While sizing a glove depends solely on the fit, sizing the appropriate bat has a few more factors to consider. Picking the right bat is a highly personal choice. If you determine a different length just feels better to you, you should go with what feels best when you swing. How To Measure For A Youth Bat. If your athletes’ height is between 3′ and 3’4″, start using a 26-inch bat and boost the length in the measurement of the bat 1 inch for every 4-to-5 inches they grow. If your hitter is over 60 pounds, then their ideal bat lies somewhere in the range of 28 to 32-inches long. New technology has drastically changed the way baseball and softball bats have been produced over the last decade or so. If the end of the bat reaches the center of your palm when you reach down, it's the proper length. To use the bat size chart below, all you have to do is follow these simple steps: Move the top slider on the chart to the player's height range (in inches) Move the bottom slider on the chart to the player's weight range (in pounds) The recommended size is shown on the chart along with the next size up and next size down This should be no larger than 2 1/4 inches. Only you can decide what factors are most important to you. Many factors are performance-based, such as length, weight, and swing weight. If you’re in the market for a bat to buy for your child, the procedure for measuring will be a bit different. To do this, it’s important to swing the right bat for you. Please use this measurement in the sizing guide below to ascertain your recommended size. Need help? Bat Sizing Chart. Baseball Bat Size Chart. These tables are a general guide for determining which bat size an athlete needs. Below is our recommendation on the appropriate bat size based on player height. The easiest way to determine that perfect weight is to demo a certain size before purchase. • The bat size that best fits you will be one that is comfortable, easy to swing and allows you to produce the greatest bat speed and power. Player Height (In inches) Weight (lbs.) While this chart can assist get you started, utilize the measuring techniques described to discover your supreme fit. If you're not able to hold a bat and measure using these methods, use this size chart as a guide. Determine Your Bat Length by Your Age. Baseball Bat Sizing Guide. Our quick-reference baseball bat size chart can help you select the appropriately sized bat for yourself (or for your little leaguer). Below is a sizing chart that gives you a good starting point. Below is a Bat Size Chart to help guide you to the correct bat length. Our chart was created to give you our best recommendation of what size you need. Call us on 614.873.7776 Toggle menu. This guide can be used for all Junior and Senior cricket bats. Ideally, a player should be swinging the heaviest bat that does not cause swing mechanic issues or result in slower swing speeds. Identify the diameter of the bat barrel. Bat Size Guide-Help Selecting Baseball and Fastpitch Bat Size • To obtain your optimum bat select a bat that is not too long/heavy or too short/light. Many Known Truths About Baseball. Cricket Bat Size Guide. Naturally, the above table can only serve as a guideline to help you get close to a bat that may be appropriate. You can check the bat size chart above as well as follow these few guidelines: If your hitter weighs 60 pounds or less, then let them try a 26 to 29-inch bat to see which one feels best. 36-40: 41-44: HOW TO CHOOSE A BAT. Bat Sizing. Bat Chart * Success at the plate often comes down to this: making consistent hard contact against live pitching. Other factors are design-based, such as grips, and bat colors and cosmetics.

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