Latvia updated it requirements on November 6, and now anyone arriving from a country where the 14-day cumulative indicator is higher than 50, must go into a 10-day quarantine (previously Estonia, Finland, Norway and Cyprus were exempt). Upon revision by Member States and the Council, this list will be reviewed every two weeks. Masks in enclosed public spaces are mandatory. England moved away from its three-tiers of restrictions around the country to a month-long general lockdown for everyone. U.S. visitors are not on the list of 46 allowed countries. The country placed almost a million people into lockdown in North Jutland after a mutated version of Covid-19 was found in 12 people, infected by minks. Restaurants will only be able to offer delivery services. Check travel conditions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and US states and when restrictions will ease. We're sorry but reopeneu doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. The country recorded 5,550 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily figure since the pandemic started, on Friday 6 November. As of Wednesday, Cyprus has recorded 6,461 confirmed cases and 33 deaths. ABC News reported that Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou deemed it necessary after consultations with the ECDC—infections in the Limassol and Paphos districts jumped from 28% to 70% of the national average in the last six weeks while two-thirds of hospitalized COVID-19 patients now receiving treatment hail from there. The list of countries able to arrive in Bulgaria without restrictions has been the same since 16 July–they include the list of EU approved countries and EU member states. Contact tracing and warning apps can be voluntarily installed and used to warn users if they have been in the proximity of a person who is reported to have been tested positive for coronavirus. The country had opened its borders without restrictions to citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area (excluding the United Kingdom) and Switzerland on 21 June. In this March 2, 2020, photo provided by Naomi Worcester, a crew of workers unload gear as they arrive on Kure Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, one of the most remote places on Earth. Any country that isn't EU, Schengen or the U.K. is banned but even people arriving from high-risk areas (as per the ECDC map) inside these allowed areas, for example, France or Italy, must have proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours. The list is updated, in principle, every two weeks. Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary announced new measures lasting 30 days–a general curfew from 8pm to 5am and banned all public events, capping family and private gatherings at 10 people. 1 of 24. As per the ECDC map above, most of Europe is currently a red zone. Union's executive commission urged member countries to keep strong anti-COVID 19 restrictions … AP reported that eight regions in Italy have moved into the red-alert zone with more than half of their hospital beds dedicated to coronavirus patients. Member States will provide details of upcoming restrictions to free movement or the lifting of travel restrictions to Member States and the Commission. Travel Restrictions Covid 19, Updated 11:33, Dec 3, 2020 | Residents of non-Schengen countries can only enter in exceptional circumstances, and this includes the U.S. Arrivals from red list countries must fill out an entry form and show a negative PCR test or go into quarantine. Travel restrictions should be lifted for countries listed in the recommendation (consult the website). All other countries are on the red list and arrivals from these must have spent at least the 14 days prior in a safe corridor country before reaching Malta. You may opt-out by. Sources of information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the EU/EEA and the UK. Non-essential travel to and from outside EU and Schengen countries remains prohibited and all passengers arriving in Belgium by air or sea must fill in a "Public Health Passenger Locator Form" and give it to border authorities. Travelers arriving from countries on the green list don't have any restrictions—this list of countries is smaller than it was. in research, business and finance. As the epidemiological situation inside and outside the EU evolves and travel restrictions at the EU’s external borders are gradually being lifted, visa operations have also resumed gradually. Bars and restaurants must currently close at 10pm. On 6 November, Bulgaria ordered mass PCR testing for people in the vicinity of two mink farms in the country, after the virus mutated from mink farms in Denmark. The U.K. reached 50,000 deaths, many countries moved from implementing curfews to full lockdowns, Denmark and other countries restricted movement due to a Covid-19 outbreak in minks and many European countries entered red lists, meaning residents from those countries cannot travel without a negative PCR test. Most EU countries introduced new travel restrictions to come into effect in November—here's a complete list of who's allowed in and how they can move around when they arrive. Latvia introduced a state of emergency from 9 November to 6 December with restrictions on movement around the country and with reduced access to services during this time. If the results are positive, they must quarantine for 2 weeks but after 8 November, this period will become 10 days. This could affect both travel to France from the UK, such as for those returning to France in the New Year after Christmas trips, and future travel to the UK from France. Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland during lockdown in April 2020. Costa Rica has eased their travel regulations and removed the requirement of RT-PCR tests for the detection of the coronavirus. All other EU countries, plus the U.K. must enter a ten-day quarantine, as per ECDC recommendations. I write about travel, culture, food & drink. The Prime Minister is resisting a lockdown. A curfew is in place between 8pm and 6am. This article was updated November 20. 14-day notification rate and test positivity for EU, EEA and UK. The government recently imposed a curfew and then a further partial shutdown to try to slow the rise in Covid-19 infection rates. Face masks are now obligatory in all outdoor spaces, which Minister of Health, Kostadin Angelov, hoped would slow the spread of the virus by about 30% and help alleviate pressure on hospitals. In the case of an alert, the app may provide relevant information from health authorities, such as advice to get tested or to self-isolate, and who to contact. Travel outside of homes and workplaces is heavily discouraged. It applies to all EU countries, as well as the … The list involves: Andorra, Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Bonaire, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (city of Copenhagen, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Slagelse, Aarhus, Køge, Solrød and Greve), France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia (City of Riga), Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway (Oslo), Poland, Portugal (all regions except the Azores region), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, St Maarten, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K. Leidsestraat amid the pandemic in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have lived in Provence ever since I exchanged my London While the restrictions on non-essential travel and their lifting depend on the traveller’s place of residence, the visa requirement continues to depend on nationality. This list currently contains 61 EU and other countries, including the U.S. Andorra, Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic and parts of France were added more recently on 29 October. France is deploying rapid thirty-minute testing at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and all ports, which are much quicker but less accurate than the three-day turnaround for standard tests. Anyone with symptoms upon arrival must self-isolate immediately. At its borders, Cyprus has three categories based on a country’s epidemiological situation, and updates the list to announce who can enter and how. Ireland implemented the ECDC's traffic light map of travel restrictions for the first time, meaning it adheres to the same guidelines as most other EU countries. The BBC described it as "harsh measures with a Christmas carrot", hoping it might save the festive period. For all other third countries not on this list, Member States and Schengen Associated countries are temporarily suspending all non-essential travel from those third countries to the EU+ area, meaning that only certain categories of travellers could be authorised for entry. Malta has mandated the wearing of face masks everywhere, the closure of bars and social clubs for a month, and the lowering of group gatherings in public to six people. Father Christmas will be allowed to travel freely across the European Union despite the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the bloc, Brussels confirmed on Friday. For nationals of visa-waived third-countries who are compelled to stay beyond the extended 90/180 days, the competent national authorities should extend the validity of the authorisations for legal stay, issue a new one or take other appropriate measures that ensure a continued right to stay on their territory. As countries furnish their coronavirus data, the ECDC will be able to produce a color-coded map (which will be published regularly on the European Commission’s Re-open EU site) that will allow for more informed and consistent decisions about travel restrictions across Europe.. A color-coded map of Europe with COVID-19 travel data will indicate: This Recommendation is based on the Commission’s proposal adopted on 4 September. Travel European travel restrictions: Where can non-EU travelers enter? Arrivals from international third-party countries (not in the EU+ area) is strictly forbidden, with the exception of the U.K. and Switzerland. On 13 October, EU Member States adopted a Council Recommendation on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus travel rules: European countries' border restrictions … From November 14, all arrivals into the Canary Islands, must be in possession of a negative Covid-19 test taken 72 hours before arrival, if aged over 6 or over. This was done on the basis of a set of principles and objective criteria including. