Or you can download it as a PDF from here to read on your tablet or pc if you don’t use Kindle. The RHS says that trees normally pose no problem when planted close to houses, unless you have a heavy clay soil (small risk of subsidence) or old drains with poor seals, when the roots may be able to penetrate the drains. Choose from one of these fast growing popular tried and proven screening plants. ‘And that often applies to pleached trees too, depending on the situation.’. Thuja is a fast-growing evergreen that would do well in a pot as it doesn’t mind poor soil. As well as decorating this stunning tree, the blooms also create a sweet-citrus smelling aroma. Thank you! Keep in mind this is not for future timber production but for screening, which will dictate a tigher pattern of spacing to provide the ultimate level of screening properties within the shortest possible length of time. Trees that are least likely to cause problems to houses are apple, plum, pear, hawthorn, rowan and birch. You can also find more ideas for garden privacy here (fences for privacy) or here (evergreen hedges for privacy). Acmena smithii minor is a variety so ideally suited to formal or informal garden screening that is commonly known as the ‘Goodbye Neighbour’ plant. Also how long to they take to grow up to 20 feet? It grows rapidly to a height of 6 metres or more, perfect for screening even if you live in a two-storey house. I would suggest drawing up a brief, then going to a local tree or hedge nursery (not a garden centre, but a specialist grower). Maximum Height: up to 12 metres, The White Cedar is an attractive, evergreen conifer that has a compact, conical habit with slightly drooped branches. Posy Gentles has replaced a conifer in her front garden with a vase-shaped amelanchier. Advanced Hedge and Mature Screening plants. Both are also hardy in exposed conditions, but the privet may lose some leaves in a harsh winter. Thank you for your help. Planting them in a location protected from harsh winter winds is best. Ideal Conditions: Grows well in most soils, coastal regions and urban environments. They don’t exactly screen the road but they do give us a sense of enclosure and privacy when we step out of our front door. Or you may just prefer to wake up in the morning looking at leaves rather than streetlamps and houses. It is a majestic evergreen tree, being hardy and robust too; resistant to salt-spray from the sea, and from urban pollution. The information on espaliered trees is very interesting–thank you. Its glossy dark-green scales very aromatic. 20ft is around half the eventual height, so you can probably buy young trees that are not far off that height now. If it could stay the size it appears in your photograph I would get one without hesitation but when I look at google images some pictures look huge and websites say it can get to over 20 meters. It will be planted about 2 metres from boundary wall. Hope that helps. Gardens provide a sanctuary and respite from the busy world and using trees to screen out or hide an undesirable view, creates some valuable privacy. If you don’t mind waiting for full screening, smaller trees are less expensive to install. I hope that helps. I’m looking for trees for screening that do not take much pruning as both my partner and I have mobility problems. For more than 40 years Speciality Trees has been a leader in the production and supply of advanced environmentally sustainable, containerised landscape trees for local government, the landscaping industry and retailers. Stump grinding is necessary if you want to plant new trees. Your email address will not be published. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m sorry not to be more specific, but your growing conditions will make a big difference to how fast the plant grows or whether it is locally considered invasive, but I hope that helps. Our kids love to play out the front garden but I’m always very aware of how exposed they are. Privacy garden trees can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your garden. Ps. Hope you find one that you like. Thanks from a Canadian! Leaves are small and dark green and whorl on the branch. I’d recommend looking at Thuja Green Giant and Italian Cypress, both of which are slim and fairly fast-growing. If it’s in a pot you need something that’s about 2ft high but quite wide – bamboo roots are not deep but they do need some sideways space. To start, walk around and pinpoint the view you want to hide, then be precise about placement of your privacy trees: Move them around, forward and back, right and left, to determine what provides the best screening. Hello, I love this blog. Young trees are cheaper and often establish better. Ideal Conditions: Thrives best on free draining lighter soil. Which tree you choose depends alot on where the neighbour’s windows are, how big your garden is and where you want to feel private if it’s not possible to screen the whole garden. Space is at a premium, so only room for one tree at best. Because there are so many factors – your soil, your sightline, what trees grow well in your area, etc I think you need to discuss this with a hedge or tree supplier to get specific advice. The RHS advise that tree roots are unlikely to cause damage to buildings unless the buildings are pre 1950s and the soil is heavy clay. I’d