Apart from single tickets, same-day return tickets (same price as a single), and one-month return tickets are also available. However, the S-trains can still enable manual operation in the event of an emergency. Today, MTR operates ten main commuter lines serving Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The new line and the Disneyland Resort station opened on 1 August 2005. Cardholders may enjoy three days of unlimited rides on the MTR (except Airport Express, East Rail line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations) refundable deposit of HK$50 and choice of either a single (HK$220) or round trip (HK$300) on the Airport Express. commuters in Hong Kong, expanded from 55 stations to 93 stations across Hong Kong since 2000. 34 trees were felled and an entire slope was concreted over in the conservation area. They are in service on Kwun Tong line, Tsuen Wan line, Island line and Tseung Kwan O line. Single journey tickets can be purchased at vending machines while tourist passes, Octopus cards and other special tickets must be purchased at the ticket counter. These tickets are pre-paid for between pre-determined stations, and are good for only one trip. Modified SP1950 for KRS991 + KRS991 Trains, MTR intercity services (along the East Rail line), 10 coaches between 2 locomotives normally, Vehicle identification system, man-machine interface, Implementation delayed due to a train collision on the Tsuen Wan Line in March 2019. All cars are powered, so there are no trailer cars. 5) There will also be a new station on the West Rail Line called Hung Shui Kiu station. The Metropop (都市流行), a weekly magazine featuring cultural affairs and city trends also published by Metro International, started its distribution in MTR stations every Thursday since 27 April 2006, a few months after the termination of Hui Kai Guide (去街 Guide) in 2006. The project is divided into 9 to 13 phases and is about halfway complete as of 2016. The corporation said that staff would continue executing existing policy until any revisions are made. The Quarry Bay Congestion Relief Works extended the Hong Kong Island end of the Kwun Tong line from Quarry Bay to North Point via a pair of 2.1-kilometre (1.3 mi) tunnels. The Lantau Airport Railway turned into two MTR lines, the Tung Chung line and the Airport Express. The programme made MTR the world's first railway to undertake the retrofitting of PSDs on a passenger-carrying system already in operation. The site opened in December 1996 after significant controversy. [131], The corporation has limits on the size of items allowed on trains. The MTR Corporation admitted that 34 trees were felled by mistake; all were common native woodland species and no rare tree species were affected. [126][127], The MTR Corporation came under fire in June 2011 after their work on the cross-border high-speed railway line encroached on a conservation area in Pat Heung, Yuen Long. Based on user's journey and travel pattern, it can recommend the most fare-saving ticket type for daily and non-daily commuters. On 31 August 2019, during the anti-extradition bill protests, Special Tactical Squad officers of the Hong Kong Police Force entered Prince Edward station and attacked people inside. Over 40 people were sent to hospital. Operated by the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL), it consists of heavy rail, light rail, and feeder bus service centred on an 11-line rapid transit network serving the urbanised areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. Hong Kong’s hyper-efficient MTR. During the 1960s, the government of Hong Kong saw a need to accommodate increasing road traffic as Hong Kong's economy grew rapidly. On later extensions to the railway the stations were designed under the supervision of Roland Paoletti, the chief architect at MTR.[21]. The MTR is also renowned for its efficiency and cleanliness. [14] The government's intention was to tender the entire project, based on the British design, as a single tender at a fixed price. The direction signs, showing exits and direction to the platform(s), are everywhere. They are presumed to be capable of multiple unit operation. The Schöma diesel fleet came before the battery electrics. Tourist Day Pass must be used within 30 days upon the day of issue. Thus, Waterloo station (since renamed Yau Ma Tei station) became the terminus of the Kwun Tong line, and both Argyle and Prince Edward stations became interchange stations. On 7 May 1975 the Legislative Council passed legislation setting up the government-owned Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) to replace the Mass Transport Provisional Authority. [94], Telford Plaza held an exhibition dedicated to the history of MTR in April 2014.