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation with Forbes Insights, where the ECDC map was red for most EU countries. Anyone arriving from a high-risk country must go into quarantine or face a fine and crucially, a negative PCR test does not exempt travelers. Lithuania is allowing access from EEA countries but those countries which are red or gray are subject to the requirement of testing for Covid-19 or a 10-day isolation. Since October 12, arrivals from Cyprus, Latvia and Lichtenstein have not been allowed to enter without quarantine and until November 23, arrivals will be allowed in without self-isolating for 14 days if they arrive from a country which has less than 25 cases per 100,000 people in the last fortnight. Much like other EU countries, Croatia is experiencing rising infection rates and has implemented mandatory mask wearing and a limit on public gatherings. Information on travel restrictions in place should be made available on the websites of the relevant national authorities (e.g. Norway implemented the requirement of negative PCR tests for anyone coming from a Covid-19 high-risk country, as designated red by the ECDC map (the map shows that a southern part of Norway turned red from orange). All other info At the same time, the guidelines clarify that the current circumstances are “extraordinary”, e.g. The Netherlands is currently on lockdown, which bans meetings of more than 2 people not from the same household. UPDATED - check out the list of coronavirus travel restrictions by country in Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia. The Department of State advises all U.S. citizens to read the country-specific Travel Advisories and U.S. Embassy COVID pages for updates on the impact of COVID-19 worldwide.. Thousands took to the streets in Liepzig on Saturday to protest against the further restrictions of movement. Germany’s rates of contracting Covid-19 are increasing; the country has doubled the number of patients in intensive care in just 10 days and set a new record of over 21,500 new confirmed cases on Friday. BBC reported that 17 million minks would be culled as a precaution. If a traveller resides in a country where restrictions have been lifted, but is a national of a visa-required country, he or she must apply at the consulate of the Member State to which he wishes to travel to, in his or her country of residence. As of 26 October, the country has been following the ECDC traffic light map for allowing access. The rest of Italy is under a 10 pm curfew with restaurants forced to close by 6 pm. It is also allowing visitors from the countries recommended by the EU. A new website provides information on travel restrictions and levels of new Covid-19 cases across the member states. The “EU+ area” includes 30 countries: 26 out of the 27 EU Member States as well as the four Schengen Associated States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. compensation may not be paid in case of flight cancellation less than two weeks before the departure date.People travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic should not automatically be considered a high risk for spreading infection unless they have been in known contact with a confirmed positive case, according to new European guidelines for air travel. Home | ... Make two copies of all of your travel documents in case of emergency, and leave one with a … Available in the 24 official EU languages, the platform is easily accessible on desktop and mobile by following and bookmarking the Re-open EU link:, A mobile Re-open EU application should launch in the coming weeks. Gyms, indoor swimming pools, museums, theaters and zoos will be closed. Overstays due to the temporary travel restrictions should not be taken into account during the processing of future visa applications. Mobile contact tracing apps can help speed up traditional contact tracing and save precious hours of work for public health staff tracing the chain of infection. Beginning 5 November, it will last for four weeks. Nearly 2,500 people have died from the virus but 75% of these has been since 1 September. The Prime Minister is resisting a lockdown. Croatia is also allowing other access from other countries–including the U.S.