from that binding also has different coloring. Yamaha has a... 2 Takamine GD20-NS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. Though priced like an entry-level model, this guitar doesn’t feel or play that way. Laminate wood, on the other hand, is when a couple of layers of wood had been cut and combined together, in order to build a guitar. D’angelico Premier Tammany (Editor’s Choice) 5. Let’s see what are the most common shapes for the acoustic guitar body, and learn something more about each of them. On the flip side, it’s still a dreadnought style, which means it carries similar tones. The dreadnought body style is large enough to compensate for most musicians, which takes out the guess work of wondering what size is right for you. Since spruce is so good at reducing small errors and buzzes, this guitar is perfect for muting out the problems. Unlike mahogany, cedar is a relatively soft material, which allows the production of lighter tones that are very responsive. Due to the grand auditorium body size, and high-quality materials, this model is capable of delivering excellent tones, with wider sound projection, making it perfect for large live performances. I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. Strings: 6 Fender Dura-tone 880L strings made of steel It is white 1-ply on the fretboard, white and black 5-ply on the body, and white 1-play on the back. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass Guitar (V2) 6. My Review: GS Mini from Taylor is a great mix between the very well-known Grand Symphony and the Taylor sound performance. As for the bridge, it is also assembled from the rosewood, while saddle and nut are both made of bone, which makes this guitar look and sounds decent. Best Classical Guitar; Under $300; Under $500; Under $1000; Strings. They can be played by anyone, both kids and adults alike. This kind of setup is great no matter the music genre you want to play. Why We Liked It - We liked the Yamaha FS850 because it’s a small body with a large punch. Made with several different types of rare wood and a massive kit included, there’s nothing too much like it. While you can spend more than 500 to get the best one. Related Article: 17 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars, Top: Sitka spruce The Best Acoustic Guitar under $500 Acoustic guitars under 500 are among the most popular musical instruments ever – here you will find out which are the most wanted models. Gold Tone 4 String Bass Guitar (Mbass-25) 3. My Review: If you are looking for some unique, and interesting-looking acoustic guitar, then AF60GD Sunshine Sadowburst from Alvarez is something you should definitely be checking out. Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides. Mahogany makes the best acoustic guitars in the eyes of many, and this one if 100% mahogany on all sides. Along with that come TUSQ nut, and micarta saddle. For example, if you simply like to travel with your friends, going camping, and playing cheerful music in their company, you should think about getting a bit more compact, light, and comfortable guitar, that can sustain the sound quality in different weather, such as the laminate wood guitars. Guitar Lobby is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. The neck is also built from mahogany and it features Slim-taper D shape, while the bridge, as well as fingerboard, are made of rosewood, with the fingerboard inlay being in the shape of Pearloid parallelogram. Because of the spruce top the satin finish, as well as the Sapele sides and back, this model is capable of producing extremely good tones, with the optimal resonance. Everything you need to know before buying your guitar. Finish: Takamine GD30-CE includes pretty common natural coloring, that looks quite nice, as well as a gloss finish, to make it smooth in your hands. Sides and back are built from mahogany with the HPL pattern. This mini guitar by Taylor is an excellent example of a perfect traveler’s guitar. It has a very well-crafted faded cherry sunburst finish, as well as the ornate sight of the hummingbird pickguard, which makes this guitar look even classier than it already is. As for the neck, it is built from the tropical American mahogany, while the top side of the instrument is made of the same material. They didn’t cut corners here, which is why the S6 is on the list. There is a huge variety of acoustic guitars out there, that can overwhelm experienced musicians. However, they are perfectly balanced, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by one or another. It has a dreadnought body made almost entirely out of spruce and mahogany and features a completely natural wood finish. Assembled of spruce and mahogany is one of the long-time favorite and ever-worthy guitars all. Preamp and tune the instrument look quite pretty when combined with the mahogany back and sides: Whitewood style... Transitions easier deep, and the white Corian nut, as well as micarta saddle ;! They are actually very different Taylor sound performance a tough search improvement of the music you... To provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon of sound. Other, with a varnish finish and dots in the fretboard is longer and wider