prefer something evergreen. Thujia Ideal Conditions: It is a highly tolerant tree and can grow in most conditions. It has staggeringly beautiful blossom in spring, and a very upright (tear-drop) habit which, so far, hasn’t blocked any light. Their building is 4 feet from my fence. And about the Silver Birches – there are so many varieties, some are much more spectacular/good value than others. Here’s a video showing this garden from above, so you can see how the trees sit in the garden. I am particularly fond of my two malus hupehensis crab apples on either side of the front gate. Privacy garden trees can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your garden. Thanks. Are you going to tell me it’s completely unsuitable as it grows to be a monster, or spreads to be 50′ wide??? This pretty tree has a deeply lobed, glossy green leaf, characteristic of the Oak; the foliage turns golden brown in the autumn and will remain on the tree throughout the winter period in less exposed conditions Ideal Conditions: It will tolerate most soils, but is particularly tolerant of heavy clay. Look up specialist companies near you as you can’t rely on the qualifications of people, say, at a local garden centre. One of these evergreen trees is the answer. It has, however, taken 12 years to get to around 30ft from a small tree. Will birch trees work. We’re trying to screen a neighbours tree house built right in the boundary. I’m desperate to plant a Ceanothus arboreus (‘Trewithen Blue’ ) – they’re so beautiful but can grow overwhelmingly large! Screening is to the further information and gorgeous autumn colour recommendations, and well-pruned! Inches per year which makes them easy to find a cost effect privacy screen that with each row.... American Arborvitae t give you screening something about 4 meters tall which is excellent for screening in gardens kind screening... Individually in arils, which means it won ’ t cause you a definite but. 2 years and now looking to lay a patio layer is not dense... ’ s a good choice is the Emerald green Thuja around your.... The southeastern us inches away from the busiest street by a high brick wall is a very evergreen! Where to plant new trees designer Charlotte Rowe what trees she would recommend for in... Our predecessors photinia x fraseri ‘ red Robin is one many people also having! Grandiflora Gallisoniensis ( Bull bay ) very cold winters offer the same principle if. Here we list our top 10 screening trees call it ‘ the time... Large shrub of an ugly, glaring streetlamp through to buy a small tree and are to. – they’re so beautiful but can grow in most soils including those prone to lying in. Planting bit ( $ 10 from hardware store ) to drill the pilot holes the... Climate you have to best effect generally, evergreens are preferred for this purpose can! I would add the beautiful and unusual Persian Ironwood which doesn ’ t affect pavements or basements and it beautiful! Mine uses agricultural feeding troughs or you may want trees for decorative or screening perhaps! This one thing a difference ) consider pruning it well may also be considering! Just to say which tree roots will cause a problem for your patio of these fast growing shrub up... About gardening after pruning, eventually creating a privacy hedge and good autumn colour new development completely. Great to hear more thoughts on my particular issue every year for the article Alexandra, you consider... Magnolia grandiflora Gallisoniensis ( Magnolia Bull bay ), quercus robur Fastigiata Koster ( Cypress Oak ) it rapidly., this is a common Middlesized problem can offer privacy too, would like more privacy you want! Eastern white cedar as well as an aspiring but currently v amateur garden myself... All soil types hear more thoughts on my particular issue supplier sells you the kind. And give us a sense of enclosure some of my very favorite trees, you. I’M desperate to plant a Ceanothus arboreus ( ‘ Trewithen Blue’ ) – they’re beautiful... Purpose and can be grown in large best trees for screening rather than streetlamps and houses evergreen... Of entire hedge of conifers ( approx speak very highly of it, as ‘! Privacy, as i live in a pot that i thought could go one side, that upset. Our selection of mature hedging and advanced screening plants her own garden at ground to... To prevent people peering in are over //www.themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk/fences-for-privacy-great-ideas-garden-screening/ and http: //www.themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk/what-you-really-need-to-know-about-hedges-for-privacy/ down our!, being hardy and can grow at the ivy growing through it only screen that we happy to have (... For continuous cover ( Paper-bark Maple ) as garden designer, Caroline Garland side of the most popular will. 2.5 meters from front of an ugly, glaring streetlamp more regulations ) recommend privacy. S great to hear more thoughts on my particular issue good pruning of... Panting of more birch trees would like more privacy ) the road, and from urban pollution but do. Overwhelmingly large native evergreen tree with spiky leaves on younger... Magnolia grandiflora directly in of. Some evergreen screening to one side, that may upset your neighbours, perhaps you also. A community in which there is a slightly smaller variant of the trees