–if travelers meet requirements and hold a valid negative Covid-19 test result–otherwise they must quarantine. EU member states, European Economic Area and the UK. List B–passengers coming from these countries need to test negative for the virus no later than 72 hours prior to their arrival and include: Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden are now on this list. UPDATED - check out the list of coronavirus travel restrictions by country in Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia. Arrivals from China are also allowed, assuming reciprocity occurs (i.e. However, it closed its borders on September 1 to all foreign nationals, after spiking rates of infection–and this order has recently been extended. On 11 June 2020, the Commission published guidance for a phased and coordinated resumption of visa operations. As millions of European citizens gear up for the festive season, the European Union's executive commission urged member countries to keep strong anti-COVID 19 restrictions … Skip to main content. As of November 9, arrivals will be grouped into red, yellow and green categories, with red being the most at risk. In addition, the measures already put in place for aviation minimise the likelihood of transmission during flying. Member States are encouraged to waive administrative sanctions or penalties on third-country nationals who during the period of travel restrictions were unable to leave their territory due to travel restrictions. It is currently undertaking nationwide testing of its entire population over the age of 10, at which point it will make a decision on future restrictions. The government is offering hope to travelers with the promise on 9 November of bringing in rapid testing at airports very soon. If you are a national of an EU member state, Schengen country or the United Kingdom, you can travel to the Netherlands. city life for the south of France. The Commission has also issued an information note on the Package Travel Directive in connection with the coronavirus. And from 23 November, all arrivals from high risk areas will also need to show a negative PCR test. New EU Travel Restrictions, Country By Country, As Covid-19 … Since October 12, all arrivals must fill in an electronic form 48 hours before arriving in the country. data from relevant sources such as the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organisation. Prime minister Boris Johnson said, “this means people cannot travel internationally or within the U.K. unless for work, education or other legally permitted exemptions. Arrivals from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Albania, Kuwait, Moldova, Israel and any other third country must have a negative Covid-19 test and sign a health declaration. The EU Council recommends a gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on travel into the EU (including Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) from 1 July 2020. Anyone who was visiting Iceland on March 20 when the pandemic forced the closure of many international borders had been allowed to stay in the country, after registering with the Directorate of Immigration. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, countries worldwide continue to restrict entry and most travel remains discouraged. Bulgaria has 7 million residents and has recorded 1,771 deaths. It is strongly advising people not to travel abroad or book any trips abroad until mid-January unless absolutely necessary. To slow down the spread of coronavirus and protect the health and well-being of all Europeans, some travel restrictions have been necessary. Currently, all visitors arriving, who have been in high-risk countries 14-days prior, must take a Covid-19 test and remain in quarantine until the results come back (usually a few hours and the test is free). (за предлагането на ваучери на пътниците и туристите като алтернатива на възстановяването на сумите, заплатени за отменени пакетни туристически и транспортни услуги в контекста на пандемията от COVID-19), (RECOMENDACIÓN relativa a los bonos ofrecidos a los pasajeros y a los viajeros como alternativa al reembolso de viajes combinados y servicios de transporte cancelados en el contexto de la pandemia de COVID-19), (DOPORUČENÍ o poukazech nabízených cestujícím jako alternativa k vrácení peněz za zrušené souborné cestovní a přepravní služby a v souvislosti s pandemií COVID-19), (HENSTILLING om vouchers, som passagerer og rejsende får som alternativ til tilbagebetaling af aflyste rejse- og transporttjenester i forbindelse med covid-19-pandemien), (EMPFEHLUNG zu Gutscheinen für Passagiere und Reisende als Alternative zur Rückerstattung von Zahlungen für annullierte Pauschalreisen und Beförderungsdienstleistungen im Kontext der COVID-19-Pandemie), (SOOVITUS vautšerite kohta, mida pakutakse reisijatele tühistatud pakettreiside ja transporditeenuste hüvitamise alternatiivina COVID-19 pandeemia kontekstis), (ΣΥΣΤΑΣΗ ΤΗΣ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗΣ σχετικά με τα κουπόνια που προσφέρονται σε επιβάτες και ταξιδιώτες ως εναλλακτική δυνατότητα αντί της επιστροφής εξόδων για ματαιωθείσες υπηρεσίες οργανωμένων ταξιδιών και μεταφορών στο πλαίσιο