"@type": "ListItem", _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); This product management certification course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to find the right product management role for you. Software Product Management Specialization by University of Alberta (Coursera) This Software Product Management Certification is designed to help you master Agile Software Development practices and train you to confidently interact with clients and manage a team of developers… Successfully completing the course will earn you a certificate, as you’d expect.Â. Lastly, the program is part of the BUx initiative, which means it can be taken online from wherever you are! "url": "https://www.codespaces.com/best-product-management-certifications-courses-trainings.html#3-become-a-product-manager-course-%7c-learn-the-skills-get-the-job-(udemy)", "@type": "Organization", "@context": "https://schema.org", } "@type": "ItemList", "@type": "Course", Sign up Here. This includes 18 modules, and typically takes 15-20 hours to complete.Â. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); "item": { }, Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals by University of Virginia (Coursera), 3. Sign up Here. Metrics for Product Managers - Defining Success and Measuring ResultsÂ, How to Get the Job in Product ManagementÂ. } Rating : 4.4 } catch(e) {}, { This brand management certificate course is as apt for those starting out new in the field of product management as for professionals looking to refresh their skills on brand management. "name": "Boston University on edX" Apply to Product Manager and more! Becoming a Strategic Product Manager (strategic analysis, product adoption, etc. Udemy team: Career Preparation for Success is a guide to help you secure and prepare for a first product manager role. It includes 35 Live Case Hand-on Exercises, reading articles, quizzes and lifetime access. "@type": "Organization", Product Management Certification with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking (edX), 9. "@type": "ListItem", The most surprising thing, though, has to be the price: it costs just $79, and financial aid is available.Â, IE University’s Business School provides this online Brand and Product Management program through Coursera. "url": "https://www.codespaces.com/best-product-management-certifications-courses-trainings.html#9-master-the-product-manager-interview-%e2%80%93-the-complete-guide-(udemy)", You will learn to use popular Product Management tools like Workflowy, Axure, Pivotal Tracker. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); — you’ll come away with the following skills: Product line planning and roadmapping alternatives, Generating ideas, determining customer needs, overseeing minimal viable products (MVPs), Launching products with go-to-market strategies that convey the product’s value, In-depth performance management, including tracking system-performance metrics, organizing social media, and taking ownership of profits or losses, Completing this product management course will earn you a signed certificate carrying the institution’s recognizable logo (for a fee), and it lasts six weeks in total (around four to eight hours per week).Â. "provider": { Many companies have an aspiration to implement empowered product teams, but they are often misunderstood or not implemented well. Having certified thousands of Product Managers from around the world, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive and ever changing industry. ", Duration : 13 hours } And earning a certification makes you a stronger candidate to play a pivotal part in that process.Â, So, consider your options carefully and pick a course that’s right for you.Â. You’ll also learn how to focus on keeping products as competitive as they can be in thriving markets, identifying their USPs for maximum impact.Â, This program is available online, includes flexible deadlines, and takes around 19 hours to complete over a suggested period of four weeks. The product management role requires a high degree of management competence and orchestration across organizational structures, often without a hierarchical management position. You’ll gain a solid foundation upon which to build or advance your career, depending on your current status.Â. Nice! Explore, Learn and Master anything with us. The Certified Product Manager Credentials (AIPMM), 7. } } "@type": "Course", As a Certified Product Manager (CPM) you’ll be tested against global best practices. Sign up Here. Brand and Product Management by IE Business School (Coursera), 7. "name": "Digital Product Management MicroMasters Program", This course is a part of Marketing Mix Implementation Specialization offered by IE Business School on Coursera platform. And upon successfully completing the full program, you’ll receive a certificate from the University of Alberta. Financial aid is available. Similarly, product management for commercial products is very different than product management for custom or contract software. SYLLABUS Product Manager. This is aimed at professionals looking to shift gears into product management, entrepreneurs who want to build revolutionary products, and product managers who believe they need to expand their knowledge. ", "position": "4", In the Glassdoor’s annual jobs report on ‘50 Best Jobs in America in 2019’, Product Manager ranks at 5th spot with median base salary of $115,000. Before you arrive, we include a six week online component, including customized video lectures and readings, discussions with your new classmates, colleague surveys, exercises, and a simulation game. { They learn modern product management tools and techniques along with skills to explore new product ideas and manage and amplify existing products. "description": "Learn about the entire skill sets, tools and processes used in building and managing great products. var _g1; Avec ce parcours de formation en ligne, vous serez équipé pour évoluer dans une fonction au carrefour du business, de la tech, du design et du service client. ), Market Research (definitions and methods, voice of the customer, data analysis),  The online course is available for $1,495 from 280Group direct, though you can add optional extras such as Virtual Instructor Review.Â. "description": "Unique course that enables learners to first understand the concept, importance and challenges of brand development and product management, then use it along with architecture and portfolios in order to succeed", Nov 16, 2020. Product Managers are responsible for designing and delivering a profitable product or feature into the market. Master Agile development and effective interactions to drive the making of great software products. "item": { Upon completion of this digital product management certification, learners get a verified certificate that they can use to demonstrate their skill set. It consists of six modules, beginning with a concrete exploration of managing products throughout their life-cycle, and ending with driving employees to deliver their best for the good of the brand.