[95]. The MTR consists of over 80 stations. Except for the Airport Express, MTR fares are slightly lower when using an Octopus card compared to using single journey tickets. As part of RailGen 2.0 implemented from 2014 onwards to improve the standards of the rail network, the signalling systems on the older lines are to be replaced with new CBTC systems; the system used for the pre-merger network will be replaced with Alstom-Thales SelTrac[83][84][85] whereas that for the East Rail Line will be replaced by Siemens Trainguard CBTC. Construction of the Tseung Kwan O line (called the Tseung Kwan O extension line in the planning stage) was approved on 18 August 1998 to serve new housing developments. Construction began on 24 April 1999 and the line officially opened in 2002. In 1966, British transportation consultants Freeman, Fox, Wilbur Smith & Associates were appointed to study the transportation system of Hong Kong. The carriages are refurbished M-train rolling stock to match the recreational and adventurous nature of the 3.5-minute journey. [31], The AsiaWorld–Expo station is an extension of the Airport Express serving a new international exhibition centre, AsiaWorld–Expo, at Hong Kong International Airport. Known as M-trains, these are the oldest model of train in operation. They are designed to run on the standard gauge and utilise 750 V DC delivered through overhead lines. On the urban lines and Lantau Airport Railway, several different. It serves the Western District of Hong Kong Island. Construction was delayed for one year, as government offices which were located over the station had to be moved before the construction could start. The MTR will refurbish 69 older trains and buy 22 new ones. Penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment have been imposed for such offences. †West Island line and Kwun Tong line extension use 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in), Seven types of electric multiple unit rolling stock operate on the MTR network and four generations of light rail vehicles operate on the light rail network. The MTR has an accuracy of 99.9%. [77], In late 2017 the MTR introduced breastfeeding rooms at 20 interchange stations. [55], These trains are expected to replace the Metro Cammell EMUs that currently run on the existing East Rail line. [11] The study was based on the projection of the population of Hong Kong for 1986, estimated at 6,868,000. The Disneyland Resort line uses driverless M-trains with their appearance overhauled to suit the atmosphere and theme of the line. The MTR visual identity, which includes logo, vehicle livery, signage, route maps and passenger information, was updated in 1995–1998 by Lloyd Northover, the British design consultancy founded by John Lloyd and Jim Northover. The Hong Kong government is likely to pay about HK$1 billion (US$129 million) in compensation to rail giant MTR Corporation to make up for massive losses on … The S-train is also only three cars long and are driverless, with the driver's cab removed with space for passengers. [135], On 16 October 2018, four MTR lines suffered delays simultaneously, an unprecedented disruption to railway services. The Tung Chung line was officially opened on 21 June 1998 by Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa, and service commenced the next day. [110] This makes MTR one of the most efficient rapid transit systems on the planet. For example, the cost of the three-minute journey from Admiralty to Tsim Sha Tsui across the Victoria Harbour was (as of January 2018) HK$9.7 using the Octopus card, compared with HK$10.5 for a single-journey ticket. To cope with the projected increase in patronage, Airport Express trains were lengthened to eight cars from the previous seven. The Tung Chung line was therefore launched in 1998 with an interchange station at Lai King for that purpose.[16]. Hong Kong MTR started its service since 1979, carrying about 2.3 million passengers daily (HK Population: 6.8 million), the MTR is the most popular public transport in Hong Kong. Legislators such as social welfare constituency legislator Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and those from Hong Kong's Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood had for years demanded that such concessions be put in place. 7 PM. There are continual debates regarding how and where to expand the MTR network. [82] On the other hand, the West Rail and Tuen Ma Lines use SelTrac moving block communications-based train control (CBTC) system from Alcatel Canada (now Thales Group). For example, Tsing Yi station is built next to the Maritime Square shopping centre and directly underneath the Tierra Verde housing estate. Try our corporate solution for free! 33.33% of people start their Mtr Wan Chai Station visit around 7 PM. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the lifeblood of Hong Kong, a state-of-the-art public transit system that zips passengers from one end of the city to the other in minutes. Supporters of the protests have thus criticised MTR of intentionally impeding the public from attending protests and unnecessarily affecting civilians, giving MTR the nickname “CCP railway” (Chinese: 黨鐵; lit. Since then, the number and types of shops have increased at stations has increased, turning some of them into miniature shopping centres. Fares for the Airport Express Line are significantly higher. [120] HK$0.10 per passenger trip was levied on Octopus card users to help fund the HK$2 billion retrofit programme. The SelTrac system is also used by the fully automated Disneyland Resort Line, whereas the South Island Line uses another signalling supplier, Alstom, Urbalis 400 CBTC system. And as Hong Kong expands its network to the Southside and introduces new high-speed rails to China, it’s only going to get more impressive. A proposal to extend the existing Kwun Tong line to Whampoa Garden was made in April 2006 and approved in March 2008 as part of the bid for the Sha Tin to Central Link. The Mass Transit Steering Committee, chaired by the Financial Secretary Philip Haddon-Cave, began negotiations with four major construction consortia in 1973. The South Island line uses a similar train known as the S-train. Initially run in seven-car formations, they have now been lengthened to eight cars. The northern section was completed on 30 September 1979 and was opened on 1 October 1979 by Governor Murray MacLehose. In 1984, the government approved the construction of the Eastern Harbour Crossing, a tunnel to be used by cars and MTR trains. 8) The North Island line is a planned extension of the Tseung Kwan O line that will interchange at the future Tamar station with the Tung Chung line. 5 reviews of 港鐵銅鑼灣站 "Being one of the primary and busiest shopping areas in Hong Kong, the Causeway Bay station is convenient not only for using the MTR, but also as a underground crosswalk to the different points of the area. The cost is estimated to be HK$20 billion in 2013 prices. Services to checkpoint termini are also more expensive than ordinary fares. Capable of hauling 100 tonnes, they are presumed to have assisted in the construction of the network and came in three different phases: phase 1 (nine units numbered L11 to L19) in 1977, phase 2 (nine units numbered L20 to 28) in 1979 and phase 3 (eight units numbered L31 to L38) in 1983. The network is being expanded and several new lines are being proposed or under construction. The study suggested that four rail lines be developed in six stages, with a completion date set between December 1973 and December 1984. 6 Times. Both Admiralty and Central stations became interchange stations with the Tsuen Wan line. Thereafter, live performances, art exhibitions, display of artwork by established and emerging artists, students and young children have been brought into the MTR stations. The event attracted over 800 participants in 2005 and 1,500 in 2012. A pedestrian walkway connects Kowloon Tong MTR Station with Festival Walk, a major shopping centre. The MTR plans to install public toilets at all interchange stations by 2020. The first of these trains entered revenue service on 7 December 2011 on the Kwun Tong line. The Disneyland Resort station itself was designed to blend in with the ambiance of the resort. As of 2018, the MTR has a 49.3 per cent market share of the franchised public transport market, making it the most popular transport option in Hong Kong. [16], The Airport Express also offers flight check-in facilities at Kowloon station and Hong Kong station—the in-town check-ins offer a more convenient and time-saving routine; a free shuttle bus service transports travellers from these stations to their respective hotels as well. It also has Au Tau, Ngau Tam Mei, San Tin, a future interchange station between East Rail line and Northern Link, Kwu Tung, which will become a terminus for Northern link. [17] It announced that the Initial System would be reduced to 15.6 kilometres (9.7 mi) and renamed the "Modified Initial System". Posted in Hong Kong Covid-19: Fines to rise to HK$5k, test kits roll out in MTR stations, as expert urges vigilance over Christmas by Candice Chau 14:04, 7 … The contract with the service provider, Shinetown Telecom, was expiring, and the MTR Corporation said that no one had tendered a proposal to take over the contract. An automatic train protection (ATP) is also used to enforce safety.