της πανδημίας COVID-19), (RECOMMANDATION concernant des bons à valoir destinés aux passagers et voyageurs à titre d’alternative au remboursement des voyages à forfait et des services de transport annulés dans le contexte de la pandémie de COVID-19), (PREPORUKA o vaučerima koji se nude turistima i putnicima kao alternativa povratu novca za otkazane paket aranžmane i usluge prijevoza u kontekstu pandemije bolesti COVID-19), (Raccomandazione relativa ai buoni offerti a passeggeri e viaggiatori come alternativa al rimborso per pacchetti turistici e servizi di trasporto annullati nel contesto della pandemia di Covid-19), (COVID-19: Recommendation on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers as an alternative to reimbursement for cancelled package travel and transport services), (REKOMENDACIJA dėl čekių, kurie keleiviams ir keliautojams siūlomi kaip alternatyvi kompensacija už kelionių paslaugų paketus ir transporto paslaugas, atšauktus dėl COVID-19 pandemijos), (A BIZOTTSÁG AJÁNLÁSA a Covid19-világjárvánnyal összefüggésben törölt utazási csomagok és szállítási szolgáltatások visszatérítésének alternatívájaként az utasok és az utazók részére felkínált utalványokról), (RAKKOMANDAZZJONI dwar vouchers offruti lill-passiġġieri u lill-vjaġġaturi bħala alternattiva għar-rimborż ta’ pakketti tal-ivvjaġġar u servizzi tat-trasport ikkanċellati fil-kuntest tal-pandemija tal-COVID-19), (AANBEVELING inzake vouchers die aan passagiers en reizigers worden aangeboden als alternatief voor terugbetaling van geannuleerde pakketreizen en vervoersdiensten in het kader van de COVID-19-pandemi), (ZALECENIE w sprawie bonów oferowanych pasażerom i podróżnym jako alternatywa dla zwrotu pieniędzy za odwołane imprezy turystyczne i usługi transportowe w kontekście pandemii COVID-19), (RECOMENDAÇÃO relativa aos vales propostos aos passageiros e viajantes em alternativa ao reembolso de serviços de transporte e de viagens organizadas cancelados no contexto da pandemia de COVID-19), (RECOMANDAREA privind voucherele oferite pasagerilor și călătorilor în locul rambursării pachetelor turistice și serviciilor de transport anulate în contextul pandemiei de COVID-19), (ODPORÚČANIE týkajúce sa poukazov ponúkaných pasažierom a cestujúcim ako alternatívnu náhradu za zrušené balíky cestovných služieb a dopravné služby v súvislosti s pandémiou COVID-19), (PRIPOROČILO o dobropisih, ki se ponudijo potnikom kot druga možnost namesto povračila za odpovedana paketna potovanja in prevozne storitve v zvezi s pandemijo COVID-19), (SUOSITUS matkustajille ja matkailijoille tarjottavista matkakupongeista vaihtoehtona hinnan palauttamiselle peruutetuista matkapaketeista ja kuljetuspalveluista covid-19- pandemian yhteydessä), (Известие на Комисията Тълкувателни насоки относно регламентите относно правата на пътниците в ЕС в контекста на развиващата се ситуация с Covid-19), (Comunicación de la Comisión Directrices interpretativas sobre los Reglamentos de la UE en materia de derechos de los pasajeros en el contexto de la situación cambiante con motivo de la COVID-19), (Sdělení Komise Pokyny pro výklad nařízení EU o právech cestujících v souvislosti s vývojem situace nákazy Covid-19), (Meddelelse fra Kommissionen Fortolkningsvejledning vedrørende EU’s forordninger om passagerrettigheder i lyset af covid-19-krisens udvikling), (Bekanntmachung der Kommission Auslegungsleitlinien zu den EU-Verordnungen über Passagierrechte vor dem Hintergrund der sich entwickelnden Situation im Zusammenhang mit Covid-19), (Komisjoni Teatis ELi reisijate õigusi käsitlevate määruste tõlgendamise suunised seoses viiruse COVID-19 olukorra muutumisega), (Ανακοινωση της Επιτροπης Ερμηνευτικές κατευθυντήριες γραμμές σχετικά με τους κανονισμούς της ΕΕ για τα δικαιώματα των επιβατών στο πλαίσιο της εξελισσόμενης κατάστασης όσον αφορά τη νόσο Covid-19), (Communication de la Commission Orientations interprétatives relatives aux règlements de l’UE sur les droits des passagers au regard de l’évolution de la situation en ce qui concerne le Covid-19), (Obavijest Komisije Smjernice za tumačenje uredbi EU-a o pravima putnika u kontekstu razvoja situacije s covidom-19), (Comunicazione della Commissione Orientamenti interpretativi relativi ai regolamenti UE sui diritti dei passeggeri nel contesto dell’evolversi della situazione connessa al Covid-19), (Komisijas Paziņojums Skaidrojošas vadlīnijas par ES pasažieru tiesību regulējumu saistībā ar Covid-19 izraisīto mainīgo situāciju), (Komisijos Pranešimas ES keleivių teisių reglamentų aiškinamosios gairės dėl kintančios epideminės COVID-19 situacijos), (A Bizottság Közleménye Értelmező iránymutatás az utasok jogairól szóló uniós rendeletekhez a COVID-19-járvánnyal kapcsolatos helyzet alakulásával összefüggésben), (Avviż tal-kummissjoni Linji Gwida Interpretattivi rigward ir-regolamenti tal-UE dwar id-drittijiet tal-passiġġieri fil-kuntest tas-sitwazzjoni li qed tiżviluppa b’rabta mal-COVID-19), (Mededeling van de Commissie Interpretatieve richtsnoeren betreffende de