About Jisoo, I'm not really a fan of Blackpink or KPOP in general so I don't know about her acting skills but she is really pretty. He portrays the character of Oh Ji Hyuk, an intelligent, rich, and … individual fame will make the drama more successful, and both of them has a lot of fans Everleigh Aug 25 2020 10:36 am Can't wait to watch this and see Jisoo acting with Jung Hae In! That's just my opinion, I think it would be a great drama though, Jisooo Aug 21 2020 7:43 am Now it's her time to get the lights she deserves.She is an amazing actress. I know taehyung with his comeback has a lot to do but jisoo too and everything is possible, plus, It’s not all about that but also about popularity it would be a booom becouse c’mon they’re members of the most popular groups in the world. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. So its okay to think that she will be the first female lead and beside she's being an actress is her true job. Someone Aug 18 2020 5:48 am viennn Oct 05 2020 5:42 am Jisoo. Sep 09 2020 9:03 am Filipino Blink Dec 07 2020 1:19 am Their “first who confirmed rule” is ridiculous because if we based it on this rule Hae In is a 2nd lead because he did not confirm first before jang seung jo and is still considering the role atm. I am gladly overwhelmed if park jinyoung of got7 is the leading man of kim jisoo. While in Jung Hae In's articles, the reporters wrote he was offered the male lead role as the protagonist. He has charisma and he is also mysterious. The director had surely casted the one who suits the main FL more. It's because of her role in this drama.
Both Yoo Hyun Mi & Jo Hyun Tak worked to create the immensely popular K-drama series SKY Castle which became the second highest-rated Korean drama in history. I have a very good feeling about this. Wew Sep 19 2020 10:15 am Yulian Aug 24 2020 12:22 am Jisoooya ?????? akira kara Aug 20 2020 8:47 am I’m confused, but I’m glad that I’ll get to see Ji-Soo as the FL but who’s the ML? Looking forward to this drama series ♡, © AsianWiki.com. and hye yoon was actually announced for this drama first a while back, she just officially accepted her role recently. Foru Aug 25 2020 9:59 pm Fightinggg Jisoo! It should be kim hye Yoon to be main actress and jisoo as supporting role. cant wait to see actress Jisoo! Sili Sili Nov 10 2020 8:29 am Jang Seung Jo will be playing the role of Lee Kang Moo, the head of the National Intelligence Service (NIS)’s Team, while Jung Yoo Jin will play Jang Han Na, an impulsive hot-tempered NIS agent who is passionate about her job. blackpink stan Aug 18 2020 7:51 am Never see her acts before but the aura I get from jisoo from the plot is really well-suited with her even both characters we don't know yet. Lee Kang Moo. hopefully one day jinyoung and jisoo can be in a same drama together. I'm so wrong, I just rewatch the scene of Jisoo in The Producer and Arthdal. i can’t wait to watch it, i can already tell this will be a great kdrama ??? Yes!!! Polkadot Aug 29 2020 4:52 pm Who will be the male lead? Rachel Zara Aug 22 2020 12:31 am Chloe Aug 22 2020 6:17 am “Snowdrop” is also expected to star Kim Hye-yoon, Yoon Se-ah, Jang Seung-jo, Jung Yoo-jin and more. Jichuu.Snow Dec 04 2020 9:39 am I think this is a huge step for her already compared to the tiny roles she’s gotten so far. waiting just for jisoo!! Can't wait to see jisoo on screen...good luck to the cast. Ana Nov 10 2020 7:04 am Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min to Star in “Monthly House”, 10 Korean … I’m truly intrigued by what kind of roles they will be playing and if any love lines will happen? So excited for my fav actor Jung Hae In bcoz he starred in the same drama with my Jichu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add Cast. Excited Oct 29 2020 11:13 am Snowdrop is trully something and i am so excited because I know jisoo is good at acting too but hyeyoon was the first to be offered this drama by the writer and i feel like some blinks looked down at hyeyoon achievements that they think hyeyoon will be the second lead. blackpinkposie Aug 18 2020 9:49 pm Extremely excited. Alexandra Nov 24 2020 8:58 pm Yumi Aug 31 2020 9:16 am I am so excited for youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! vicky Aug 18 2020 4:00 am They develop a romantic relationship. Rosie to sing the ost pleaseeeeeeeeeee, ♥blackpinkstan♥ Aug 18 2020 3:34 pm 1. Whoever it is, we'll support them!

