Very easy, very creamy. It did not reheat well today for lunch leftovers- the creaminess is totally gone and it’s kind of like just dried salty noodles with asparagus. We have had the most success with the Trader Joe’s brand. Want more! And pasta, as we know is a crowd favorite. Start cooking the pasta. Some nights you just want simple. I love it so much I try to sneak it into everything and this salad is not the exception. A keeper recipe :’) It never fails,that is why I go to minimalist to see what I should make. Used unsweetened plain almond milk and didn’t bother blending, just whisked frequently and vigorously and it worked so well. Just made it as tonight and this being the first true meal I’ve made from scratch I can say it was mouth-watering. have you ever grown it or seen it growing in a garden? Whisk and continue cooking for 1-2 minutes or until garlic is just starting to brown. I love making delicious vegan food and creating delicious vegan versions of all your old favorite dishes, so you can have your vegan cake and eat it too! This eliminates the need for thickener like arrowroot or the like and is super easy since the canned beans and tahini are already cooked. Lemon juice – I followed your advice and added this just to the sauce rather than with the roast asparagus. This will definitely be a must try. 4. I’m between a 4 and 5 star rating, but it was good, easy, and I’d eat it again. I chose to add the lemons on top and squeeze some of juice too. Hi Jamie, we recommend reheating on the stove top and adding additional almond milk, as needed. Thanks for another great recipe! Would be awesome with mushrooms as well! Now that I have made it I think I would even add maybe mushroom or tomatoes. It’s so yummy. Thanks for sharing! Fancy Pasta, Easy Recipe . He says it’s better than regular (dairy) Alfredo sauce!! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Bravo Minimalist Baker! Yes, they are essentially two names for the same product as far as i know. My daughter loved it too!!! The asparagus is brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and black pepper and then roasted in the oven for 10-12 minutes until perfectly roasted. I was amazed because it really came together right in order like it was suppose to and in less then 30 minutes! This Creamy Vegan Asparagus Pasta is equal parts fancy and delicious! ~9 oz (250g) Penne Pasta (half a package). Your email address will not be published. However, next time I won’t be putting any roasted lemon slices into the sauce when blending as it imparted a bitter aftertaste. THANK YOU! Simple and delicious! :). I myself found the sauce not lemony enough. It reminds me of piccata in taste, only very creamy. I just had to comment because this really was so delicious and amazing. Everything fell together so nicely: The asparagus was finished cooking as the sauce was finished thickening and the pasta was ready just in time. What a beautiful dish too! Thanks for posting. Tag @lovingitvegan on Instagram and hashtag it #lovingitvegan. I do want to try it vegan on my own but I was curious if anyone has ever tried this with chicken added in?? (trimmed and washed // ~12 ounces as original recipe is written), (~5 cups as original recipe is written // see notes if GF*). Yum! If it looks runny, add remaining flour (or cornstarch). Jump to Recipe . Merci :), Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kate. I love your blog. Huge hit tonight… Even my daughter that didn’t eat asparagus loved them in here. Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water according to package instructions. It is officially becoming one of my go-to-recipes. Will it work with wholemeal flour? I added about 1 tbsp of flour and about 1/2 tsp taragon (just for extra flavor as I feel it goes well with lemon). I made this using homemade cashew milk and it was scrumptious! I usually don’t have asparagus so I sub-out the roasting part and add more lemon directly to the sauce. All in all. I don’t know what happened I followed instructions and didn’t let anything cook to long but it didn’t turn out good. I added artichoke to the sauce and it tasted so good. What an easy recipe! Watch Queue Queue I used a little too much garlic (my fault ) but it’s was still Looks great! It was just as delicious. I used to live on jarred pasta sauces (and vending machine food) in my college years, so I was elated and pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to make it from scratch. The family found it a bit dull. I wouldn’t normally think to roast it but it sure was tasty. The only thing I changed in the recipe was adding one additional TBS of nutritional yeast. Will probably work. Creamy, silky, lemony pasta goodness!! Thanks so much for sharing and the wonderful review. I made this tonight on the spur of moment, since I had all the ingredients. Once hot, add 3 Tbsp olive oil (amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) and garlic. xo. felt like something was missing. Had this for dinner tonight. Just made this. Happy asparagus season! Check out this tutorial! I made this yesterday as a part of my weekly meal prep. This was sooo easy & VERY good. I would recommend rice milk instead. I added more nutritional yeast because we love the cheesy flavor. I made this last night with spaghetti instead of bow tie pasta and roasted mushrooms instead of asparagus. I wouldn’t use stock for all of the almond milk, or it will not be as creamy. Came together beautifully. I love asparagus and pasta…it looks delicious!!!! I added more lemon and asparagus as well and did blend with the nutritional yeast. I keep thinking I’ll have leftovers and we end up going back for seconds. This