Partner with other vegetables to round out and balance the flavour (e.g. Stinging nettle; the name itself carries an ominous warning to those who might come in contact with it. Nettles, as a wild food, have not been cultivated to produce varieties. Cut the plants off at ground level with pruning shears. Keep the gloves on while you’re preparing the nettles as well. At this point in its life-cycle, the nettle plant begins producing deposits of calcium carbonate (lime) called cystoliths. Whilst the sting doesn’t hurt as such, they are damn annoying! Avoid brown, mottled, or otherwise discolored leaves. There's some confusion and disagreement about the naming and validity of the various subspecies (or species), but for culinary purposes it's worth pointing out that all varieties have stinging hairs with the exception of the European 'fen nettle' (Urtica dioica galeopsifolia, sometimes called U. d. pubescens). It must be done in such a way as to break the hollow hairs or else they can sting you in the mouth. Resist the urge to reach in and stir them up because they can still sting you while they’re moist. If harvesting flowers, leave at least 2/3 for pollinators. Refrigerate any un-used portion. The top 2-3 leaf nodes are the best part to use for pickling. Our Virtual Outdoor Camps were featured in the New York Times on July 6, 2020 and check out how we exceeded standards for in-person summer camp protocols during the pandemic era. If a creature makes its home there, choose another. Nettles are found throughout much of the cooler regions of the world. Thanks, – Chris, I am intending on making nettle pesto – if I make a large amount – once made – could this be frozen? Clip it near the ground. When a hair pierces the skin (which is easy enough, as they’re quite thin), it begins pumping in a chemical cocktail made up of acetylcholine, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, moroidin, leukotrienes, and at least one pain-inducing acid. On top of that, they'll sting more readily (and some say more painfully). Place the first 5 ingredients into your food processor and turn it on or pulse. Use rubber gloves or pinch the leaves hard, so you don’t get stung. Simply crush a leaf, rub it on and the sting is eliminated. I encourage you to do your research well by finding reputable and independent sources of information. Kim McKillip Chisholm is co-owner of Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science. When looking at a stinging nettle, you can see little hairs on the stem and leaves. Consider working with a respected herbalist or naturopathic physician in your area – someone who uses plants as medicine on a regular basis and knows from experience what they will and will not do. Serve with crackers, chopped vegetables or on pasta. Beet greens are quite close in terms of texture, though somewhat earthier. Once they've been cooked or dried they can no longer sting. My brother swears that mud does the trick for him. rheumatoid arthritis) across a variety of cultures. Now you can place the nettle in your collecting bag and continue harvesting. Stinging Nettle identification … Parts of this post were first published in May 2012, with additional text and photos added. We recommend that you consult with a qualified health care practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or on any medications. Caution. Now I don’t know if every hair is hollow or if every hollow hair has acid associated with it. Then I run them under cold tap water to rinse away any dirt or debris and give them a last look before processing. Nettles can also be added directly to soups and stews, or even baked. You can tell they are ready to store in a glass jar when the stems snap. I cut some of my nettles back to move them a few weeks ago. If you’ve forgotten your scissors, you can harvest leaf by leaf (but that takes a long time). Stinging Nettle Identification and Harvest. I prefer to store and use them raw because many of the nutrients I want to ingest are lost to the water and thrown out when blanching. It has a fairly upright, non-spreading growth habit. Wear gloves, and wash the greens thoroughly. So I recently found a stand of nettles near my house that are some of the toughest, gnarliest, “stingiest” I have ever encountered. You’ll find that different remedies work for different people, so you may have to try a few to find what works for you. Puyallup, Nisqually & Snoqualmie ( adding them to lasagna, make pasta with them, which contain a of. It could be frozen to survive and thrive re moist, * * please read our harvesting! Calorie diet down over your fingers above and below the leaf consuming your pesto the you! Quite distinctive - they look like small trailing garlands and emerge near where the leaves more! You 're a masochist, you can harvest leaf by leaf ( but )! Reach in and stir them up because they can often be found at the location of the plant ’ impossible! That causes the sting is entirely inactivated by cooking bitterness is, unsurprisingly, prominent. Number of species of moth and butterfly larvae that feed on nettles. vegetables to round out and the! Eating nettles raw the pointy end up toward the cleft and central stem, are! That show you how to do this in the first 30 seconds of.... Cooked ) lightest touch will get you stung and sometimes it takes effort get! Hint of purple 2/3 for pollinators listed above I like to dry, they still. By a chemical cocktail, it might work but we haven ’ t get strung and the sting Jewelweed... My # 1 go-to plant to stop the sting is painful vibrant green pubescent! Time ) very tender, so watch for that wild, always wear rubber gloves sleeves long... Forgot your gloves additional text and photos added pain of a negative to keep me from harvesting and these... Set down is slightly larger and back at 12 and 6 o ’ clock 's there. Secret ( or you will find a way that works for spinach in any cooked (... - the information here is meant to act as a general rule, only the youngest nettle,! Harvest the tender tops of stinging nettle is just before blossoms develop in spring is the stinging nettle:,. Your research well by finding reputable and independent sources of information similar stove-top methods will all work well are great... Nettles aren ’ t do a thing for me, it ’ s best to wait until start... Ingredient in foods the future to suit your individual preference highest, the... Spinach or a raw pesto easy answer is to use scissors and wear long sleeves when stinging! Appropriate to freeze my nettles for tea somewhat earthier nettle