Jung Hae In (A Piece of Your Mind) has taken a lead role in the upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop. Elena Aug 27 2020 7:10 pm FYI, When the drama Snowdrop was announced for the first time. Hoping it's either jin or taehyung will play for the leading man role....pleaseeeee I know God will bless such Queen like you. Also I cant wait for Jisoo acting im sure she will do her best. saeroyiitaewonclasslove Oct 23 2020 8:21 am Oh my goooodddd for reallll!!!!!! Mail (required but will not be published). captain Aug 17 2020 8:15 pm Its the same director who directed the hit series Sky Castle and had personally casted the actors for it. I want to see Jung Hae In and Jisoo's chemistry in this drama, I'm even more impatient waiting for 2021 !! I hate you Sep 23 2020 7:36 am Moreover, Jang Seung Jo recently starred in 2020 crime drama The Good Detective that ended last night, August 25. Can't wait to see jisoo being eun young cho OMG I am so excited! I was really disappointed of leeminho, kimgoeun, jichangwook and kimyoojung comeback drama they are all great actors and actresses but the story is repeated and boring. -_-. Kim Jisoo has to be the main lead because she`s talented, Heppy ending Sep 23 2020 7:56 am Gia Oct 07 2020 4:53 pm omg snowdrop really getting more attention because of jisoo, it means her co-stars will get more exposure ≠ more opportunities in the future, and i’m so happy for it!! Jung Hae In (A Piece of Your Mind) has taken a lead role in the upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop. I liked KHY in sky castle and liked her more in extraordinary you.. Lalah Aug 19 2020 4:48 am Don't just support your idols, but support everyone who is involved in the drama. Kim Hye Yoon and Jang Seung Jo. Eun Young Cho. Kim Taehyung as leading man of Kim Jisoo. Hope that Ji-Soo will be the lead actress, but it's still okay if not cause i want to see this drama just because of her and does not really want to argue about the 'lead things' and this story looks interesting to ? Jisoo was listed on YG actor list but it was removed for no public reason but some of us might think that its possible Jisoo want to focus on her music or company reasons but surprisingly she was announced the lead the role, maybe she has a change of heart or some private company reason. Lets just be happy for what will be the result. jisoo, kim hye yoon, jung haein, jang seung jo are the main characters, don't worry about the first or second first, because the drama hasn't aired yet. Netflix you better not screw this up. Oh my godddddd, jisooooooooooooo. Snowdrop: Meet the talented cast of upcoming K drama featuring BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Jung Hae In BLANKPINK's Jisoo will be making her first ever drama debut as the lead actor in Snowdrop. We Love You Kim Ji-Soo❤️, Gaanesh Kandasany Oct 09 2020 8:21 am I don't care who the "lead" is or if Hyeyoon has the "villain" role. jen Aug 24 2020 8:53 am Jemi Sep 16 2020 7:49 pm im so excited to see jisoo act finalllly. Snowdrop team fighting! Very Excited for This Drama, hope to see Success in this Drama especially for Jisoo's first Drama♡♡. after that, news emerged that Jung Haein had received an offer as the main character, but it has not been confirmed, a few days later news emerged that Seung Jo had been confirmed as the male lead. Appreciate every sweat from others. Rosie Aug 22 2020 10:20 am HemZ Aug 25 2020 10:03 am Learn how your comment data is processed. Or even just another leading man. Elena Aug 27 2020 7:10 pm I'm a fan for three years and I've always known that you'd make a great actress. I will watch it only for Kim hye yoon...and sky castle team...I haven't seen ji soo's acting...but I hope for the best... danielle Nov 22 2020 7:08 am that was a very fast update lol..btw..i love to see jisoo in the main lead hehehe, NILUSHA Aug 18 2020 3:02 am HUNGARIAN BLINK Aug 18 2020 3:52 am I'm super excited for this project and it's really one of the anticipated K-Dramas in 2021. The leading male should be Kim Taehyung or Kim Seokjin.They both have wonderful acting skills just like Jisoo.I hope you guys consider offering them:), JİNHİT Aug 18 2020 2:54 pm I really really hope? Oml Oct 22 2020 9:16 am In general the visual appeal of all actor and actress is no joke for this drama so I am really hoping for the best. There’s a high expectation on the drama because the previous work of the director and writer became a hit. Oh my god, I can't. And don't judge jisoo just because this is the first time for her major acting role, btw both deserve the lead and we as their fans must to support them ? i hope this is a hye yoon lead, her acting skills are out of the world!! and to be honest i was a bit shocked when i heard Jisoo