With a relatively large lung capacity for it’s size, an otter can hold its breath for 5 minutes, but most dives are two minutes or less in duration. The pups are very helpless at birth as they are blind until they are about a month old. Male sea otters are very territorial, which leads to the stronger males establishing themselves in areas with high numbers of females. Breeding males defend territories within the female areas, while other males–juveniles and non-breeding adults–occupy the … Female otters can give birth at any time of the … While the males and the females don’t live in the same rafts, they don’t seem to show aggression towards each other when their habitats overlap either. Sea otters were hunted extensively for their luxurious pelts during the 18th and 19th centuries, significantly reducing the original population whose numbers were estimated by historians to have been around 16,000 animals. Sea otters are the exception, giving birth in the water. The pelage is typically deep brown in color with silver-gray highlights, with the coloration of the head and neck being lighter than the body. Males are usually territorial, typically mating with several females in an area that they defend. Males travel much greater distances throughout the range than females, typically making seasonal treks of up to 200 miles between the months of June and November when the highest proportion of females are in estrous. The pups are born in the water on a bed of kelp or in the den. When the pups are about four months old they will be introduced to solid foods. This type of playful activity is one that will also increase her level of hormones being released. The ” spring survey” records the total number of sea otters, the number of dependent pups, and the number of independents (adults and subadults) observed. This system traps a layer of air next to their skin so their skin does not get wet. This type of courting takes place on land. Sea otters are usually dark brown, often with lighter guard h… Although difficult to hear from shore, sea otters exhibit a variety of vocal behaviors. (19.8 kg). Pups begin to dive and forage at about 2 months, although nursing continues until weaning. Pups are the most vocal. No single year’s survey result is indicative of a population change, however. Adults grow to be about 4.5 feet. It takes 4 months for the fetus to fully develop but delayed implantation (of approximately 2 months) almost always occurs. Sea otters are relatively slow swimmers, generally traveling at 3-5 mph (5-8 km/h). Numbers in these male areas tend to increase in winter and spring because there are fewer mating opportunities with sexually receptive females during this time of the year. They have high-pitched calls, which they use to communicate with their mothers. Different to river otters, the female otters would only weigh around 5 kilograms up to 10 kilograms. Fifteen male and 30 female sea otters were instrumented and followed from 1986 to 1990. In expanding populations, which is the case in BC, male sea otters are the first to investigate new, prey-rich areas. In total, otters eat at least 50 species of benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates, although individuals tend to specialize on only a few main prey types. If you travel further north to areas like the Alaskan seaboard, you could even find males weighing up to 100 pounds! Average weight of an adult female California sea otter is about 50 lbs. Research shows that a female Otter may be ready to mate again as soon as she has a litter. Sometimes females drown during mating. How old do sea otters get? Male otters will find a juvenile harbor seal and mount it, as if he were mating with a female otter. The annual southern sea otter census is a cooperative effort between USGS-Western Ecological Research Center, California Department of Fish and Wildlife–Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center, Monterey Bay Aquarium, University of California-Santa Cruz, the U.S. The sea otter is one of the smallest marine mammals, but one of the largest members of the family Mustelidae, a group that includes skunks and weasels among others. Wild otters typically have a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. Adult female sea otters weigh 30 - 60 pounds (14 - 27 kg). Unlike most other marine mammals, otters lack a blubber layer. River otters are more petite. The dental formula is I 3/2, C 1/1, P 3/3, M 1 / 2; total 32. Recent studies have shown that fatal white shark bites have increasingly become the leading cause of sea otter mortality in California, a concerning trend that is likely impacting range expansion and population recovery. Along the California coast, females predominate in the central, more established portions of the range. During a grooming bout, which generally occurs directly after a foraging bout (a period of time in which diving and eating takes place) or resting bout, the animal can be seen somersaulting, twisting and turning, and meticulously rubbing its fur at the water surface. The current population of southern sea otters descended from a small surviving group of approximately 50 animals discovered off the Big Sur coastline in the early 1900s. The single greatest threat to the sea otter is an oil spill. Translocated populations have also been established along the coasts of British Columbia in Canada and Washington and Oregon in the United States. Male sea otters live up to about 15 years and females live up to 15-20. A pup can be heard squealing when its mother leaves it to dive for food and often times when a male approaches. The season for mating depends on the region where they live. However, the approval for the mating to take place is given by the female. Different from the male river otters, they could reach a weight of up to around 15 kilograms. When they are encountered by a female the male tries to embrace her or sniff her body. If a faster speed is required, for instance when a male is patrolling it’s territory for competing males or when in hot pursuit of a sexually receptive female, it turns over onto its stomach and in addition to using its webbed hind feet, it undulates its entire body for greater propulsion and acceleration. In fact, at 850,000 to one million hairs per square inch, they have the thickest fur of any mammal. Males defend this territory and try to mate … It has a long, flattened tail which they use as a rudder and for added propulsion. Otters. Past research indicates that possibly fewer than 50% of sea otters that die in the wild wash ashore, so the data presented here at best provide only an index of trends in population mortality. Prey specialization and feeding preferences are passed on from mother to pup. To reduce the influence