It is recommended to refrigerate Anemone seeds for 3 weeks before sowing. Anemone japonica (Mixed) Japanese Anemone, Anemone x hybrida, Windflower. JAPANESE ANEMONE Pink Perennial Hupehensis Windflower Thimbleflower 30 Seeds. 20 bulbs. The White-striped Anemone feeds by catching small animals in the water with its tentacles but can also shoot out stinging cells from holes in the sides of its column in defence. Canada Anemone Seeds Anemone canadensis Quick View. … With tall stately flowers late into spring in white or pink, Japanese Windflowers come in a number of varieties such as the white flowering Anemone x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ a single flowering cultivar, ‘Bowles Pink’ with its pretty pink flowers. Anemone Growing Notes <

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