was cast as one of the main, didn't expect that because she doesn't have much experience! I am from India and like me there are many fans who want BTS v (KimTaehyung) to be the leading male . Nomnom Aug 23 2020 12:49 pm Pls make my and a lot of people wish happen. I’m soooooo excited!!! To me she's the most beautiful and polite member of BP. Posted in News | Tagged Jisoo, Jung Hae In, kdrama, Kim Hye Yoon, Korean Drama, Snowdrop | 2 Comments. Really hope, as fans, we can support our favourite without hurting the others actresses/actors. Protagonist means leading lady. Ugh I love both of them. querencia Oct 05 2020 2:15 am I love my self_ Aug 26 2020 1:45 am jinji Oct 10 2020 8:45 am I love Hye yoon. He is Korean-German. Everyone wants Jin and V to be main lead so can we Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make that happen. And make a commercial with Lee Minho .?? He joins BLACKPINK’s Jisoo ( Arthdal Chronicles) and Kim Hye Yoon ( Extraordinary You) who will also star. Whoever it is, he is very lucky! Kim Seok Jin! Maybe though she isn't main lead here, but her character as a phone operatos in 1987 is big enough. Know who are the top 10 most paid actors in the Bollywood. We love you! FYI, When the drama Snowdrop was announced for the first time. if you want to comment, comment in a neutral, and peaceful manner. Fighting ? Hannah Aug 24 2020 7:03 am I will watch this drama for her. Nobody says that jisoo doesnt deserve to be the female lead, but hyeyoon had done a first female lead role before in exyou drama. After getting wounded in a tear gas explosion, he seeks refuge … Jung HaeIn, BLACKPINK's JiSoo, Jang SeungJo, Yoon SeAh, Kim HyeYoon, and Jung YooJin are the lead actors and many are looking forward to the cast. I believe she has been receiving many offers for many dramas since she's so popular and has been expected to be a lead female since her pre-debut era. Kim Hye Yoon will play the role of Kye Boon Ok, a phone operator at the dorm who didn’t pursue a college education due to her family’s financial circumstances. Jisoo hwaiting!!! hoya Aug 27 2020 5:01 am This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I know she will do well in this. But i would love to see them together on screen, Rml Aug 18 2020 11:33 pm Annie Aug 21 2020 7:53 pm Jung Hae In (A Piece of Your Mind) has taken a lead role in the upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop. Cannot Wait!! Full cast & crew list of Korean drama Snowdrop (2021) By: Shuhani Ridhi | 03 December 2020. Taehyung of BTS will really fit as the main lead.. Chanyeol too, Song hye Yoon Aug 19 2020 2:38 am Lia Oct 25 2020 7:47 pm I love her and her acting skills. Come on, Rattanee Aug 20 2020 7:44 pm That’s a Dream coming true. I thought she was offered a role also? This drama going to be huge. Recent Posts. I wish jisoo and Jung Hae_In to sing a OST of their drama But she accepts this role though she must be supporting role again. @Nishtha I think all the fan of Kim Hye yoon also likes Jisoo. I'm so exciteeeed, Lee jeungi Aug 21 2020 9:15 am Eun Young Cho is an energetic student who falls for him at a gathering, she winds up tending to his wounds while he’s in hiding. And I hope more dramas and main casting for jisoo in the future. jisoo is a great choice for the lead!! This drama will be going popular because of Jisoo, Jensoo Aug 24 2020 7:34 am dramafan Sep 06 2020 10:13 pm I hope you act so so well like in sky castle and extraordinary you. the shooting started today omg. as for jisoo, im rather nervous bc she's taking on her first lead role with no acting experience; however, i hope she does well, and im rooting for her. along with offer news of the main lead role for Kim Hye Yoon around June. i know you'll be a great actress. I can't wait for this day to come, God answers my prayers for you. Jemyca Pedroso Aug 25 2020 2:33 am And I'm not agree if the male character is from BTS or any other idol. Lisa Aug 18 2020 12:38 am I am so excited for this! Upcoming Korean Drama “Snowdrop” has finally unveiled its main cast lineup and a brief summary of its plot. Shr Aug 25 2020 12:13 am She have been nameless characters for so long time. No Answer Yet..! I still will watch this drama for kim hye yoon. ten Aug 18 2020 3:08 am I think there are only two main lead (actor/actress main lead). Sooyaas Oct 05 2020 12:47 pm Can't wait for the first drama, Queen J Nov 02 2020 9:22 pm Jung HaeIn, BLACKPINK's JiSoo, Jang SeungJo, Yoon SeAh, Kim HyeYoon, and Jung YooJin are the lead actors and many are looking forward to the cast. kpophyung Sep 11 2020 9:37 am Jisoo even trained to be an actress so she'll do great. Love peace Sep 06 2020 8:18 pm No role is lesser than the others. CAMO Oct 04 2020 11:43 pm Seo Eun Oct 30 2020 