PLAY. Check out the section titled 'when in doubt, think singular' in the chapter called 'Extra SC: Meaning, Structure, and Modifiers'. The singular subject to grant does not agree with the plural verb require. Contact tutor . Some prepositions have the meaning of "and", a conjunction . A list of all the Stop Signs to look for when assessing a GMAT sentence correction question. Data (Collective noun) is singular or Plural. amazes. These jeans are very expensive. IMO: The police has significantly reduced violent crime and is pleased with ITSELF for doing so. You notice is a Pseudo-plural and... you make sure the Verb of this Subject is SINGULAR! Although 'police' appears singular, yet it is used in 'plural' sense. Re: SC - MGMAT guide Question - Collective Noun usage. MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY"”"” This issue (the singular/plural status of "group nouns") will not be tested on the GMAT, unless there is solid proof of whether the noun is singular or plural. “ rather than “the police … I read in the guide that collective nouns are singular unless there is something to indicate that it is being used in plural form? However: My dog and my cat have fleas. Collective nouns such as: AUDIENCE, COMMITTEE, FAMILY, FLOCK, STAFF are SINGULAR. . Example: The rest of us are going to the movies.-or-The rest of us is going to the movies. people / police / cattle These collective nouns always take a plural verb. 1 Abstract nouns. English Grammar for GMAT, GRE , CAT ----- Noun and Kinds of Nouns THE NOUN. Group nouns, such as army, company, group, jury, and police, are treated as singular by GMAT. Skip to content. Join Date Oct 2006 Posts 35 Rep Power 14. By itself, when referring to the academic topic of politics, politics is singular, but when referring to political affairs or opinions it is plural: office politics, Iranian politics, her … 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. So these words can take either a singular or plural verbs depending on the contexts. They take singular or plural verb depending on the meaning. MTariq … we use verb of plural form: are, were The police are (is) here. Therefore, the verb must be the singular “alludes.” Eliminate B. select the appropriate verb in parentheses. (Pseudo-Plurals) Exception: POLICE is the only word that is PLURAL. I actually disagree with bb on this one; my understanding, confirmed by a quick Google check, is that "the police" is always plural, and we refer to "a policeman/woman" or "a police department/force" when we need a singular form of "the police." Correct or Incorrect? Good post? A good rule of thumb is to treat most indefinite pronouns as singular and try to remember the few exceptions. The police have significantly reduced violent crime and are pleased with themselves for doing so. Remember, the following nouns are always plural. STOP SIGN: What do you do if you find a word like "economics" in the original sentence? RULE 2: When two singular nouns joined by ‘and’ refer to the same person or thing, the verb is singular. GMAT Verbal & Essays. That said, police is more the exception than jury, so you should not be asking why jury is singular but why police is plural. A company is generally a singular entity, and should be referred to as “it,” unless that is clearly inappropriate for some reason. jlucero ManhattanGMAT Staff Posts: 1102 Joined: Wed May 12, 2010 1:33 am . “The article” is singular. FaFu. Does the word Government take a singular or plural verb? The Beat The GMAT Forum - Expert GMAT Help & MBA Admissions Advice. Gravity. There is no singular form of these nouns: People who have invested all their savings in shares are sure to lose out. isnt it - i caught a fish and i caught many fishes? Like. Fish, Sheep have the same singular and plural form. 1) Abstract Noun: The names of qualities and states, where the object named cannot be touched or seen.

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