Â, How to understand product strategy conceptsÂ, How to define product strategies effectively, How to recognize the key elements of a brand strategy and formulate your own, Communicating brand and product value to different audiences, Building a brand portfolio to increase value, This program takes around 13 hours to complete, and benefits from flexible deadlines to align with your own schedule. Product Strategy (Northwestern Kellogg School of Management), 4. Learners . Rating : 4.7 { "item": { }, Experience and comfort working with cross-functional teams. Rating : 4.5 Not so long ago, the job of product manager was about assessing market data, creating requirements, and managing the hand-off to sales/marketing. But given that their work hours and environment is already challenging, it is difficult to attend seminars or pursue college courses or further education programs. To help shed some light on potential paths through the Coronavirus crisis, management consultant experts McKinsey & Company have created 5 pillars of guidance. "provider": { Master the Product Manager Interview – The Complete Guide (Udemy), 10. "item": { Duration : 4 months, 7 hours per week "@type": "Course", "@type": "Course", "position": "9", Kalkomey Enterprises is a software company based in the United States that was founded in 1995 and offers a software product called Certification Manager. Brand and Product Management Certification Course (Coursera), 6. Once a codeless prototype is built, the product manager needs the ability to assess the product and identify changes to the product roadmap that will fuel success. This five-day product management course takes place in Berkeley, California, though the online component can be completed remotely and counts toward a Certificate of Business Excellence. } The Product Management Certification was designed for relatively new product managers, product owners, and professionals.  So, to help you get started on your journey, we’ve scoured the vast range of options and narrowed the list down to the 15 best product management courses in 2020.Â. Duration : 5 courses, 6-8 weeks per course, 4-8 hours per week per course The course offers 144 lectures in 13 hours of on-demand video content that includes activities, resources, quizzes, interviews and more. "position": "1", "url": "https://www.codespaces.com/best-product-management-certifications-courses-trainings.html#7-the-complete-product-management-course-(udemy)", This Northwestern Kellogg School of Management program is designed to give you the skills to.Â, Identify and analyze new opportunities for products effectively, Build a product strategy with the 7-Elements Framework, Determine the advantages and drawbacks of multiple business models, and how to switch to another one as needed, Create detailed buyer personas to develop a deeper understanding of target audiences, Delve into real-world case studies incorporating the faculty’s own time with major names like Facebook and Microsoft,  This consists of eight modules, including Understanding Product Strategy, Analyzing Product Opportunities, Designing the Business Model, Agile Product Development, Taking Products to Market, and others.Â, The Product Strategy program includes Applied Learning Opportunities, in which you’ll have the chance to work on various exercises. , Adobe, Amazon and many more program from Berkeley Executive Education ), 8 credential is and... You will earn a verified certificate that they can use to demonstrate their skill set with Emeritus, an provider..., as you want to know how people actually use the product Manager est la personne chargée d aider! And processes across the entire spectrum of product Management certifications are offered with. Management would be helpful for taking this course has been developed with from... Both individuals and companies using the flexible product process framework prior experience not. Get a verified certificate to become a strong product owner can find a course that is best for you,!, allowing you to take this remotely. with a million jobs at once upon completion of courses... 18 learning modules, various interactive exercises, and in person sessions Executive. Certification to be completed online with Emeritus, an online-education provider, allowing you to take course... Requirement to take this remotely. ( Udemy ), 9 hours on-demand video, dozens of articles and 43 resources! Courses in product Management Certification by Boston University ( edX ), 7 hours week! Like you’re tasked with a million jobs at once and learn at your convenience tested against global best practices,. Lifetime access are divided into 3 Levels – beginner, Intermediate and.! Four hours of video and downloadable resources, and other helpful components of articles and 121 downloadable.. And is taught by Luis Rodriguez Baptista, professor at IE University and Consultant! Contains 62 lectures in 13 hours of video lectures, surveys, exercises reading... And training experience courses that start off literally from scratch i.e Udemy ), 11, etc 15. And paid ones created by top professionals, schools and companies Interview – the Complete product Management certifications offered! Uses his experience to this course has everything covered plus guide on cracking PM Interview online program this MicroMasters by! And create product strategies that ensure the company ’ s long term sustainability 62 lectures 13. Sense for all product software companies looking at the impact your planned product initiatives have your... But you can also find certifications for advanced professionals on the essential skills every effective product Manager Interview the. That quality is incorporated into a software product Manager depends on, across two sections la vision produit. Key area in the United States that was founded in 1995 and offers content including Business Analytics, product,... Certification exams, given and recognized internationally the web product meets the quality requirements per!, 8 Management prepares learners to find the best way for product managers - Defining Success and ResultsÂ! Cracking PM Interview learning modules, and in person sessions at around $ 18 from Udemy direct can... Place online and is taught by Luis Rodriguez Baptista, professor at IE and! From practical case studies, activities, resources, quizzes and lifetime access experts... Courses – international product Marketing is one of the best product Management Education is! Into the market required for product managers brings to this class with numerous and! Marketing Consultant Interview tips and much more, PEC™ and software product manager certification term sustainability: flexible, self-paced:. 4.7 Sign up Here to make Business decisions and create product strategies ensure! Allowing you to take this course has been developed with inputs from working! Offers 3 separate certificates that are designed to be easily understood by newcomers to product Success, especially software-based! Management professional financial aid is available. with feedback, along with video content needed. Management MicroMasters program in digital software product manager certification Management Certification course is completely flexible and can be online! Recommended courses: product Management and related topics many companies have an aspiration to implement empowered product teams, also. Most updated and one of those online product Management training or classes offered through channel., free books and certifications based on Open product Management innovative tech giants like Google, Microsoft, NASA Google... Like you’re tasked with a million jobs at once video content BUx initiative, which means it software product manager certification feel! With numerous examples and assignments, especially for software-based offerings, as surely. They can use to demonstrate their skill set his incredible industry experience that he brings to this class with examples. You from market analysis through launch s website sense for all product software companies this not applies.

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