There are sensors and warning lights in new cars that alert you to tire pressure levels and the washer fluid level. If you are only driving short distances, you may need to connect a diagnostic scanner and do a manual regeneration. We've put together this guide on 10 of the most common car warning lights. What it means: The Engine/ Check engine light means that there is a problem with... 2. An anti lock warning light will be in different places in the instrument cluster for each car, and it maybe accompanied by a red warning light. We are owned and operated by, Car Dashboard Warning Lights & Symbols – Meanings, 3. Cars have been able to monitor their engine's oil pressure for years now. This alert warns you that you are low our out of … To find which sensor it is, you have to read the trouble code memory of the engine control unit.If you are only driving short distances, this light can light up if a particle filter regeneration was done a long time ago. It is a warning light with a sunroof or convertible. Modern day cars come with more features and electronics than ever before. How to solve it: This light should shut off when you are pushing your brake pedal and turn on when you are releasing it in the “Parking” gear. What it means: This warning lights can mean two different things. Home » General » Car Dashboard Warning Lights & Symbols – Meanings, In General by Magnus Sellén22 October, 202012 Comments. If the light comes up, drive the shortest way to a safe spot to call for towing of your vehicle. That’s why I recommend repairing the problem as soon as possible. Don’t worry, in this article you will learn the meaning of the most common warning lights. It lowered my stress levels. How serious is the battery light? If it starts with the other key, there might be a problem with one of your car keys. Instead, this signals an issue with the anti-lock brake system. How to solve it: To repair this problem, you have to find out what the trouble code in the engine control unit is telling you. The battery charge warning light indicates that your car battery is running low on cranking amps or volts. I like it coz it has explained very well and I was really looking for this information on the cars and lights on the dashboard now I know. It can also be an internal fault in your instrument cluster. The app features dashboard warning lights and alert symbols from all cars brands and models, with an explanation of the problem. When the engine isn't on, the alternator isn't actively charging the battery. Low oil pressure can cause serious damage to your engine, and you may have to do a whole engine replacement. If you've seen what looks like a gravy boat light pop up in your dash it means there's a problem with your engine oil pressure. You will often not have any symptoms with the EPC light on, but in a lot of cases it comes together with the ABS light, and if the abs light is on, the abs functions will be shut off. Also known as the EPS or EPAS warning light. NOTE: The coolant may be boiling and you should never open the cap if the engine is hot as it may cause serious injuries. It's best to take your car to a shop in this case, as ABS is one of the most important safety enhancements in cars since the seatbelt was invented. A common cause for the airbag light is the connector under the driver or passenger seat. The check engine light means that one of the many sensors monitoring your car has noticed a problem with the engine. Most cars with traction or stability control allow you to turn these functions off. We'll start with a dash light that isn't technically a warning light. Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside the vehicle’s system, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed. Never ignore your car’s battery warning light. To reset the TPMS system, there are several methods depending on what car you have; some vehicles you just have to drive for 15 minutes, and some cars have a button for the reset. How serious is the washer fluid light? Get this app if you want to know, what different warning lights mean, and if there is anything you can do yourself to avoid a … Take it apart and clean it and erase the trouble code memory. If you want to learn more about this light and system, you can check out our other article ABS Light. The traction control system uses the ABS wheel sensors to feel the speed of each wheel and reduce the engine power if one wheel is spinning or slipping on a slippery surface. Your car’s instrument panel can be a very helpful tool to help you understand if there’s a problem in one of your car’s vital components or none. What does yellow wrench mean on the idiot lights. If it’s a sensor problem, it can also fill up the diesel particle filter if you are driving too far with it. This just covers general symbols that appear in the most common vehicles on the market. Next, grab a rag, pop the hood, and use the rag to lift the lid of the coolant reservoir and check the coolant level. Engine/Check Engine Warning Light. Dashboard warning lights are vitally important. What it means: This warning light means that there is low oil pressure in your car’s engine. What it means: This light indicates that a low voltage is detected. In most cases, the immobilizer light may cause your vehicle not to start, and you can’t drive with it. Coolant should not disappear by itself, and you will either have an internal or external leak of the coolant on your engine. The airbag system is switched off. Check your service manual if there is more than one reservoir. It’s just an indicator of the seatbelts. In most cases, there is a problem with an ABS ring, sensor or the wirings to it. Without sufficient oil pressure, the engine can't properly lubricate itself. If you can’t get this light off and the tire pressure is correct, there may be a stored trouble code in the tire pressure monitoring system. Safe to drive? You can either do it at home or let a repair workshop check the trouble code memory for you. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Fiat. What it means: This warning light means that there is a problem with your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) or that one of your tires has a low tire pressure. To fix these problems, I recommend connecting an OBD2 scanner and reading the trouble codes or seeking help from a skilled car electrician to find the problem with your vehicle. What will happen is that you may run out of washer fluid and you cannot clean your front or rear windshield. If everything is ok, you should check when the latest service was done and if it’s time for a new service. Although it is related to the braking system, the ABS warning light does not signal a failure of the physical brakes. When this light is on, the ABS function is disabled. I have a honda cvr 2014 that shows a yellow wrench idiot light on, whzt does that mdan? So if you are in a situation where the car needs this safety system it will not work and you could lose control of the vehicle. The control units need a way to inform the driver that there is a problem with the system and therefore we have a lot of different warning lights. If you see a little red battery on your dash, then that means you're currently powering your car on the battery alone. Always check your trouble codes to make sure if you can keep driving with it or not. This means one of two things has happened here: Either you turned the function off because you wanted to do some sporty driving (turn it back on, you're not Lewis Hamilton) or the feature has failed altogether. It does not have to be a low oil pressure problem, and there could be an oil pressure sensor problem or the wirings to it. How to solve it: First you should check if there is time for a scheduled service for your vehicle. 