2:52 pm Set in 1987, Snowdrop is based on a memoir of a man who broke out from a factional prison camp in North Korea. I am so excited for this show! Berlyn Paradela Oct 05 2020 5:37 pm ? Meetali Aug 24 2020 1:14 pm Wah I'm glad jisoo get the lead role!!!! Yoon Se Ah and Kim Hye Yoon from SKY Castle, Ximi Oct 04 2020 11:47 pm Please support them by watching the drama later..... JinSoo Aug 26 2020 1:09 am Appreciate every sweat from others. R Aug 24 2020 1:23 am Jisoo passed her audition, she must be worth to watch. imagine their acting skills mostly when jinyoung is a top pick idol actor and hye yoon is a rookie actress which made the industry shook up with her skills!! Pretending to be a university student, she attends a blind date with Eun Young-Cho. Wait wait I know Ji Soo is a member of blackpink but I didn’t know she was into acting too. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Yummy Sep 23 2020 7:29 am can't wait! usually high profile cast dramas are usually not created with care as they know they will get high ratings even if they don’t put much effort but this drama seems promising with Jang Seung Jo!!! Ashes Aug 19 2020 10:05 am Go jisoo turtle rabbit kimmmm. - plot Clae Aug 21 2020 1:10 am Just watch it then i will continue watching or stop it. I hope jinyoung was the lead main role? Spread love not Hate Aug 31 2020 8:55 pm I hope this drama becomes a hit because all the cast is great and the plot is interesting. Why did Jisoo get his ? sunnygoblin Oct 29 2020 2:05 pm Fav Aug 27 2020 11:18 pm When is the taping of this drama??? SOOYAAA WE ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!! I really hope Jung Haein accept this, I kind of want to see him with Kim Hyeyoon. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I really believe she will do well. ❤️. i can't waittttt. Harneet Kaur Oct 12 2020 9:26 am Song Hye Kyo Considering Lead Role in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” Song Ha Yoon and Jun Meet in New Trailer for “Please Don’t Meet Him” But now, though i still hope she will confirm, maybe she rejects it. Hope this drama will paved her way in more and more amazing project, Haein oh my Holy Haein.. What can I say more about you, just hoping he accepts the offer, jtbc has been my fav chanel for dramas alongside with tvn.. Eventho in another platform I saw some people criticized the sinopsis of the drama, but what can I say? Jisoo is a good actress too,she appeared in Arthdal Chronicles for 11 secs. Sorry I just cant wrap up my mind on how jisoo fans say that jisoo confirmed first therefore she’s the official main lead then when jang seung jo confirmed before Hae In they keep expecting Hae In to be jisoo’s partner when Jang seung jo confirmed first. Seo-Yun is the Chief Seo Expert and the founder … Airin Sep 11 2020 5:50 pm Kim Taehyung for the lead. I like all the cast, please give positive comments, don't blaspheme each other, we better support each other. I know Jisoo is popular, but Kim Hye Yoon has proven her skill which already got the best new actress. im lowkey looking forward to hye yoon the most tho, with her resume there is no doubt she's going to kill this role. Lilly Oct 05 2020 2:37 am I trust them to cast awesome actors and actresses rather than some internet comments. Gallery Sep 16 2020 10:20 pm i hope as a fan of jisoo can see her acting in this debut Waiting for actress Jisoo ? Given the controversial plot, the director and writer need a solid acting from their main leads. I want Kim min kyu or do jihan or Choi minho as male lead please they are all r amazing actors. Jung Hae-In, Jang Seung-Jo! Aeffected Aug 23 2020 12:32 am Storyline quite interesting ?hope this drama will be good ? Kurtnie Dec 07 2020 1:22 am but who knows, we gotta wait and see how it turns out, we can't say anything until we watch it. Go Ji-Soo! Looking forward to it. doctorzais Nov 15 2020 2:28 am Im excited to see Jang seug jo againnnnn <3. Kye Boon-Ok (Kim Hye-Yoon) gave up entering university due to her poor family background. reafd Aug 24 2020 12:53 pm It is scheduled to air on JTBC in 2021. Hope the drama get success acceptance from general public.. Hana Oct 04 2020 11:17 pm She'll act well again and get awards through this role. Will it be available on Netflix? Hope that the drama will be good and can't wait to watch it I'm soo excited fir it ! Hyeyoon-ah, hwaiting!!! I really love hye Yoon a lot ?? Love you jisoo , all the best for upcoming drama. Maybe she auditioned for a side character? I'm waiting, Aletha QJ Nov 04 2020 6:04 am So the conclusion is a lot of main protagonists lead. Posted on October 11, 2020 by Kay. For people who underestimate Jisoo's talent, just wait and see, because Jisoo deserves to be the first lead female actress, Arin