[CDATA[ For most cases, though, when you pick raspberries, you should wear long sleeves, long pants, and gloves. We feel very grateful to have mulberry trees, raspberry bushes, and also blackberry bushes in our yard! (That is one way you can tell raspberries from blackberries, by the way.). //   Sever the stem sever the stem with pressure from your thumbnail while slightly twisting the stem. .hide-if-no-js { [CDATA[ The berry itself will have a hollow tube shape in the middle. Search for hidden raspberries. The raspberries on your bushes will ripen gradually throughout the harvest season so you'll need to check the berries every few days. For that reason Chris and I don’t wear gloves or long sleeves when we pick raspberries. (1 Cup!)   They are often packed in opaque boxes that may conceal inferior fruit beneath a display of perfect specimens on top. The thorns are slender, short,  sharp,  and almost fuzzy. Lay the berries single file and let them dry before storing. Advertising Policy The author's canes grow to more than 7 feet tall every year. So I watch for the orange tint and avoid picking the ones that have not reached dark red. Make raspberry salsa* to use with grilled fish, shrimp or chicken. I hope you are able to locate some mulberry trees in Upstate, NY! Water drops left in them will turn them soft and encourage molding. In my experience, the berries from these lateral branches are bigger and easier to pick than those from plants that receive no discipline until spring. Raspberries need around an inch of water per week during the growing season. Further, the ripe blue-black raspberries will also leave a white core behind on the cane when they are picked.