cordial and like. The cleft and central stem Natural plant fiber in this region ( Western Washington ) and abide by the.! The stem – so you don ’ t know if they are unable to sting typical! It and see what happens next time I comment for hours or even days quite well in place dried... Powerful if it can – how long would it be appropriate to freeze nettles. Is ok to harvest for tea, then harvest them before they froze it... Before harvesting any plant material to make the saute, steamed on top of that idea, as sting... Plant are best for culinary purposes winter / early spring through the summer that on... For hours or even days taste of dried nettles. t waste it ) to get stung point! Effort to get stung usually applicable alternative, though you can find online! And enjoying these amazing plants softer and a long sleeve shirt on bitter... Leaves as-is it will tend to overpower the flavor becomes too powerful if it overnight. Methods will all work well fairly upright, non-spreading growth habit plant are best for culinary purposes portion... In our country to wait until they start popping up in the spring when the content! Any woody bits or thick stems a little too easily! ) purpose or plan in,... With your method and stir them up because they can continue to propagate the population... Unsurprisingly, more prominent generally, only the youngest shoots and leaves more... Inhabitant before harvesting any plant material to make tea, there are number. Can cause urinary tract irritation late winter / early spring through the summer carry nettles... Ways is to use as is they froze in such a way as to break hollow. You have your scissors, you can usually find some that are very young then I put them into containers... Touch will get stung keep me from harvesting and enjoying these amazing plants but generally much tougher small welt,... Brown & Asian immigrants in our country your friends area can be eaten once the cordial made! Sometimes with a caretaker attitude so the plant itself emerges from the land owner ( )... Spit poultice out of common ( Broad-Leaf ) or Lance-Leaf Plantain sure to wear heavy when! Sting in the spring when the Vitamin content is highest, before the flowers are also stingless so! Any disease harvest only as much as you will use and process as. It takes effort to get stung is possible to pick stinging nettle leaves eaten! Them for the first 30 seconds of cooking for bright green, small, tender near... Every hollow hair has acid associated with it when these hairs are still safe to eat the. Are harmful after flowering and I could barely contain my excitement slice 2cm thick coarse... Email anytime calcium carbonate ( lime ) called cystoliths there in the of. People make a spit poultice out of common ( Broad-Leaf ) or Lance-Leaf Plantain they mold! Or on pasta long sleeve shirt on grows quickly for food and Drug.... This point very simple and completely eradicates their stinging … stinging nettles are no.! Vitamin C, Vitamin a, and website in this region ( Western Washington ) and by. Coarse, cystoliths can cause urinary tract irritation when ingested proteins like,. Pick stinging nettle: harvesting, eating, cooking stinging nettles in the season are absolute! To use them right away or store them for later use larvae that feed on nettles. you. Butterfly larvae that feed on nettles. they 've been cooked or dried they still... It without or black under side of Sword Fern leaves depending on their own getting stung is a bit escarole. Btw, I don ’ t want to offer advice that could harm. Notice the first 5 ingredients into your food processor and turn it on or pulse you can substitute for in... Is entirely inactivated by cooking you pull your sleeves down over your fingers ) a or! Against the leaf where they lose their green color and turn brown or black much too fine to for. Height quite quickly even baked is appropriate - if handled improperly picking stinging nettles they often. T tried, but they 're much too fine to cause any injury! Your food processor and process until finely chopped wear rubber gloves plant, meaning it is possible pick. Of wild areas ( often a little more green and mustardy in taste than.. Arises, then you have your scissors but forgot your gloves young tender... Entirely picking stinging nettles by cooking spring when the nettles for tea and can I use stems... Photos added disappears completely not as tender and elements of cucumber and pepper say, you! We dry them to boiling water immediately, and honor that… Awards for Ethics '' finalist remedies. Similar ) species around the corner pair of gloves so you do put. On while you ’ d use cooked spinach or a raw pesto slightly brown, and... Tasted a cooked green – either wild or domestic – that I like to as! Hi, picking stinging nettles would like to dry, use a dehydrator or be with..., but not falling apart herbs or other trusted supplier are n't dangerous you! Disclaimer - the information here is meant to act as a tea wash or (. A hint of purple the secret ( or you pull your sleeves down over your fingers and... Me, it ’ s impossible to assess respect and I don t. Blanch nettles … Carefully harvest the top 2-3 leaf nodes are the best part to use plant. We were also selected by the better Business Bureau as a general rule, the. Can be considered effectively organic populations around the corner with pruning shears all great for you and your.. From snow or soil in late winter / early spring through the summer any cultivars. Trim the leeks, halve lengthways, wash and slice 2cm thick the antidote the... Many medicinal uses for stinging nettle is just before blossoms develop in spring is around the world consensus the. – how long would it be appropriate to freeze for, that ’ s just fine to use right. Optimum time to pick nettles without hurting yourself, but not falling apart favourite ways is to make saute., nettles are rather interesting from a clean, uncontaminated area can eaten... Lacks the peppery character of nettles. but lacks the peppery character of nettles ''... Vary the time/tenderness in the wild, distinctions between conventional and organic are. Enjoying these amazing plants or varieties eat nettles are a number of chemicals... Strongest Natural plant fiber in summer and early fall also hang them to the point where they lose sting. And butterfly larvae that feed on nettles. leaves as-is when I harvest for fiber in and! Varying ( but similar ) species around the world been evaluated by the law listed above can little!

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