They don't see red light as well and so it will still seem dark to him. 5 Things Your Hamster Wants You To Know About What It's Like To Be A Hamster. The room isnt close to bright but it isnt hard to see either. I was told that having a set time that the light goes off each evening is good for the hammy. The first few days we had him he played in his wheel but now we rarely see him come out of his hide. It would actually be very annoying to them to have the light on all night to them. Most hamsters are nocturnal and so yes, they can see in the dark and will also probably be most active at night too, it depends mostly on the type of hamster you have, but my 2 Robo Dwarfs are always up and running around all night. Hamsters make great pets; they are generally friendly and easy to bond with. Hamsters benefit from limited light. As the amount of light is decreased, your hamster is likely to think it’s time to wake up and explore. Well, I did some googling over this and it said that having lights on can make hamsters … The light that is visible to humans is just one of the many types of light in the universe. See to it that the light bulb in the cage is not turned on at night and also ensure that children do not come anywhere near the cage when he’s asleep. An innate behaviour of the Syrian hamster, whereby the animal had become better suited to its natural habitat as many of their nocturnal predators forage most intensely at night, while others may be most active during the day (diurnal) and see better in full sun light, thus the crepuscular habit may reduce predation. Your hamster’s cage should never be kept in bright light, but you can try further reducing the amount of light it gets in the evening. This ability to see in the dark is of great benefit for them and means that they have … - posted in General Care: My hamsters usually have some light during the night from a night light I use, and a small light that comes from my kitchen. Hamsters can wake in an instant and are always listening for danger or any kind of noise, even when they are asleep. First discovered in the 19th century, infrared is a light that we cannot see with our eyes, but that we can sometimes feel on our skin as heat. However, everyones experiances of owning hamsters are different, and all animals are unique in their own way.The main thing to remember is that the more a hamster is handled, the more tamer and sociable it will be.I can reasure your mum, that I have had my syrian hamster … We lost Sven just as I started to bond … Hamsters can certainly stay in the dark at NIGHT... and should. It's not a good idea to interfere with the amount of light your hamster receives or try to alter his sleep patterns because he can become stressed or suffer from sleep deprivation. The Dodo serves up emotionally and visually compelling, highly sharable animal-related stories and videos to help make caring about animals a viral cause. It's what zoos do to their nocturnal exhibits (and a way we sugar glider owners have extra fun with … ... so we don't actually have a hamster proof room, and I can't handle losing another hamster. It might not be a bad idea to give them a night light but you don't need one. Your hamster's instinctive reaction to daylight is to start getting tired and go to sleep. Hamsters at night: some light or complete darkness? In general, the most raexeld and good natured hamsters are the syrian (teddybear)The smaller breeds do tend to bit. The study did not determine how long someone would need to be exposed to nocturnal light to see these effects, but a prior study in hamsters placed the threshold at four weeks of five-lux exposure. Important Tip If you intend to welcome the hamster into your family then treat him exactly in the same way as you’d treat another member of your kin.

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