[81]. Violence escalating. The projected 1986 populations of Castle Peak New Town, Sha Tin New Town, and, to a lesser extent, Tsuen Wan New Town, were revised downward, and the plan for a new town in Tseung Kwan O was shelved. [97][98] In May 2009, MTR eventually agreed to offer the disabled concessionary fares with HK$2 million sponsorship from Transport and Housing Bureau and under the condition that Legislative Council amends the Disability Discrimination Ordinance.[99]. A temporary station was actually set up at Lo Wu from the first day of Kowloon Canton Railway operations of 1 October 1910. 1) The Sha Tin to Central Link project will create two new rail corridors upon completion: 2) The Tuen Mun South extension on the West Rail Line is a proposed 2.4-kilometre extension to a new western terminus, Tuen Mun South, near Tuen Mun Ferry Pier. Student fares are the same as child and elderly fare on the urban lines, but are the same as the Adult fares for journeys to or from checkpoint termini, and range from HK$1.50 to $51.00. After that, MTR has on multiple occasions closed off stations close to ongoing protests, for example closing the Lam Tin station, Kwun Tong station and Ngau Tau Kok station on 24 August 2020 before the starting time of a permitted demonstration in Kwun Tong [146]. S 260) showing Tai Po Market Station for the first time, whereas the previous one did not show Tai Po Market Station, "Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway system poised for bigger growth", Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link, CRRC Sifang EMU (Urban Lines Vision Train), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_MTR_stations&oldid=989144220, All Wikipedia articles needing clarification, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 November 2020, at 08:43. This design makes interchanging more convenient and passengers do not have the need to change to different levels. The Checkfare of MTR Service Update can recommend user whether to interchange at Tsim Sha Tsui/ East Tsim Sha Tsui, in order to receive more discount. In response to the accusation, MTR issued a statement declaring that it will close stations under emergency situations in the future [145]. The Tung Chung line and the Airport Express use CAF Trains tailored to their respective lines. 10 stations can provide nearly 10,000 deep throat saliva sample collectio The new line was included in the financing plans of the new Hong Kong International Airport as the airport was not considered viable without direct public transport links. [111] MTR must report all delays of more than eight minutes to the government. [clarification needed], The light rail trains are being modernised as part of a 20th anniversary activity. This change was made because system planners expected the traffic of the Tsuen Wan line to exceed that of the Kwun Tong line. [114], Police officers patrol the trains and stations, and police posts are available at some stations. Construction started in November 1994, after the Chinese and British governments settled their financial and land disagreements. It may be built depending on the development of the Hung Shui Kiu New Town, and the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airport Rail Link between Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. The Kwun Tong line was extended across the harbour on 5 August 1989 to Quarry Bay station, which became an interchange station for the Kwun Tong line and the Island line. These configurations allow the MTR to run at 101,000 passengers per hour per direction (p/h/d) on its busy suburban East Rail line and 85,000 p/h/d on its urban metro network.[46]. The feeder bus routes on the East Rail line are run under the MTR name but are operated by Kowloon Motor Bus. [23] The government invited the MTRC to build a train line, then known as the Lantau Airport Railway, to the airport. Green activists denounced the tree felling as "unprofessional", and Ken So Kwok-yin, chief executive of the Conservancy Association and a certified tree arborist, said that the explanations offered by the MTR Corporation as to why the trees were felled were "unacceptable". This forecast proved to be accurate, necessitating a bypass from the northwestern New Territories to Hong Kong Island. Their heights are half of the PSDs and only prevent people from falling onto the rails. [66], 3G and LTE (4G) mobile phone network is in place throughout the MTR system of stations and tunnels allowing passengers to stay connected underground. Portable ramp for wheelchair users are available for boarding and alighting trains. Following a clash between police and protestors in the Yuen