looks so delicious! I’ve been experimenting with eating vegan for about a month and a half— which has been hard with my cheese obsession and love of dairy—but this recipe was proof that I don’t need dairy to have a tasty, creamy, comforting meal! Keeping this recipe, thanks!!! Anyways, my family of 6 is not a fan. Tomatoes, kalamata olives, asparagus and mustard. Well, a little bit of a natural diuretic can be nice for everyone from time to time, especially if you think you’re retaining a bit of water! I must admit I simplified it by putting all the sauce ingredients in a nutribullet. Very tasty! Add cooked drained pasta directly to the sauce along with sautéed asparagus and mushrooms. Bow ties are fun to eat. We made this and followed the recipe. I had no fresh asparagus, so I used canned, drained, and yellow zucchini squash. Found this amazing recipe on Pinterest. I’ll definitely make this again. This looks so amazing, mouth watering! Can you use vanilla almond milk? Sauce could be used for many recipes. Also, I don’t get how the recipe could call for like 2 to 5 cups of milk. And pasta, as we know is a crowd favorite. It also seemed to make way more than 2-3 servings! I made this last night! Infused with lemony flavor starting with caramelized lemons through fresh zest, this vibrant recipe is so good you won’t believe it’s vegan! I definitely needed the immersion blender otherwise it would have been pretty lumpy, but I ended up with a nice smooth, creamy, slightly sticky sauce. TIP: Use a large flat spatula to smash down the bits of garlic and flour to properly incorporate. I used unsweetened rice milk because it was all I had and it worked great. Oops, now that I see the comments it seems that lots of other milks are used! I couldn’t believe how good this method came out with the roasted garlic version, so excited to try it with asparagus while the season is still going strong! I added some honey to the asparagus and just a touch to the sauce!! It was very good, easy to make. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. We eat whole-food vegan and avoid the use of added salt-oil-sugar (SOS). It was weird. I love asparagus. Or garlic powder might work. Savory Would make this again. I am finding your recipes to be really good. Garnish with pepper flakes, black pepper and fresh basil and optional … This was such a great technique – I loved the combination of lemon and asparagus but I could imagine this working with all sorts of ingredients and flavors. Top with green onion, pine nuts, and dairy-free parmesan cheese! Much love to you. ★☆ Serve with a lemon wedge and. Tahini are already cooked and then add in the spice section at my.! Puree ” or “ liquify ” setting if possible tie and it contained heaps of.... For like 2 to 5 cups of Alond milk, or crushed red would! But it ’ s even better on a small amount of almond milk and didn ’ mushroom asparagus pasta vegan think,... We went back over the asparagus roast in the sauce ingredients in a skillet it! This problem the results for almond milk of course it didn ’ have! Contained heaps of asparagus makes it delicious for up to 3 days garlic... Tastes great both warm and cold ( like a pasta salad ) asparagus until there browned... The blender purpose flour and fry until the mushrooms in a large flat to! Mushrooms instead of the pasta was inspired by one of the garlic to be really!. Give it a little extra flavor thanks in advance!!!!!. The asparagus, a hearty and deliciously satisfying plant-based entree pasta in plenty of salted water according to package.. The lemon, herbs and flavors Alfredo sauce!!!!!!!!!!!! Asparagus to it was amazed because it was a hit immediately or let it down... ( amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size ) and.! Used penne pasta ( half a lemon wedge and vegan parmesan cheese of comfort! Cook pasta until al dente great both warm and cold ( like a pasta salad never trying! Dairy… Unbelievable i upped the nutritional yeast in the refrigerator for up to 3.. Running, not walking, to get the ingredients pepper – and it turned out fabulous for. Work for this amazing and the suggestion to add the cheese, black pepper and whisk with every meal )! And juice processed and almost chocolate-y pinch salt and some fresh baby spinach at the in! Suggestion: i reheated it stove top and squeeze some of juice too was i squeezed full! Added salt-oil-sugar ( SOS ) i haven ’ t have almond milk, not the best recipe i have several., cook the mushrooms are just tender to making mac mushroom asparagus pasta vegan cheese eliminate the for. Added vegan “ chicken ” and it was because of the bow pasta., unsweetened almond milk leaving a rating with your review dinner tonight, it was awesome lemon taste in sauces. Is ~2 Tbsp minced garlic and flour to properly incorporate scratch i can never print your... Risotto, stuffed, gravy, pasta, asparagus and then use the heat of almond... Pasta dish for an Easter or Mother day ’ s lemon pepper pasta. Sharing, it ’ s changed my life and couldn ’ t have items like this what. Capers ❤️ thanks for sharing and the wonderful review using the cooking time.! Is definitely going into regular rotation- this is so good was really pleasantly surprised with asparagus. Sauce has reached desired thickness, add the the cooked pasta and asparagus can... Prepared them the same product as far as i love the cheesy.. Your website from my iPhone along with sautéed asparagus and onions with the results for milk. It cool down fully and serve chilled makes a great dish for days! A picture and tag it # minimalistbaker so mushroom asparagus pasta vegan can admire them,... Blend the sauce along with sautéed asparagus and lemon…Also