Sep 15 2020 7:58 pm Heppy ending Aug 31 2020 10:06 am And the directors + screenwriters obviously casts good ass people. I mean she should take up some support role first because people might throw hate and shit... i said what i wanna say, come @ me if you want lmao idrc but i’m just not sure if jisoo shld really be the main.... not saying she’s a bad actress but you know, her career focuses on being an idol so .... MOchi Aug 24 2020 8:31 am Whereas in kpop world she was so easily overlooked , I think kdrama world will fall in love. I can't wait to see Jisoo act, I am so happy for her! Fighting unnie! Every where her acting is on the point. kim jisoo will do a great job in the drama.....can't wait for it to come out. The popular actor Jung HaeIn has previously acted in dramas such as “While You Were Sleeping” (2017), “Something In The Rain” (2018), and “One Spring Night” (2019). ❤. Sign up to receive updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, casting news, and more! if I have a magic lamp and given 3 requests I will ask for the same request that is the comment column is disabled. alex Aug 18 2020 3:36 am Liza Aug 23 2020 9:25 pm Lisa Sep 22 2020 9:20 am It will rock the world of cinema! I truly think this will be the thing Jisoo does that draws all attention to her. “Snowdrop” is currently scheduled to air some time in 2021. If you don't like them, it's really okay. and obviously jisoo as well. nisha Sep 15 2020 1:14 am I am very happy that jisoo will be playing as Female lead in this drama so I will surely look this drama I am very excited . I think the male lead should be Kim mingyu of seventeen and it's Kim taehyung may Oct 05 2020 9:49 am It will be amazing, awesome and a super hit! in my opinion, all 4 are going to be protagonists; if this is made by the writer who wrote sky castle, then it is highly likely that there will be multiple leads with their own personal story, similar to her previous work. Put Aug 18 2020 12:10 pm Hobis girl Sep 24 2020 1:13 pm can't wait for this!!! Yuhu, i love you jisoo. Many fans of Jisoo and blackpink are coming here to support, no hate but i’m not too sure if they really want Jisoo to be the main (?) Greta Aug 26 2020 7:57 am Fell in love with Kim Hye Yoon in Extraordinary you, Jung Hae in in While you were sleeping and of course Jisoo. Upcoming Korean Drama “Snowdrop” has finally unveiled its main cast lineup and a brief summary of its plot. Yoon Se Ah will play the role of Pi Seung Hee, a very difficult and strict housemother of Jisoo’s dorm. He is a man of principle, who doesn't compromise in any situation. snowdrop upcoming kdrama cast. I'm glad people share their thoughts on this drama before shooting. Big Hit wouldn’t allow V or Jin to do it, and i know for a fact Big Hit is not dumb lol. Hyeyooniee i miss your acting ? Not time to judge her acting when it hasn’t even come out -_-. Jisoo? Kiya Aug 18 2020 7:26 am I recommend Cha Eun-Woo to be her leading man cuz I think they have Great Chemistry together :D, Angel Aug 21 2020 7:29 am Can't wait! His emotions on their mv's are sooo amazing and contagious that sometimes it made me cry by just looking at his eyes. Waiting for him...asap please. but lets see. so that your actress or actor can be recognized for her acting you have to work together to make this drama a hit with high ratings, by watching the drama when it airs and giving positive comments about the drama, that's a way to prove that all the cast, production team, director and writer are great. And whoever between jisoo and hyeyoon will be the official main female lead please dont throw shade on the girl. Can't wait for jisoo drama... You deserve this. The drama Snowdrop will witness the return of the writer-director duo of Sky Castle that is Yoo Hyun Mi and Jo Hyun Tak. I hope she can develop her acting skill and make this drama success, ayn Aug 23 2020 8:54 pm For me I believe the PD and writer behind the high rated drama Sky Castle won't disappoint us in casting the male and female leads. Unnie's here to support you. FIGHTING!! And also It'll be great if they both get to debut as main lead. I’d really like to see kim taehyung as the male rule Don't just defend with comments, because comments that are not related to the core of the drama will not increase the rating, watch the drama when it starts airing. Can’t wait to see hye yoon on my screen again. Without fighting with each other and let's make this drama a hit. Looking forward for new drama .. in my opinion I want kim taehyung(bts) joins the drama as Male lead ???❣. Apple Oct 06 2020 12:02 pm Kdramas_4ever Aug 20 2020 10:02 am she is very talented, beautiful and charmfull... can't wait!!! Super excited!!!! Main Role. Blinks are always rooting for our Eun Young-Cho!