EU-verordeningen inzake passagiersrechten in de context van de ontwikkeling van COVID-19), (Zawiadomienie Komisji Wytyczne interpretacyjne dotyczące przepisów UE w zakresie praw pasażerów w kontekście rozwoju sytuacji w związku z Covid-19), (Aviso da Comissão Orientações para a interpretação dos regulamentos da UE em matéria de direitos dos passageiros no contexto do desenvolvimento da situação da Covid-19), (Comunicarea Comisiei Orientări interpretative privind reglementările UE în domeniul drepturilor pasagerilor în contextul evoluției situației privind Covid-19), (Oznámenie Komisie Výkladové usmernenia k predpisom EÚ o právach cestujúcich v kontexte vývoja situácie COVID-19), (Obvestilo Komisije Smernice za razlago uredb EU o pravicah potnikov v zvezi z razvojem razmer glede COVID-19), (Komission Ilmoitus Tulkintaohjeet matkustajien oikeuksia koskevista EU:n asetuksista covid-19-epidemian levitessä), (Kommissionens Tillkännagivande Tolkningsriktlinjer för EU:s förordningar om resenärers/passagerares rättigheter mot bakgrund av den aktuella situationen och utvecklingen avseende Covid-19), (СЪОБЩЕНИЕ НА КОМИСИЯТА ДО ЕВРОПЕЙСКИЯ ПАРЛАМЕНТ, ЕВРОПЕЙСКИЯ СЪВЕТ И СЪВЕТА относно оценка на прилагането на временното ограничение на неналожителните пътувания до ЕС), (COMUNICACIÓN DE LA COMISIÓN AL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, AL CONSEJO EUROPEO Y AL CONSEJO sobre la evaluación de la aplicación de la restricción temporal de los viajes no esenciales a la UE), (SDĚLENÍ KOMISE EVROPSKÉMU PARLAMENTU, EVROPSKÉ RADĚ A RADĚ o posouzení uplatňování dočasného omezení cest do EU, jež nejsou nezbytně nutné), (MEDDELSE FRA KOMMISSIONEN TIL EUROPA-PARLAMENTET, DET EUROPÆISKE RÅD OG RÅDET om en vurdering af anvendelsen af de midlertidige rejserestriktioner for ikkevæsentlige rejser til EU), (MITTEILUNG DER KOMMISSION AN DAS EUROPÄISCHE PARLAMENT, DEN EUROPÄISCHEN RAT UND DEN RAT über die Bewertung der Anwendung der vorübergehenden Beschränkung von nicht unbedingt notwendigen Reisen in der EU), (KOMISJONI TEATIS EUROOPA PARLAMENDILE, EUROOPA ÜLEMKOGULE JA NÕUKOGULE Hinnang mittehädavajaliku ELi reisimise ajutise piirangu kohaldamisele), (ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΗ ΤΗΣ ΕΠΙΤΡΟΠΗΣ ΠΡΟΣ ΤΟ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΟ ΚΟΙΝΟΒΟΥΛΙΟ, ΤΟ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΟ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΣΥΜΒΟΥΛΙΟ σχετικά με την αξιολόγηση της εφαρμογής του προσωρινού περιορισμού των μη ουσιωδών μετακινήσεων προς την ΕΕ), (COMMUNICATION DE LA COMMISSION AU PARLEMENT EUROPÉEN, AU CONSEIL EUROPÉEN ET AU CONSEIL concernant l’évaluation de l’application de la restriction temporaire des déplacements non essentiels vers l’UE), (KOMUNIKACIJA KOMISIJE EUROPSKOM PARLAMENTU, EUROPSKOM VIJEĆU I VIJEĆU o procjeni primjene privremenog ograničenja neobveznih putovanja u EU), (COMUNICAZIONE DELLA COMMISSIONE AL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, AL CONSIGLIO EUROPEO E AL CONSIGLIO Valutazione dell’applicazione della restrizione temporanea dei viaggi non essenziali verso l'UE), (KOMISIJAS PAZIŅOJUMS EIROPAS PARLAMENTAM, EIROPADOMEI UN PADOMEI par pagaidu ierobežojuma nebūtiskiem ceļojumiem uz ES piemērošanas novērtējumu), (KOMISIJOS KOMUNIKATAS EUROPOS PARLAMENTUI, EUROPOS VADOVŲ TARYBAI IR TARYBAI dėl laikino nebūtinų kelionių į ES apribojimo taikymo įvertinimo), (A BIZOTTSÁG KÖZLEMÉNYE AZ EURÓPAI PARLAMENTNEK, AZ EURÓPAI TANÁCSNAK ÉS A TANÁCSNAK az EU-ba irányuló, nem alapvető fontosságú utazások ideiglenes korlátozásának alkalmazására vonatkozó értékelésről), (KOMUNIKAZZJONI TAL-KUMMISSJONI LILL-PARLAMENT EWROPEW, LILL-KUNSILL EWROPEW U LILL-KUNSILL dwar il-valutazzjoni tal-applikazzjoni tar-restrizzjoni temporanja fuq vjaġġar mhux essenzjali lejn l-UE), (MEDEDELING VAN DE COMMISSIE AAN HET EUROPEES PARLEMENT, DE EUROPESE RAAD EN DE RAAD over de beoordeling van de toepassing van de tijdelijke beperking van niet-essentiële reizen naar de EU), (KOMUNIKAT KOMISJI DO PARLAMENTU EUROPEJSKIEGO, RADY EUROPEJSKIEJ I RADY w sprawie oceny stosowania tymczasowego ograniczenia dotyczącego innych niż niezbędne podróży do UE), (COMUNICAÇÃO DA COMISSÃO AO PARLAMENTO EUROPEU, AO CONSELHO EUROPEU E AO CONSELHO relativa à avaliação da aplicação das restrições temporárias às viagens não indispensáveis para a UE), (COMUNICARE A COMISIEI CĂTRE PARLAMENTUL EUROPEAN, CONSILIUL EUROPEAN ȘI CONSILIU referitoare la evaluarea aplicării restricției temporare privind călătoriile neesențiale către UE), (OZNÁMENIE KOMISIE EURÓPSKEMU PARLAMENTU, EURÓPSKEJ RADE A RADE o posúdení uplatňovania dočasného obmedzenia ciest do EÚ, ktoré nie sú nevyhnutné), (SPOROČILO KOMISIJE EVROPSKEMU PARLAMENTU, EVROPSKEMU SVETU IN SVETU o oceni uporabe začasne omejitve nenujnih potovanj v EU), (KOMISSION TIEDONANTO EUROOPAN PARLAMENTILLE, EUROOPPA-NEUVOSTOLLE JA NEUVOSTOLLE EU:hun suuntautuvaa muuta kuin olennaista matkustamista koskevan väliaikaisen rajoituksen soveltamisen arvioinnista), (MEDDELANDE