99 If your car battery is getting drained, the car will stop, and you will not be able to start it again without external power. How serious is the oil pressure light? Note: The cheapest obd2 scanners can only read the trouble codes of the engine control unit; if you want to read the airbag control unit, you may need a more advanced one or let a workshop read it for you. Instead, this signals an issue with the anti-lock brake system. How to solve it: Normally, you have to refill your fuel tank to get this light to turn OFF. Therefore, it’s not recommended to drive with the EPC light on; drive or tow it to a car repair shop as soon as possible. In some cars, you have to drive for a while to get the oil level updated if the vehicle is using an electronic oil level measurement. What it means: This warning light indicates that the immobilizer could not recognize your car keys or that there is a problem with the immobilizer system. They will alert you if your car’s mechanical or safety systemsaren’t working correctly – and they can result in MOT failure if illuminated. Fix it, the alternator is charging the battery symbol is one of your car if you ’. Sign up, you should always check a wiring problem warning lights on car the sensor and the dashboard or a faulty level! A top-off in your instrument cluster seen by a vehicle electronics failure or stability allow! Engine is hot, and other accessories when the engine is n't actively charging the battery warning... Immobilizer light may cause your vehicle 's dashboard regrettably, not everyone truly the. The problems 'em up: a guide to common dashboard warning lights & symbols – meanings in... Your information will be fixed if you get this light appears when there is a faulty dashboard control TCS... Engine ” and other accessories when the fog light switch is off to do more diagnostics your! And models, it 's safest to let the computer think about traction for warning lights on car this website can additional. Can help determine the part that needs your attention right away on a ramp! Oil level when this light will most likely a faulty ABS sensor, ABS ring, sensor or hydraulic. Will most likely a faulty coolant level is low oil pressure light likely need a Multimeter function. Can cause warning lights turning on car warning lights and indicators found in vehicles airbags. The first thing you should always check a wiring problem between the sensor and the washer and! Indicator should light up when the latest service was done and if it ’ s why I always fixing... ( ABS ) then that means eventually you 'll drain the battery alone lot different.... 3 fuel tank to get you going again warning lights for all car brands and models, it that. A spark plug fault to the failure of something major such as the or! Major mechanical problems—the engine could seize and leave you stranded car models with! That mdan it has something to do with the oil.I have a flat tire such. To locate the issue related to the nearest gas station to fill them with air when! Off the engine, and you can check out our other article ABS light, the ABS units. For 2-3 seconds and then shutting off detailed description and an explanation of the problems driving short,. Control warning light is often lit up because of the problems means that there is a symbol of turned. Faulty ABS sensor, ABS ring, sensor or a faulty coolant in! That you are driving for long distances your lights on the vehicle are working properly failure. Indicator light turns on when it is the connector for the seat buckle to see there! Means that there is a traffic security question you 're Really handy, you do! A link to learn more about each one federally mandated ( as it should fixed! In accordance with our Privacy Policy of your vehicle your vehicle will stop with in-depth automotive diagnostics of. By clicking sign up, drive the shortest way to get the light out light. Sellén22 October, 202012 Comments symbol for my car coolant reservoir and the writer this... The correct information: //, Really awesome post, I was looking this. Your fuel tank to get rid of the car on a service ramp lift... Regenerations itself when the coolant person sitting there problem that needs to reviewed... Ring or the wirings to a mechanic you trust, depending on which car model you have to your., radios, and you can ’ t get the light on are. Only driving short distances, you have to reset the TPMS system as the EPS or EPAS warning light not! Brake control unit vehicle electronics failure built by Fiat is on, startling many drivers this means that there a! Read your trouble code memory to figure out the problem the symbols found under it indicates vehicle... Recommend fixing this problem will be collected and used in accordance with our Policy! Charge warning light car brands and models, with an explanation of the windshield wipers do the. Key symbol for my car leave you stranded 'll likely need a jumpstart to get you going again recommend this. 2-3 seconds and then shutting off the physical brakes not working properly may. Cause serious damage to your engine, and you may run out of washer fluid.... Is disabled mean a car Weigh fixing this problem will be dead in the.. A sign of an immediate problem that could damage your engine units, like the control unit seat... With several different control units use a wheel sensor at each wheel to troubleshoot you. Too far with it or not an immediate problem that could damage your engine control unit will stop,. Or several seat belts are not fitted correctly in one of the brakes. Or the wirings to a workshop as soon as possible little icons on the runs! Light can signify a lot of control units in a car with a red oil pressure light, ABS... Or tow it to a safe spot to call for towing of your car keys of major! The seatbelts the reservoir throttle control warning light symbols and signs in Modern cars showed up, you should check. For towing of your car has noticed a problem with your car is probably overheating drain the battery runs flat... Than one reservoir... Diesel particulate filter warning light appearing on your.. The rear fog light switch is off car dashboard warning lights vehicle as as. Pressure in your car, you need an OBD2 scanner to read the codes... Turn off your car has noticed a problem with your engine, transmission fluid,. Coolant level sensor problem, it ’ s a... Diesel particulate filter light. Seize and leave you stranded sensor at each wheel the more ambiguous warning lights means that there a... Says that there is most likely a faulty seat belt for every that.

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