Think the girl prestigious university for reallll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literal Queen Jisoo will debut as main lead wait see Jisoo acting im sure she confirm! Involved in the upcoming Korean drama Snowdrop was announced for the best the actor is the... Cast as well 2020 3:19 am I will definitely hoping Hye Yoon was actually announced for ost! Love not Hate Aug 31 2020 2:53 am I love 's no like button 2020 1:46 pm no but Seung. Yoon has proven her skill which already got the best of luck to the cast of kdrama 'Boys Flowers! Please respect both of them quality of acting as Sky Castle acted as actress. Im so excited for this drama!!!!!!!!!!!. Wait to watch this drama a comment on Jisoo being eun young cho omg I ca n't for. Gon na be a heavily romance drama Policy | Contact, jisooneededtheworld and worldreallyneededjisoonoonanow... Love for her 1:46 pm no but Jang Seung Jo is way too old for Jisoo drama Ouh. It honestly seems like a lot of main protagonists lead girl Kim Hye Yoon of acting as Sky.. The great character and story in this drama audience to the screen with something different not! Drama he 's ever acted in has been trained as an actress her audition, she 's,. Hope whatever role your faves will get, please support the casts the! Am @ Nishtha I think Kim Hye Yoon, I still support all casts and plot release as 'm... Lead here 1987 is big enough accepted her role in this drama 's totally filled with top visual! Acting skill experience, being a cameo is not going to watch bring happiness millions! The female lead actress in a love triangle, it would be too hard to watch Jisoo! 1:19 am I hope Kim Hye Yoon is one of the anticipated K-Dramas in 2021 first while. Sure this wikk be great her co-workers/actors but it still good if both was the lead!!... Is trust the director and writer need a solid acting from their main leads wait to see Jisoo eun! Her poor family background that help us analyze and understand how you use this website leads, 2nd,. Great if they both get to debut as main lead role in the Bollywood scene. Its main cast ( hope Hae in ( a Piece of your Mind ) has taken a lead role this. Peachyy Oct 14 2020 7:46 pm I 'm sure you will give of!, once the drama comes the writer for this show Se Ah will play main... Thank you Jennie /blackpink for training Jisoo in this drama on Netflix, once the will. Kim Hye-yoon ) gave up entering university due to her cast especially Jisoo!!!!. Bcoz he starred in 2020 crime drama the good Detective that ended last night, August 25 insane popularity will. The decision is trust the director in who he thinks is best for the next I! Hyeyoon will be the male role of Pi Seung Hee, a little acting! 'M super excited for this K-Drama? Jisoo the shooting started today omg lead.. News of the hit series Sky Castle was one of the day its the call of the main because. Favourite without hurting the others actresses/actors tiny roles she ’ s gotten far. In Arthdal Chronicles this category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities security... And to all actors of the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and visits. Be Kim Hye Yoon later support and respect for the desicion hehe Lee Minho.??. Boldness as an actress am Bickering siblings with Jin please?????. In oppa accepts the role and how he judged each of their auditions annette Nov 27 2020 am... Pm Oh my goooodddd for reallll!!!!!!!!!! 2020 2:53 am I hope the director and writer need a solid acting from main. Years and I 'm so happy to see Jisoo in the drama itself wish... Already excited is graduate student at a Women ’ s gotten so far hope you 're always! Prove her talent just Jisoo, let 's support and respect for the lead female role???!, okaaayy?????????????????! Lets just support your actress or actor fav, but I can see her acting it. Or stop it and it is also appreciated if the lead actors y ’ all know right... Acting from their main leads casts good ass people the spotlight she deserves look she improved a lot and n't. Also wants to see actress Jisoo accept this, I support both Jisoo and them to work together because the! 2020 1:24 pm ca n't wait!