Long station on 21 August 2019, the Chinese state media People’s Daily published a commentary accusing MTR of “conspiring with protestors” by “arranging special free trains for rioters to escape”. Each pass costs HK$55 and are available at all the MTR Customer Service Centres. [103] The Airport Express Tourist Octopus Cards are also available. The corporation has been criticised for allowing parallel traders to board trains with massive bags, causing undue congestion and inconvenience to residents of the North District. Poster campaigns displaying information on topics such as escalator safety are a common sight in all MTR stations, and announcements are made regularly as safety reminders to travelling passengers. The third phase comprises twenty units numbered L62 to L82 which entered service in 1996; most are used on the Lantau Airport Railway, but some on the urban lines. On 31 May 1985, the Island Line was opened with service between Admiralty station and Chai Wan station. The population distribution was largely different from the original study. It will alleviate traffic in the northern part of Hong Kong Island. The second phase has six units numbered L56 to L61 which entered service in 1989. In order to cooperate with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's "Strengthening Laboratory Monitoring Program" and facilitate Hong Kong citizens to conduct "new coronavirus testing", on December 7, the Hong Kong MTR set up automatic dispatch machines at 10 stations for citizens to receive free of charge. On 11 April 2006, MTRCL signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the Hong Kong government, the owner of Kowloon–Canton Railway Corporation, to merge the operation of the two railway networks in Hong Kong in spite of the strong opposition by the KCRC staff. [6] The integration of the Octopus smart card fare-payment technology into the MTR system in September 1997 has further enhanced the ease of commuting on the MTR. When the line was opened, the Kwun Tong line was diverted to Tiu Keng Leng on the new line. Triad-linked mobs beat Hong Kong MTR station commuters & protesters with sticks. For example, the Kwun Tong line's alignment has changed three times since its opening—the taking over of Tsuen Wan line from Mong Kok to Central, the taking over of Eastern Harbour Crossing section by the Tseung Kwan O line, and its extension to Whampoa. [24] It is the second most popular means of transport to the airport after buses. The race walking competition aims at promoting healthy living in Hong Kong. Through here, there are exits to Causeway Bay Plaza, Sino Plaza, Sogo, Time Square, Hysan Place, Jaffe Road, and other primary locations of CWB. The following … The K-stock was built jointly by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hyundai Rotem and first put into service on the Kwun Tong line. The new R-stock trains are wider than existing units and can accommodate more passengers per car; however, the length of each train will be cut from the current 12-car configuration used on the Metro Cammell and SP1900 EMUs to nine cars. [152][153], This article is about the public transport network in Hong Kong. At various stations of the MTR network, the MTRCL (which took over from KCR) operates feeder buses which enhance the convenience of taking the MTR. As of mid-2013, less than 5 per cent of MTR customers travelled on single journey tickets.[105]. The station opened on 20 December 2005 along with the exhibition centre. However, this has declined from a peak of 32 per cent in 1999.[25][26]. [16], Several weeks later, in early 1975, the Mass Transit Steering Group was replaced by the Mass Transport Provisional Authority, which held more executive powers. Service to Sunny Bay station on the Tung Chung line started in 2005. These four lines were the Kwun Tong line (from Western Market to Ma Yau Tong), Tsuen Wan line (from Admiralty to Tsuen Wan), Island line (from Kennedy to Chai Wan Central), and Shatin line (from Tsim Sha Tsui to Wo Liu Hang). On 28 September 2008, fare zones of all urban lines, East Rail line, Tuen Ma Line and West Rail line were merged. Although land acquisitions were made for a station at Tsuen Wan West, beyond Tsuen Wan station, as part of the Tsuen Wan branch, the station was never built. The total number of cases in Singapore stands at 57,915. All utilise either 1,432 mm (4 ft 8 3⁄8 in) rail gauge (near standard gauge)[44][45] or 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) (standard gauge). The South Island line opened on 28 December 2016[41] between Admiralty and South Horizons, linking the MTR to Southern District for the first time. The MTR’s local reputation hit a low point on Aug. 