The Stranger Things x Nike “Upside Down” collection is releasing next week.

The third Nike capsule with Stranger Things is preparing for a wider release next week.


The “Upside Down” Pack


The “Upside Down” pack from Nike x Stranger Things will include a Cortez, an Air Tailwind 79 and a Mid Blazer. The abundance of hidden details is reminiscent of the hidden but always present nature of Upside Down. One of the most unique styles we’ve seen all year long.


Nike Tailwind 


They often say “third time’s the charm” and that just may be the case for the newest Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind collaboration. Do not forget that the classic tailwind figure  appeared in white, red and blue for the “OG Collection”. In addition, it was also in green / orange for the “Hawkins High School” collection. But his third look for  “Upside Down” may be the most interesting to date.

Nike Blazer


Just like the alternate dimension itself, this sneaker may seem simple at first, but it is full of surprises. For example, if you remove the top layer of the roughed sail by etching or tearing you will see that the hidden base of the shoe has its own parallel world.

Nike Cortez


The Nike Cortez has retro aesthetics in a likeness only the “Upside Down” could welcome. The entire exterior constructions feature a webbed texture almost mimicking the odious surroundings of the parallel world.


Where to Buy

The Nike x Stranger Things “Upside Down” Pack will be available on Tuesday, August 13.

Each purchase will come with a set of collectors. Check out of the list just below to be sure to get yours!


Stranger Things x Nike Cortez

Stranger Things x Nike Blazer

Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind


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Photo Credits: sneakernews