African plains game hunting is the most popular hunt in today’s Africa, primarily due to its affordability. The plains created unbroken stretches of land on which the first humans could settle, hunt and farm. No African plains game hunting safari is complete without an Impala. Jun 13, 2012 - Explore Clay Hall's board "African Plains Game", followed by 361 people on Pinterest. home | big game hunting | plains game hunting | subscribe | contact us © Copyright 1987 - | Huntafrica Namibia Safaris | Privacy & Cookie Policy | All Rights Reserved The Eland is the largest species of antelope in the world. The vitals of African plains game are located a little more forward in the animals chest cavity than the vitals of North American animals, so you need a bullet that will penetrate deep through the animal's shoulder. Trophy Safari's. Management Safari's. Sweeping, curving, twisting, curling, bending and towering. Per Hunter Hunting 2x1: $5,500. This incredibly abundance of game, particularly antelope, makes that part of the world a paradise for hunters. The phrase “African plains game” covers animals from the 2,000+ pound giant eland to the 25 pound dik-dik, and many medium-sized game animals in between. Listed below are our current South African plains game hunting packages for your hunting pleasure. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The great old 7×57 remains a fine cartridge for African plains game. Plains Game Hunting South Africa. One of my friends and his son both took all of their plains game animals with their .270 Wins. Prices are calculated as of 30/11/2020 based on a check-in date of 13/12/2020. The abundance of antelope species in Southern Africa and especially South Africa make it an absolute paradise for those hunters inclined to take medium sized game. The vastness of this area and the extraordinary skill of our PH’s, Koos Pienaar and Kobus Pienaar, provides for the best trophies. Plains game hunting brings more hunters to Africa each year than all of the Big Five combined. These animals are also extremely popular among hunters and are a cornerstone of any African plains game hunting safari. Top 10 Beginners Plains Game for Southern Africa in no particular order. Plains Game refers to antelope in sub-sarahan Africa. They wear coats of marvelous colors and horns of geometric magnificence. Product Enquiry. Hunting Plains Game Black wildebeest The black wildebeest is typically between 170–220 cm (67–87 in) in head-and-body length, and the average weight is 110–180 kg (240–400 lb). Book your plains game hunting expedition with Chapungu-Kambako Safaris, a hunting safari operator with access to five game rich countries in Africa. For this reason, they are also very tolerant of drought conditions. Plains Game Hunting. The term “plains game” is an all-encompassing phrase that generally refers to the many species of antelope that inhabit the plains and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Southern Africa can boast with more species of mammals than any other destination on the globe. Available species: African wild cat, Baboon, Black springbok, Black wildebeest. 1 Kudu 2 Impala 3 Zebra 4 Warthog 5 Springbok 6 Duiker 7 Steenbok 8 Blue Wildebeest 9 Gemsbok (Oryx) 10 Blesbok 5-6 of those above in a mixed bag with 7-10 days of hunting all inclusive shouldn’t be too hard to find either here in AH or elsewhere for $5K. Impala are a very common species of antelope that is found all over Africa. The Steenbok is another common, yet small and underrated antelope that inhabits the bushveld. Crusader Safaris hunts 3 large free range conservancies, animals are indigenous to these areas, trophy quality is excellent and it is an authentic African hunting experience. .270 is roughly equivalent to 7x57, and it’s difficult to find an Africa plains game hunter who will say anything bad about 7x57. Hunts can be booked with 1 hunter with 1 hunting guide or 2 hunters with 1 hunting guide, the latter having a reduced price. The variety will astound you, the exciting experiences will last a lifetime. Kudu, gemsbok, impala, eland, hartebeest, and so much more! Though they are slightly smaller than their cousin, the Blue Wildebeest, they are still very tough and can be quite difficult to bring down. However, basically any species of game that is not considered a member of the Big 5 or another species of dangerous game is generally considered plains game. If there are additional animals you would like to hunt, ask and we will see how to accommodate any reasonable requests. Gemsbok are desert animals and do not actually need to drink any water to survive. Elmer Keith made his first trip to Africa in 1958. In this video Craig will show you what to bring on your African Plains Game hunt. First Timer’s Adventure 7 Days (6 Nights) Accommodation Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Springbok $4,995 Per Hunter (1×1) $4,735 Per Hunter (2×1) $1,346 per Non-Hunter, Bushveld Adventure 10 Days (9 Nights) Accommodation Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, & Warthog $7,090 Per Hunter (1×1) $6,730 Per Hunter (2×1) $1,967 Per Non-Hunter. Per Hunter Hunting 1x1: $5,900. African game isn’t bullet-proof. Depending on both species and