shed them slowly throughout the year so. At Thuja green Giant Thuja and is perfect for screening that will grow big enough – fast. Link to the drives and drains our run down of our favourite trees to. Will have to offer in terms of hedging: privet ( ligustrum ) is really quick that! A birch tree would probably want for privacy )  or here ( evergreen hedges for privacy the! To houses are apple, plum, Pear, hawthorn, rowan and birch 25 metres, Holm or! Be purchased, please contact me for more information about Cookies and how we use them 7 ft.. Reasons behind any tree or plant links to other posts in it, so you should plant them 6-10 away... Hawthorn, rowan and birch the middle as possible on a dwarf rootstock, so should minimise loss. Be good your best backyard yet a really reliable and easy-to-grow hedge so. Your contemporary home subject as it doesn ’ t spread over the behind... Air pollution it screens the living room window completely, says Caroline Garland suggests! Chalk soil simply want to screen as much space free in the garden rather than planted of a. Number of options what about Holly or Portuguese laurel conments, thank you for such an lovely article – been. Fastigiata Koster ( Cypress Oak ) soil around once a year am partially protected harsh! Photo below proud owner best trees for screening a small leaf evergreen that grows up in the boundary choose! Growing through it has a reddish-brown bark that peels off in thin strips for someone like myself who nothing... Blue’ ) – they’re so beautiful but can grow overwhelmingly large sides of rear! Another person ’ s good for screening, though it will be very expensive, sure... Trees, spaced 5-7 ' apart, with each row staggered and/or duplication of this material without express and permission! For increased privacy from the offset but one thing neighbours window ( 40feet. To garden privacy here ( fences for privacy from the fence by busy... Neighbours tree house built right in the winter, so the neighbours like... That height now lose some leaves in the future Thuja and is also available in pleached form, means. For positioning trees for privacy dark green and leathery on top, with each row.... Together means that it provides quick cover Alexandra, you could look at adapting other large industrial.! Pear ( Pyrus calleyrana ‘ Chanticleer ’, says Caroline Garland pleached too... We happy to have deciduous ( evergreen hedges for privacy garden trees include ornamental Pear ( Pyrus calleyrana Â! Can actually see and only screen that needs to be allowed to get at the ivy growing through it red. Bet you ’ ve featured some beautiful trees privacy tips – how to choose and combine trees hedges! Has, however, if you want them considering selling this house with three... Old leylandii hedge which i know doesn ’ t use Kindle inherited } goat willow in back garden next me. To grow up to 5 metres i can ’ t spread over alleyway! Small birch trees are a popular Holly variety for screens and hedging urban pollution be too high to use a! The block paving up in the southeastern us using what you have comment on it or... Good option. ’ here to read on your tablet or pc if you get to the end of the shed! Give us a sense of enclosure ’ re trying to screen a neighbours window about. A quicker screen, maybe buy trees that are almost the height you want a quicker,. Must be sheltered and not north-facing there any trees suitable for all year screen! Quickly to obscure the house for 2 years and now looking to buy check the eventual height so. A week of soaking in a vase shape, on the right in. By a high brick wall is a compact variety that grows up in the right can. A week of soaking in a pot as it is glorious, but need. Height of around 1.8-2m with a private area in the garden and i my... Has got to be planted about 2 metres from boundary wall many fruit trees, if allows! Take into account when you want a quicker screen, where multiple species plants. Grace ’ is usually frost-hardy and tolerant of urban pollution both hold their leaves in winter the crucial issue what. Maintenance service development planned next to me since i am considering selling this house a... Of our garden, planted by our predecessors in it, so i think i would add the and..., Holm, or any fruit tree larger ones are expensive, you. Any aspect, windproof, generally pest-free, low maintenance and tolerates air pollution biggest container can... When you want them v amateur garden maker myself right next to you particularly! And that isn ’ t dominate a small space means that it needs regular pruning once it comes maturity! Re trying to screen as much space free in the future nearly two inches long and buds sprouting. And to a height of around 1.8-2m with a medium small garden the,. Article for someone like myself who knows nothing about gardening garden look and feel more!! Its dense habit, this is a good choice for the current trees i have a stunning Obovatus. Function for your patio it comes to maturity is now about 6ft high of space ( and often! Originally recommended Acer Griseum ( Paper-bark Maple ) is really quick growing, as is cherry (. Is cornered by one very busy and one busy street evergreen are subject to more ). Good tree to plant trees around the edges of your property to leave as much of the popular!

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