Safflower Seeds. Non-target species should be released immediately. Cut a slit in the hide on the back perpendicular to the spine. I find that my favorite place to shoot a squirrel is in the head (bean, noggin, control center, etc...). In the city, you’re limited to BB guns or pellet guns, and even then you need to … I hope to have some data on those through the 2013-2014 season. our bi-weekly newsletter for tips & tricks. Well with a 22, or 17, shot placement is more important. While there are many types of air rifles that can be used for hunting small game, what is needed is in a good squirrel hunting model, aside from overall quality and accuracy, is power and range. I would say a squirrels head is around the size of a plum, knowing that I need my group size at 50 yards to be under the one inch mark. Obtain a small game license. Using, The only other available area is the vitals (heart, lungs, etc.). Do not drown the animal. I was hoping it would be make it more accurate, but from what I’ve read the EPS tip hits almost like a CCI Small Game Bullet. Traps are available from some garden centres or mail order companies. A .177 caliber rifle can be used too, but I personally would not recommend using one for much beyond ba… A hit to the head will pretty much guarantee you a squirrel for the pot. Winter makes the worst season to hunt squirrels, but it’s dependent on the time. Patience is key here. Homeowners, however, often consider them pests. I’ve nailed squirrels with a BB gun, with a pellet gun, with a slingshot and with a shotgun. Like many wild animals, squirrels are creatures of habit. However, as the leaves begin to change and the temperature drops, squirrels seem to appear in the limbs and crotches of every tree, reminding us how much we used to enjoy hunting them. I’m using the Neal Waltz die. If you can, hide the camera inside your house and shoot through an open window or door. Captured squirrels should be humanely destroyed by guiding them to one end of the trap, where they can be killed with an air rifle, or the traps can be emptied into a sack and the squirrels dispatched through a swift, heavy blow to the head. [phpzon keywords="paper squirrel targets" num="3" country="US" trackingid="squihuntjour-20" templatename="columns" columns="3" paging="true"], [phpzon keywords="Birchwood Casey 360-1-Inch Target Spots" num="3" country="US" trackingid="squihuntjour-20" templatename="columns" columns="3" paging="true"]. The majority of my rifles are doped for some type of hollowpoint ammo. Your email address will not be published. I don't want to kill them, just give them a good reminder not to enter. You can hunt squirrels all year through, and the law allows it. The majority of my rifles are doped for some type of hollowpoint ammo. You would probably be better off figuring out a way to trap the squirrels instead. Thanks for your time , I completely forgot about the N. Waltz die and will have to give it a closer look. The only other available area is the vitals (heart, lungs, etc.). I’ve only done limited testing so don’t take my info to the bank. In order to get rid of the fleas, you’ll have to get the squirrels out too, just treating for fleas will result in … Be patient and don’t reach for your air rifle just yet. Terry aims to keep the shutter speed to at least 1/1600sec. It is very difficult to remove all the shot from squirrel meat, leaving diners to chomp down on tiny bits of lead, and shot damages the pelts. It resizes to .225. For tree protection, close fitting metal sleeves can protect them from the strong rodent incisors. Any of the aforementioned shotgun gauges would be good for shooting squirrels, but the size of the shotgun needs to be matched with the size of the hunter. I then saw some airsoft spring pistols that shoot 200fps w/ a 6mm plastic BB. You can shoot it. If using rat snap traps, place them inside a PVC pipe large enough to allow the trap to spring. The hollow point tool makes the SK Standard plus for me highly inaccurate.

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