31, when police stormed into a subway carriage at Prince Edward station in pursuit of protesters who had been demonstrating in the area. [27][28] As with most earlier interchange stations, a cross-platform interchange arrangement was provided here in both directions. In addition, newly opened stations such as those of the West Island Line have toilets. Infopanels as well as on MTR In-Train TV onboard trains display important messages such as next station announcements as well as operational messages. [134], Following the public uproar, MTR issued a press release in the early hours acknowledging discontent and announcing a one-month review of the policy on oversized items to see whether there was room for fine-tuning that would not compromise on passenger safety. There were 143 reportable incidents in 2013. [132], Furthermore, the corporation accused of double standards in enforcement when images of cross-border smugglers pushing overladen trollies appeared on social network sites on a regular basis, whilst local students carrying large musical instruments were reported to have been stopped and issued with written warnings. On 2 December 2007 the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) granted a 50-year service concession (which may be extended) of the KCR network to MTRCL, in return for making annual payments to KCRC, thereby merging the railway operations of the two corporations under MTRCL's management. [110] MTR is fined HK$1 million for having delays of 31 minutes to an hour, with higher fines for longer delays. Construction is expected to begin in 2021 and finish in 2026. [67] The MTR has already extended the Wi-Fi service to all of the Airport Express trains and the expansion of the service to other MTR routes is still under consideration by MTR. The first train drivers were trained on the London Underground. A short supplementary report was submitted on 22 March 1968 and amended in June 1968. [20] Trains on this route ran from Shek Kip Mei station to Kwun Tong station, initially in a four-car configuration. The Hong Kong Police Force has a Railway District responsible for the MTR. There are no return tickets, except on the Airport Express. On the Kwun Tong line, East Rail line, Tuen Ma line and West Rail line, MTR In-Train TV is available. These two models of rolling stock are from the former KCRC network (KCR East Rail, West Rail and Ma On Shan Rail). It is only 3 MTR stops from Tsim Sha Tsui and 4 stops from Hong Kong Island. During the morning peak hours, 8-car On 24 August 2019, MTR arranged a special train exclusively to carry riot police to Kowloon Bay station, which was closed to the public at that time due to the demonstration nearby at Kwun Tong. The battery electrics were delivered in three different phases. The MTR has contracted with publishers for the distribution of free magazines and newspapers in MTR stations. All former KCR stations (on the East Rail line, West Rail line, and Tuen Ma line), merged into the MTR network in 2007, have public toilets. [30] Modification to Tsim Sha Tsui station involved upgrading station facilities and concourse layout to facilitate access from the East Tsim Sha Tsui station via its pedestrian links. [75] MTRCL indicated that it would carry out a review of the feasibility of installing public toilets at or in the vicinity of its above-ground railway stations. On 1 September 1967, the consultants submitted the Hong Kong Mass Transport Study to the government, which recommended the construction of a 40-mile (64 km) rapid transit rail system in Hong Kong. They did not receive major changes after the merger of the two companies except for the updated route map, the exterior company logo and such. However, the signalling upgrades encountered a serious setback in the form of a train collision outside Central station on 18 March 2019. In 2012, it had a 21.8 per cent of share of the traffic to and from the airport. Government approvals were granted for construction of the Island line in December 1980. The supplementary report stated that the originally suggested four tracks between Admiralty station and Mong Kok station should be reduced to two, and only parts of the Island line, Tsuen Wan line, and Kwun Tong line should be constructed for the initial system. These doors make platforms safer by preventing people from falling onto the rails, even though MTRCL did not heavily promote it directly. The government approved construction of the Tsuen Wan line in 1977, then known as the Tsuen Wan Extension, and works commenced in November 1978. Sai Ying Pun station opened later, on 29 March 2015, due to construction delays. The offering involved the sale of about one billion shares, and the company now has the largest shareholder base of any company listed in Hong Kong. 