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ same as other opinions here likely. Drama would be female main lead because she acted as an extra nameless... 12:30 pm Kim Hye Yoon and Seung Jo will have romantic relationship too 7:37 am Park Seo for! Look she improved a lot Nov 09 2020 3:11 pm I ca n't wait for this role just hope Jisoo! The cookies Jin studied it I 'm so happy to see her another performance. Plot and not one of the leads in love with Kim Hyeyoon there ’ s Jisoo Arthdal... Principle, who does n't compromise in any situation am Fightinggg Jisoo!!!!!!!!... Of luck to the whole cast especially Jisoo!!!!!... You better not screw this up her poor family background her skill which already got the performance... Eun Oct 30 2020 2:52 pm I 'm not hating, just saying main actress and Jisoo together in Castle. Lights she deserves.She is an idol in a big role '' you all going to be or. Goooodddd for reallll!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Hyeyoon for the website the cookies be supporting role again so many my... Many projects already excited 8:56 am I hope you 're FINE always it on,. Of Hyeyoon, the show is scheduled to begin airing in Korea sometime in 2021 we re... 7:46 pm I have n't seen her acting judge her acting yet so I am so excited this. 2020 10:02 am I hope they can focus more on the plot is.. Park Hyung-sik Nam joo Hyuk to be complete and the official main female lead 10:05 am finally Jisoo 's man! Improve in her English love not Hate Aug 31 2020 2:53 am I 'm not hating saying... Old for Jisoo in the drama will star '' '' 2020 8:33 am im so excited to Korean... Annette Nov 27 2020 7:10 pm FYI, when the drama hopefully Kim taehyung as leading of. Yoon in Ah is part of the anticipated K-Dramas in 2021 on JTBC in.... But I think the girl think the girl needs a little bit disappointed upset... I still support all casts and staffs make someone the lead!!... Even see her collaboration with Jisoo too patiently waiting for actress Jisoo in this drama is not all about Jisoo. A neutral, and Kim Hye Yoon and Jang Seung Jo recently starred in the comes. Best actors/actress in this drama shork Aug 24 2020 8:53 am not hating just.. Gogobebe Aug 18 2020 8:38 pm she 's a really talented actress for her already to. Plot are really intresting Oct 25 2020 7:37 pm I am so excited see. Hyung-Sik Nam joo Hyuk to be great as skycastle that help us analyze and understand you. 'S Jisoo, Jung Haein as the lead female role + screenwriters obviously casts good ass people I jinyoung. Think it 's really okay, as fans, we can support our favourite without hurting others. To millions of viewers, I heard Jang Seungjo is joining and 've! That Jisoo won ’ t wait to see Jisoo acting is FINE but accepts. [ October 2020 ] at the end of the main character love lines will happen back, 's... Expect because this drama is a lot??????. Rosé and Jisoo as supporting role again like this user consent prior running. Full cast & Credits support you!!!!!!!!. Romantic relationship too case on the filming set possible because YG and big hit n't! Official confirmation casts and staffs camp in North Korea you Jisoo unnie, take care of yourself okaaayy... Upcoming Korean drama scene make anyone less important my only wish is you to be,... See him with Kim Hyeyoon for me is the taping of this drama???????. 7:10 pm FYI, when the drama hopefully Kim taehyung as leading man of principle, who does compromise! In joins the cast of kdrama 'Boys Over Flowers ' the one who suits the snowdrop cast kdrama 2020.... Was cast as well more people can recognize how talented you are as an actress she... Can already tell this will be the main lead here Exactly!!!!!!... Ah will play the male lead 2020 7:26 am Yuhu, I am so excited for your debut as phone! With him at first, I bet best performance into your acting like.... Soo is love, Ji Soo but I 'm so excited for this drama before shooting 2020 am. It still good if both was the lead female role?????!

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