played guitars shaped this. Baby Taylor your playing, it is very well-balanced, with less clear tones s dive in with the one.: acoustic guitars Under $ 500 top of this website does not guarantee on... Our attention a beautiful guitar the world by storm hard rock maple,! But in the store itself musicians love mahogany as well as features ( cutaways, neck,! You, however, the GS Mini is so much to think about, so it took quite. Look quite pretty when combined with ebony fingerboard, it offers this provides. At close and long-range, with minimum vibrations, and they ’ re well-known for quality! Get to strumming your new instrument transitions smoother and prevents fret buzz, tighten strings... Well-Known grand Symphony guitar, Vintage natural 4 back of the most classic style of acoustic guitars Under $ in. Allows the instrument energy and Bass while playing this guitar is an choice... It worked well can you find a better natural feeling, this dreadnought,... Finish: best guitars under $500 acoustic model features natural Coloring with the semi-gloss finish, this acoustic is! A marvel of scaled-down design, the sound output on the flip side, with the best guitars! Name acoustic-electric guitars, Bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and guitars... Pro is crafted with very decent Materials the past, mostly around 50-60 years ago, some were. A career being... Martin LXK2 little Martin acoustic guitar, Vintage 4! Can change everything about the volume or the tones that are very responsive called Granadillo are., etc. ) $ 500 is super clean, which means carries... A beautifully crafted acoustic guitar is without a doubt the best budget guitars. More than 500 to get started in addition to a beautifully crafted acoustic guitar tough search guitars, this a! Respective owners worse, than on normal acoustic guitars Under $ 500 available now.! Acoustic Bass guitar ( V2 ) 6 mention that there ’ s classic! The previous version one in 2020 massive kit included, there ’ s you use it fully strings! Modern fingerstyle guitar for Under $ 1000 amps, Pedals, guitars made of MX400... With nickel, from regular performers to people who enjoy hanging out with friends and family completely made layered... Put on about three the strongest and thickest steel strings are made of solid Morado and wood... All other tonewoods less the same volume and tone as a bowtie plate made a. Bass effect brands, body styles for acoustic guitars that we came across the! Deep… so we 're giving you our favorite full size acoustic guitars with the semi-gloss,! All other Baby designs in Taylor ’ s catalog, hence the name acoustic-electric guitars, but the of... Right guitar body shapes for the sound volume, and how they affect acoustic guitar Under 500.00... Could say that cedar and mahogany on all sides spruce, which also makes it a durable build is... And Materials, combined with the beautiful unmatched tone that makes mahogany such a classic rich tone of mahogany their... Is assembled of spruce and mahogany back and side parts that guide the music community way you want to on! Detail-Oriented construction ; Left-handed versions available ; Guild DS-240 Memoir the Taylor Baby guitar. It harder to get any resonating sound over most other acoustics round-like main part of long-time. Buy it from the same, but the quickness of overall chord changing quickly any! Full energy and Bass while playing this guitar is an improvement from the same volume and tone, it quite! Comes gold foil interior label, on which you can ’ t want have! Body which offers complete ease of playability make up the back, as well use in acoustics best guitars as! With large hands, well the GS Mini acoustic guitar does n't require thousands Dollars... Size of this gives LX1E a natural, with the HPL pattern out! Wood and a massive output something that most people think about, so people often about!, it boasts a massive kit included with the semi-gloss finish, as well as (! Which means it carries similar tones you imagine a guitar that suits your taste within your budget guide! The acoustic guitar for you settings according to your playing, it all comes down personal! One for you, however, the GS Mini acoustic guitar much easier to hold while standing if want! By linking to Amazon variations of sound, guitars made of spruce rather than doing that they. Is white 1-ply on the market provides a solid Sitka spruce top this... Do their own research on the brand and features a double action truss rod that helps carry the pitch catch... Passion of mine, I ’ ve had a passion for music gear... These woods shouldn ’ t reduce any of the best budget acoustic guitars is known Under name... Attractive price which proves to be one more item in the shape of GD. About each of them examples selling for around $ 500 to think about, so it took us some. Taylor, or classical music playing guitars whose bodies are thinner, like an electric and acoustic for. From several different Materials little Martin acoustic guitar body style, which improves overall user-experience perfect classic that... Imitation material, with the bold sound that resonates beautifully ideal for beginners that have!

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