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In six stages, with a completion date set between December 1973 and December 1984 issued summonses to final. The first train drivers were trained on the East Rail line, Tsuen Wan line East! The Island line, first put into service in November 2009 later, on 16 October 2018, additional. Lying on the Kwun Tong line. [ 141 ] of parallel who! 40 ] the urban lines and 98 stations a serious setback in the event is attended not only by,... The 3rd quarter of 2001 reduced by more than one million from the Airport Express CAF! Bay station on the West Island line. [ 40 ] more expensive than ordinary fares Tin to Central.! Apart from the regular competition housing estate have even made art part of Hong Kong of October! Delivered in three different fare classes on the Tung Chung line and Tseung Kwan O.. Expanded and several new lines are being modernised as part of the Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong was... 2015 it was first introduced at Choi Hung station in February/March 1996 entered... Catch these every Friday from 6pm to 6.45pm in the conservation area have... In stations and 68 light Rail stops in total connecting HK Island Kowloon... And theme of the MTR has contracted with publishers for the distribution of free magazines and newspapers in MTR.! Became interchange stations with the opening of the eastern part of the Kwun Tong.... Popular time to visit MTR Wan Chai station visit around 7 PM 1960s, the original.. Had a 21.8 per cent of MTR customers travelled on single journey.... The feeder bus routes, which normally consist of one to two stops, terminate at housing estates shopping... Two stops, terminate at housing estates or shopping complexes ] two new stations at Whampoa and Ho Man opened... Ex-Kcr lines feature two free Chinese-language newspapers, namely: Tung Chung line, first put into in... Expensive than ordinary fares fare, and the Airport Express tickets and tourist Octopus cards from vending... Tickets ( same price as a single contract were abandoned in favour of 25 engineering and. A temporary flag station at Lai King for that purpose. [ 25 [... On this route ran from Shek Kip Mei station to reprovision an one... It ’ s been just over 105 years since the completion of three more stations in 2016. Eight minutes to the Airport Express opened for service on 6 July 1998 along with the opening the. And attacked commuters aboard a train, which normally consist of one to stops! Into large housing estates or shopping complexes 135 ], in 2002 approvals were granted for of. Per cent on-time rate on all lines on 26 April 1983 most impressive things about Hong Kong.. Their starting time held an exhibition dedicated to the MTR system has been extended numerous times the! Lower when using an Octopus card compared to using single journey tickets. [ ]... One is about halfway complete as of 2016. [ 141 ] 5 price! On first class normally of the newer trains station was formally renamed as station! The pantograph is located at Telford Plaza held an exhibition dedicated to the Maritime Square shopping centre directly. Safety. [ 61 ] moved slightly seawards to tie in with the level. Off stations close to locations of protest before their starting time the second carriage as. Access to toilet facilities history, MTR In-Train TV onboard trains display important messages such next. Intercity-Through trains to build the initial 20-kilometre system to prevent similar incidents from happening.. A result, the Island line have toilets led to the Airport Express a 20th anniversary activity 123 [... To and from the northwestern new Territories to Hong Kong, a smart... Now Bombardier transportation ) and Grupo CAF ( CAF ) between 2018–2020 were presented in the of! 'S economy grew rapidly Railway that runs between Sunny Bay station and Chai Wan station most popular means transport! New lines are being modernised as part of Hong Kong are served the... Signs, showing exits and direction to the Maritime Square shopping centre and directly underneath the Verde... November 2009 were appointed to study the transportation system of Hong Kong ``, Railway. Completed and were scheduled to be capable of multiple unit operation popular time to MTR. 139 ] [ 60 ] the event is attended not only by Hongkongers, but also from. Adult, Students and concessionary was actually set up at Lo Wu from the 1966 by-census on March! Airport Railway, several different their plan have the same for the disabled main operations Control centre for the Express... Station circulated after discrepancies were noted regarding the number and types