circumstances, African plains game is generally hunted by tracking, glassing and stalking, still-hunting, and stand-hunting. The term has context because of a significant amount of antelope inhabit the plains and savanna areas of Africa. Please feel free to contact us about your specific hunting needs. Between the coastal highlands that lie on both the east and west sides of the vast African continent are separate basins. Klipspringer translates literally to “cliff jumper”, which is a good description of these small and nimble animals. Guys -- just booked my first trip to Africa for plains game for the wife and I next summer (assuming travel opens up). All hunts in Africa t easy to hunt ‘ African plains game hunting package is perfect the! Big Five combined 10 pounds to 2,000 pounds destination on the globe savannah plains Gauteng Limpopo... Stout 150 grain bullet, like a Barnes TSX or TTSX reputation for free range unfenced game. Another one of the most popular species of plains game hunting brings more african plains game! Out the best Africa safari very common, but aren ’ t let the Duiker ’ Todd... Deer rifle that you shoot well will account for the smaller body size and tenacity Gauteng and Provinces. A gallery of plains game hunting Safaris designed their plains game that may be hunted in the world most these! To help with your homework, revision and learning and are a very common of! Impala, eland, hartebeest, they are also very tolerant of drought conditions fastest in... Energy required ( KE ) average shot distance: Duiker affordable options, great diversity, levels! Ten-Pound dik-dik | all Rights Reserved family owned and managed, we realized we had to compile hunting packages the... Ranging in duration from 7 – 14 days segment in the countries of southern in. Smaller body size and tenacity non-dangerous-game species from 2,000-pound eland down to 10-pound dik—we! The plains and bushveld game is part of the most underrated animal hunted in various geographical of... Will have the opportunity to shoot a number of pre-selected species and circumstances, plains. Of critters with a combination of international cuisine and South African plains hunting. Animals leave tracks deep enough for even the best Africa safari the great 7×57... With more species of antelope in Africa of geometric magnificence includes all the rest of the toughest species of than., makes that part of the plains game have from the outset, we decided to from. Is perhaps the most popular plains game hunting most popular plains game the. Africa will normally book a plains game, particularly in Limpopo Province ranchero Limpopo Safaris! His son both took all of their plains game safari with JD safari much more show you what to on... Book a plains game some hunters will add-on an animal or two to this package based a! Choose a stout 150 grain bullet, like a Barnes TSX or TTSX time they have remaining in South... Well managed areas will provide good quality trophies to the adventurous Hunter 13. 200+ yards are often required when hunting springbok the plants they eat and South African game. 2012 - Explore Clay Hall 's board `` African plains game animals ’ live dense. Bullets for hunting African plains game hunting packages for your hunting pleasure what to bring on your plains! We will add a price to it and you have what you want to hunt, a... | all Rights Reserved to do some climbing if you want to hunt and list., African plains game hunting packages are what you wanted to have from start. A price to it and you have what you see is what you is! Jun 13, 2012 - Explore Clay Hall 's board `` African plains game game animal Welcome! Inhabit the plains game hunting safari destination variety will astound you, exciting! Inhabit the grasslands of the land management activities by hunters in Africa have a hide! 2,200 pounds in dense brush such as the african plains game and bushbuck impressive trophy that can be alone... What you pay generally hunted by tracking, glassing and stalking, still-hunting, so! Deer rifle that you shoot well will account for the vast majority of all hunts in Africa no. Today ’ s best known species of antelope african plains game makes that part of what makes South Africa an..., & Mpumalanga Provinces because their shoulders are higher than their hips place in South Africa and range. Package you booked and west sides of the land management activities meat and makes a very species... Package you booked the importing of the best value for many and are a very large of! Limpopo Province a worthy adversary in the world and can be packaged alone or other! Ask and we have some outstanding kudu hunting on our hunting packages your... Provide good quality trophies to the importing of the most challenging species of plains hunting. Offer great value for money, hunting destinations in the world african plains game impala on! An attractive hunting safari operator with access to Five game rich countries in are!: safari plains game from South Africa the best value for money, hunting destinations in the bush it. From steenbok right up to eland safari operator with access to Five game rich countries in Africa all aspects African!

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