FRÅN KOMMISSIONEN TILL EUROPAPARLAMENTET, EUROPEISKA RÅDET OCH RÅDET om bedömningen av tillämpningen av de tillfälliga restriktionerna för icke nödvändiga resor till EU), (Насоки за мерки за управление на границите с цел опазване на здравето и гарантиране на наличността на стоки и основни услуги), (Directrices sobre medidas de gestión de fronteras para proteger la salud y garantizar la disponibilidad de los bienes y de los servicios esenciales), (Pokyny týkající se opatření správy hranic v zájmu ochrany zdraví a zajištění dostupnosti zboží a základních služeb), (Retningslinjer for grænseforvaltningsforanstaltninger for at beskytte sundheden og sikre adgangen til varer og vigtige tjenesteydelser), (Leitlinien für Grenzmanagementmaßnahmen zum Schutz der Gesundheit und zur Sicherstellung der Verfügbarkeit von Waren und wesentlichen Dienstleistungen), (Suunised tervise kaitseks ning kaupade ja esmatähtsate teenuste kättesaadavuse tagamiseks ette nähtud piirihaldusmeetmete kohta), (Κατευθυντήριες οδηγίες σχετικά με τα μέτρα διαχείρισης των συνόρων για την προστασία της υγείας και τη διασφάλιση της διαθεσιμότητας εμπορευμάτων και βασικών υπηρεσιών), (Lignes directrices relatives aux mesures de gestion des frontières visant à protéger la santé publique et à garantir la disponibilité des biens et des services essentiels), (Smjernice za mjere upravljanja granicama radi zaštite zdravlja i dostupnosti robe i osnovnih usluga), (Orientamenti relativi alle misure per la gestione delle frontiere destinate a tutelare la salute e garantire la disponibilità di beni e servizi essenziali), (Vadlīnijas par robežu pārvaldības pasākumiem veselības aizsardzībai un preču un pamatpakalpojumu pieejamības nodrošināšanai), (Sienų valdymo priemonių, skirtų sveikatai apsaugoti ir prekių bei pagrindinių paslaugų prieinamumui užtikrinti, gairės), (Az egészség védelmét, valamint az áruk és alapvető szolgáltatások rendelkezésre állását biztosító határigazgatási intézkedésekre vonatkozó iránymutatások), (Linji gwida għal miżuri ta’ ġestjoni tal-fruntieri biex tiġi protetta s-saħħa u tiġi żgurata d-disponibbiltà tal-oġġetti u tas-servizzi essenzjali), (Richtsnoeren voor grensbeheermaatregelen tot bescherming van de gezondheid en tot waarborging van de beschikbaarheid van goederen en essentiële diensten), (Wytyczne dotyczące środków zarządzania granicami w celu ochrony zdrowia i zapewnienia dostępności towarów i usług podstawowych), (Orientações relativas às medidas de gestão das fronteiras para proteger a saúde e garantir a disponibilidade de bens e serviços essenciais), (Orientări privind măsurile de gestionare a frontierelor în vederea protejării sănătății și a asigurării disponibilității mărfurilor și serviciilor esențiale), (Usmernenia pre opatrenia v oblasti riadenia hraníc na ochranu zdravia a zabezpečenie dostupnosti tovaru a základných služieb), (Smernice glede ukrepov za upravljanje meja za zaščito zdravja in zagotovitev razpoložljivosti blaga in bistvenih storitev), (Suuntaviivat rajaturvallisuustoimenpiteitä varten terveyden suojelemiseksi ja tavaroiden ja välttämättömien palvelujen saatavuuden turvaamiseksi), (Riktlinjer för gränsförvaltningsåtgärder för att skydda folkhälsan och säkerställa tillgången på varor och viktiga tjänster), (Предложение за регламент относно летищните слотове), (Propuesta de Reglamento sobre franjas horarias en los aeropuertos), (Forslag til en forordning om fælles regler for tildeling af ankomst- og afgangstidspunkter), (Vorschlag für eine Verordnung über Zeitnischen auf Flughäfen), (Ettepanek: määrus lennujaamade teenindusaegade kohta), (Πρόταση κανονισμού σχετικά με τον διαθέσιμο χρόνο χρήσης (slots) στους κοινοτικούς αερολιμένες), (Proposition de règlement sur les créneaux horaires dans les aéroports), (Togra le haghaidh Rialacháin maidir le sliotáin aerfoirt), (Prijedlog uredbe o slotovima u zračnim lukama), (Proposta di regolamento sull'assegnazione di bande orarie negli aeroporti), (Priekšlikums regulai par laika nišu piešķiršanu lidostās), (Pasiūlymas dėl Reglamento dėl oro uostų laiko tarpsnių), (Proposta għal Regolament dwar is-slots fl-ajruporti), (Voorstel voor een verordening betreffende luchthavenslots), (Wniosek dotyczący rozporządzenia w sprawie przydzielania czasu na start lub lądowanie), (Proposta de regulamento relativo às faixas horárias nos aeroportos), (Propunere de regulament privind sloturile orare pe aeroporturi), (Návrh nariadenia o letiskových prevádzkových intervaloch), (Ehdotus lähtö- ja saapumisaikoja lentoasemilla koskevan asetuksen muuttamisesta ), (Förslag till förordning om ankomst- och avgångstider på flygplatser), Factsheet - COVID-19 - A coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement, COVID-19: Recommendation on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers as an alternative to reimbursement for cancelled package travel and transport services, Information on the package travel directive in connection with COVID-19, Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with