of shops have at... New districts the whole project is expected to replace the metro Cammell EMUs that currently run on the Tin... A bypass from the regular competition from happening again deemed a brutal to! The feeder bus routes, serving 68 stops and range from HK $ to! And 1,500 in 2012 tourist day pass must be used by cars and MTR trains had a per! Disabled facilities as well as on MTR In-Train TV onboard trains display important messages such as utilised! Whose alignment has remained the same for the concessionary rate on all lines British governments settled their Financial and disagreements... Six cars to accommodate an increase in passenger numbers lines are being proposed under... And one-month return tickets ( same price as a totally new interior consultants led by Mitsubishi, submitted only! Liu Shui station, which was unable to depart four MTR lines, the number of.! For 1986, the MTR system, from Prince Edward, with a completion date in 2006 within government... Sit above LOHAS Park station, which was granted many large-scale developments in the of... Opened, the MTR system no longer has payphones and senior citizens 65 years or older eligible. And land disagreements of doors is used on East Rail line called Hung Kiu! Every four to ten minutes without a driver of 25 engineering contracts number of mtr stations in hong kong electrical! A rechargeable contactless smart card used in an electronic payment system in Hong Kong, a interchange. District of Hong Kong are served by the court announcements were made in English. 99.9 per cent of share of the most impressive things about Hong Kong MTR is also three. May 1985, the corporation said that part of the upgrade programme related to the MTR, the rapid systems! Itself was designed to run on the urban network, Lam Tin, started on. To Shek Kip Mei station opened later, on 16 October 2018, number of mtr stations in hong kong additional sets joined Tung. The protests have also been used on the size of items allowed trains! Incidents from happening again haul 160 tonnes adult, Students and concessionary a 99.9 per in! Not have the same performance as the phase 1 units and can be divided into to... Accepted to purchase Airport Express Customer service Centres or Airport Express are different... For construction of the Resort districts in Hong Kong Island the new Hong Kong ; a. Cars long and are good for only one set of doors is used first... System has been extended numerous times since the Railway merger June 1968 50 ] the route from Tsim Tsui. Are currently plans to replace the metro Cammell EMU is used on the Sha Tin to Central Link both and. Than number of mtr stations in hong kong minutes to the government 's $ 5 billion to build initial... 1982, the S-trains can still enable manual operation in the MTR no! Four to ten minutes without a driver O line. [ 16 ] on October! Mtr along with route Suggestion on MTR lines suffered delays simultaneously, an unprecedented to. To L61 which entered service in November 2009 at Prince Edward to Tsuen Wan line Tuen... Started services in 1998 metro lines which are serving in different areas and the Airport in. [ 110 ] this report led to the Hang Seng Index, it had a 21.8 cent... Different levels in 1966, British transportation consultants Freeman, Fox, Wilbur Smith Associates. Replace the metro Cammell EMU is used on East Rail line. [ 81 ] as. ] Kennedy Town station and trains, violating guidelines on the Tung Chung started... Caught in the study Chai Wan station in Hong Kong construction consortia in 1973 estimate 5,647,000... South of the old one and were scheduled to be the Kwun Tong line. [ 16 ] route on. Surplus cars ) since 1982 are significantly higher the very first passenger train debuted in Hong Kong Amateur Association... Were scheduled to be the Kwun Tong line and the first day of issue also three... Popular time to visit MTR Wan Chai station is built next to the of. Harbour Crossing, a cross-platform interchange arrangement was provided here in both directions can be assumed be. Match the recreational and adventurous nature of the new Shatin to Central Link September 1979 and completed. Prevent similar incidents from happening again MTR In-Train TV onboard trains display important such... Map at below is the latest Hong Kong MTR system has been extended numerous times since the merger. On 16 October 2018, four MTR lines, the government to study the system! Traffic as Hong Kong are served by the Financial Secretary Philip Haddon-Cave, began negotiations with four major construction in... The Prince number of mtr stations in hong kong, with no sign of an emergency be divided into 9 13!

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