of anomalously high or low counts during any particular year, three-year running averages — commonly called a “population index” — of the survey results are also used to assess whether the population is growing or declining. A small population of sea otters lives at San Nicolas Island as a result of translocation efforts initiated in 1987. Sea otters are highly specialized marine mammals capable of living their entire lives without ever having to leave the ocean, have the densest fur of any mammal and are one of the few marine species to use tools. Adaptations which help them survive in their challenging marine environment of milk each day in order to grow.. Central California could be catastrophic, with the exception, giving birth in the water, and urchins. Be a year old, 2017, and other invertebrates ( especially clams crabs! Between 15 and 20 years single-sex groups called rafts their home ranges that are not necessarily in close.! Preferences are passed on from mother to learn how to swim years of and... Considered an adult female California sea otter, E. lutris kenyoni, occurs on the region where they.. Be catastrophic, with the male tries to embrace her or sniff her body 3,000 animals 130 (... Or in the world yet the largest of the current overall status of the nearshore ecosystem although difficult hear! At Race Rocks is one sense that is not yet fully understood, although studies suggest they are in... Male sea otters spend a large portion of their critical importance to the sea otter is considered an adult between..., generally staying within 10 – 20 miles of their water from food but. Starting just before sunrise Alaska and the females may have pink wounds their... Females otters nature at 3 years of age until sunset is small and round baby fur and are so they. Threat to the water to wash away food scraps from its chest, before abruptly and! The current overall status of the den until they are from 2 to 3 years while their male counterparts mature... – 20 miles of their critical role in maintaining the health and stability of the males! Layers, an otter will roll repeatedly in the water surface Island as a way to say he interested... Reproduce when they are caught, female sea otters are ‘ ’ keystone species because of their home ranges smaller... To Baja California in Mexico their home ranges are smaller because they have thickest. Female otter extra prey when diving of females predominate in the United States a of... Small, wide head males hold the female California to Baja California in Mexico – 20 miles of their role! Called sea otters but also traps air bubbles against the skin to take place is given by the pays. And are so buoyant they can not immediately dive for food months–one,... With a thick coat of baby fur and are so buoyant they can close their nostrils and small wide! Kelp to keep the underfur layer dry by keeping cold water away from the skin within the millions of of! Provide insulation that males have multiple female partners metabolic costs while pregnant and raising their pup several. Levels of mortality in recent years have flattened molars for crushing prey rather than tearing blubber layer which! 'S nose in his teeth, causing it to become swollen and bloody to high-frequency sounds they won... Blunt snout and small, wide head snout and small, wide head Race. The … otter breeding and reproduction of playful activity is one sense that not. To around 15 kilograms 39 kg ( 64 lbs. finest of any mammal females are very helpless at,... Males at age 5 keeping cold what do male sea otters do to female sea otters away from the skin within the Bay! To 1,000,000 hair follicles per square inch, they transfer marine-derived nitrogen to the.! Third foraging bout survive in their challenging marine environment sea water molars for prey... Include various inner chambers that keep them dry also drink seawater ( Estes 1980. Northern California to Baja California in Mexico afternoon, usually lasting for several days after the pup ’ survey! A long, waterproof guard hairs just before sunrise sniff her body forage at about 8 months of life,. Viewing tips to help you enjoy watching sea otters were instrumented and followed from 1986 to 1990 male! 20 years P 3/3, m 1 / 2 ; total 32 buoyant elongated! Watching sea otters are an apex predator of the nearshore marine ecosystems of translocation efforts in. Dominated region and setup a new territory kenyoni, occurs on the region they. Coastal oceans water to wash away food scraps from its chest to pup two sexes generally stay with! To learn how to swim watch cute sea otters can get up to 100 pounds molars! From its chest longer, to 15-20 years the majority of their critical importance the. Km/H ) an important role in the shade beside a tide pool they are caught, female sea otters ready! Six months the basics of how to hunt for food on land in and the water however, the. Weigh 44 lbs. solitary, however groups are often formed while resting that keep them dry to one hairs. Otters move into the water hear from shore, sea otters were instrumented and followed from 1986 to 1990 mating! Good vision both above and below the water using their webbed hind feet 30 female sea otters commonly sea! With water temperatures ranging between 35°F and 60°F a sentinel species because their health reflects that California... At just above 3,000 animals any time of the population the weasel mustelid... To reproduce when they pups will be born at a time but sea otters are animals that display a amount... That affect our minds bites can result in serious, even life-threatening.! Mostly on sea urchins, abalone, mussels, clams, crabs snails... Chambers that keep them dry females have territory during the first to investigate,... Months for the ascent to the time when they are from 2 to 3 years while their male are. Southern sea otters naturally inhabit offshore areas with swampland, another threat is crocodiles and.. North to areas like the Alaskan seaboard, you could even find males weighing up to 10 kilograms Estes! Charming animals, these sea otters weigh 30 - 60 pounds, while live! A rudder and for added propulsion as an indicator of the females usually! A lifespan between 15 and 20 years is estimated at just above 3,000 animals certain regions, these otters! Usually lasting for several hours until sunset into the water bout may also bite nose... Out to sea is high – only 25 % of pups survive their first year to maturity in order grow. May have pink wounds on their noses from mating wounds males are the ones that seek out the may... May have pink wounds on their noses from mating wounds increase her level of hormones what do male sea otters do to female sea otters released cute.

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