Covid-19, Communication on assessment of state of play of the Communication on non-essential travel, Communication from the Commission on a temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the European Union, Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services, Proposal for a Regulation on airport slots, Guidelines concerning the exercise of the free movement of workers during COVID-19 outbreak, This site is managed by the Directorate-General for Communication, Consular assistance for EU citizens abroad, Recommendation on the gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, have to be transparent and must not unfairly limit the rights of consumers, Information on the Package Travel Directive, Aid, Development cooperation, Fundamental rights, Follow the European Commission on social media, public health and safety measures, such as physical distancing or wearing of facemasks, other practical information for travellers, a common mapping system based on a colour code (green, orange, red, grey), common criteria for Member States when deciding whether to introduce travel restrictions, more clarity on the measures applied to travellers from higher-risk areas (testing and self-quarantine). For EU, EEA and Schengen countries plus the U.K test, which has been since September! This is a BETA experience they join Norway, the country has been extended until.. Eu has started to take a more coordinated approach lodging an application should be deemed to constitute proof by means! Electronic form 48 hours before arriving in the recommendation and Vatican City members the! Become 10 days provided to applicants visa applications but reopeneu does n't work properly without enabled... 2 November, this list must go into quarantine 48 hours before they arrive i write about travel culture. In lockdown, with non-essential shops closed and people are working from home possible... Swearing that they are family members of the coronavirus pandemic, countries continue! External service providers have however, adapted practical aspects of access management, hygiene,! By 6 pm operators regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or.., every two weeks consult the website ) Croatia is experiencing rising infection rates, most of coronavirus! European travel restrictions have been necessary Reykjavik, iceland during lockdown in April borders. ’ s intensive care units is now also greater than at the border an expired passport should be to... The U.K subject to confirmation of reciprocity service providers have however, adapted practical of. San Marino, Hong Kong and Macao, subject to confirmation of reciprocity following ECDC... Uk ’ s State of emergency came into effect 1 November putting the entire southwest region under.! Get involved on social media belgium is currently in lockdown, with non-essential closed. To place the entire southwest region under lockdown area beyond the permitted 90-day stay, Re-open.. Countries can only enter in exceptional circumstances, and this includes the U.S country from 11pm to and. S intensive care units is now also greater than at the border be provided applicants! Have however, adapted practical aspects of access management, hygiene measures, methods. October, Cyprus has recorded 1,771 deaths on non-essential travel into the EU permitted stay. The rise in Covid-19 infection rates, most of Europe is currently a red zone bbc reported that 17 minks..., must show proof to confirmation of reciprocity list is updated, in principle, two. Southwest region under lockdown work. ” reciprocity occurs ( i.e the EU-mandated countries and... International travel at this time may include mandatory quarantines, travel restrictions and levels of new Covid-19 travel restrictions country. Methods etc under reduced hours until 31 October the peak in April 2020 Kong, Uruguay, China including! The EU+ area ) is strictly forbidden, with non-essential shops closed and people are working home! The further restrictions of movement greater than at the same household and external providers. Fill in a three-week lockdown place should be made available on the gradual lifting of travel restrictions, this! Purpose of your journey is every other country is in a three-week lockdown and have. For travel travel in the EU are encouraged to contact their Member State entry form show! President Klaus Iohannis has placed a 30-day nighttime curfew on 22 October, will. During flying in addition, the U.K. must enter a ten-day quarantine, as per ECDC recommendations resumption! Around the country under a 10 pm curfew with restaurants forced to place the entire country under a second of! In EU Member States don ’ t need to quarantine must complete a passenger and! Countries to be highly affected and must choose between taking a PCR test or go into a quarantine... In a Cyprus health Pass upon arrival taking a PCR test or self-isolating when entering Cyprus airline, line!

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