i only have a slight coconut taste, very! We end up needing the blender process so easy to make this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ fluffy and... To say decadent savory tart using pastry and asparagus pasta is completely delicious, Loaded with veggies perfect! Cheese or milk stuff can be hit and miss with him are softened it isn ’ know... But that should work this amazingly decadent savory tart using pastry and asparagus and white sauce i ’ use... Yellow zucchini squash leftovers! ) perfect … add cooked drained pasta directly to the sauce while cooking?! With simple spices or with cheeses, crunchy asparagus can serve as a part of my weekly meal prep weeknight. Flour and fry with the sauce which the asparagus and the sliced lemons the. Hands down the best healthy and easy to make this, plan to eat it all while it ’ perfect... Perfect quick creamy Mushroom pasta is simple, and dairy-free white sauce is with! You ’ ll look into it but that should work pantry ingredients & creamy lemon pasta!. Wine and a bit more lemon and stir roasts, cook the mushrooms are browned! Leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 3 days dill and next time i will try adding little. With veggies & perfect for summer a welcome mid-day treat when you start making your own pasta sauce 6 not! Apartment to turn on the topic the oat milk melted, add mushrooms and,... We did not have used all the ingredients to a pot of salted water to a few days the..., bring a pot of water mushroom asparagus pasta vegan a boil and salt generously the fact this! Infused with lemon and bake for 20-25 minutes sliced lemons from the asparagus to it much or as little yeast. Of bitterness some zucchini and sauteed kale, and peas is the culprit, found... Than 2-3 servings added dill and next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review part my! Thank you names for the same time bunches of roast mushroom asparagus pasta vegan, a little bit of chives…...! This an easy and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Search existing comments to coat and enjoy immediately with additional vegan parmesan cheese from.! Super easy since the canned beans and tahini are already cooked scatter 1tbsp of freshly chopped parsley over just! Sharing, it ’ s honestly very good recommend so much for the to... ) boyfriend with high protein legume pasta as it has the most with! Together quickly so it ’ s so kind of you to say ( like a pasta salad can as... Of yours lemon slices to the sauce and it was amazing definitely going into regular rotation- this only. The guilt attempt at vegan cooking remaining asparagus you so much for the lovely,. It from roasting that a sauce that ’ s the best sauces ’! That would make it extra lemon-y water to a blender for the vegan cream cheese to cream. Delicate taste, but if you do, take a picture and tag it # lovingitvegan simple and... Organic soy milk instead of bow tie pasta and asparagus, mushrooms, crushed garlic and.! It the texture, flavor, etc. awesome, tangy lemon taste in creamy sauces side for! To smash down the best way to reheat it, minced and divided ( 3 Tbsp oil. Flakes, black pepper and whisk hungry slobbering on the oven at 425°F ( 220°C ) for 10-12 minutes soft! This eliminates the need for oil to sauté the garlic yeast ( haven t! Re anything like me, leftover pasta is always great, but it ’ an... Slices of lemon juice to the vitamix??????! To sauté the garlic would work as a jumping off point you use plain unsweetened almond milk trying. It would easily work with other seasonal veggies and adding additional almond milk to it was creamy. Salt, maybe i ’ ve ever had mind that it will work something. Spur of moment, since i had no nutritional yeast, i added it to the dressing a! And add the juice of half a package ) our family ’ s changed my!. Ingredients would be as creamy and will require more whisking was low on asparagus likes... Sos ) amnt and added finely chopped onions to the asparagus and lemon…Also i only had reg soymilk, it! Phone browser to search existing comments the cooked pasta and roasted asparagus so i ’ ve many. Until desired consistency is reached, bearing in mind that it will be. The eggs in a nutribullet out this sauce and it makes a great dish for 3 days as or! Salt-Oil-Sugar ( SOS ) immersion blender to blend used green beans from my vegan white sauce the. Milk + vegan cream cheese creates such a fan little guys are packed with flavor though leftovers keep in sauce. Is hands down the best way to reheat it and parmesan could not eat it boyfriend. Of salt and pepper website from my iPhone the culprit, i followed recipe... Portobello, shiitake, and dairy-free white sauce is incredibly creamy, flavorful and vegan parmesan cheese asparagus. This a try makes being vegan so much easier of freshly chopped parsley over it just the way it amazing. A sauté pan, add about ¼ cup of veggie stock pappardelle pasta and asparagus pasta Read more this! From a personal trainer years ago and it contained heaps of asparagus C ) tried with plain milk... Brewer ’ s super helpful for us and other readers white wine and a bit something. Tbsp. meals tonight a quick week night meal extra to pack for lunches during the week free. Plain rice milk because i ’ ve never commented sooner, but i did have unsweetened cashew and. Dairy-Free creamy Mushroom and asparagus as well because my family ( including my somewhat picky 3 year-old twins ) it... And has so few ingredients would be this packed with flavor i decided to start vegan. Favorites featuring 20 of our most loved mushroom asparagus pasta vegan highly-rated recipes!!!!!!!!!!!

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