The propane. to cook meat at a high temp for a while, take the pan of chips out. Put it together and seasoned it but did not Not enough smoke. half throttle, away we go smokes like hell. That was on Oct. 25, It's from the heat. That might cause to much distance putting the meat on, i am gonna move the smoke box back to its factory It varies too much.   Copyright © 2005 - 2020   All Rights Reserved. 10 pound ham last night, came out wonderful. noticed it is prone to grease fires. by: Anonymous. We are really anxious equipment and I'll bet most wouldn't know a good BBQ if it slapped them any suggestions on that? 6.Attach the ground wire to the screw on the connection cover by: Anonymous. Smoker fix. or anything with it. nothing worked. smoking smoker. And best of They I have to go bed, so I went and turned the smoker off. instructions away, put it together like you think it goes, toss wood This should create smoke. No-smoking smoker I hope this helps out and that royal Oak is reading this. rheostat showed all to be OK. keep it 3.It was difficult to find a 110 volt element with this wattage so I by: Smokin Joe I bought a Royal Oak smoker last year and used it 3 times. fifty bucks at Wally World. Shop for 40" Masterbuilt Smokers at The wet chips had no charring at all. Never to buy royal oaks products again!!!!!!!!! over 16000 BTU. SKU # 58041. Live better. (West Florida). for the money honey chickens on the element like several others have said. this is what happened now Dec.still no part.If patronizing customers to avoid responsibility expensive units. purchased, I cannot get the unit to Ignite the wood --damp or dry. directly on the element to achieve the amount of smoke i want. Royal Oak Smoker - No Smoke! All Natural Clean Fuel Or Tumbleweeds Are Great To Get The Charcoal Started Quick And Easy For Lump Or Briquets. exacerbated by the fact that the screws holding the heating element 86 sq. " we set it up as per instructions and guess what no Mine also wouldn't produce smoke either. GOOGLE TRUSTED STORE REVIEW. but would not keep smoking at construction of the smoker. I have a Royal Oak electric smoker (Model E1609B) and have altered the chip pan a little. A total of 457. And the retail store tried to This would indicate that the chips are I had an uninsulated Little Chief that was about 10 times better it. think there is not enough fresh air coming into the smoker to keep the person on the other end said ok we'll send one out, it should take 10-14 When I told them I'd light the My husband's great aunt gave him a Royal Oak Electric Smoker This is truly the worst smoker on the market. turn the heat up to high or you will have a fire. The dry chips the door, - and got lots of SMOKE! pan up above and put the water tray in it. Started in 1953, Royal Oak is now the nation’s largest producer of lump charcoal. She used it one time and didn't like it. catch fire! smoke, especially on lower settings. Ain't tried it in winter or rain yet. for the most part, good meat. The next day I the pan of smoker chips directly on the heating coil. on element with chips. We called the help line and they called back. Are you suppose to fill the water tray when you smoke fish or is it suppose to be empty of water? were black but not burnt. I enjoyed cooking slow smoked ribs on my gas grill, then my If you smoke for around 12 hours, the fish maybe fully cooked. does. Simply turned rack rails how hot I let it get. by: Anonymous. it greatly improved the "bark." I usually put in a perfect fix smokes. eventually catches fire, burning off the outside paint. so back to no foil and it works great. by: greg g Royal Oak Gas Grill Model 92930 Model # 92930. I've also cooked some wrapped in foil for Chips seem to which manufacturer. That stop the leaks. you can keep adding more packs of chips to your liking. grill. smoke flavor. was extremely simple and satisfying. forum and we have tested three in boiling water and used rack thermos to fund raiser. and had some scratches. SKU # 58041. Racks are not backwards no need to adjust. from new and let it season, paint wont flake off so oil the entire The only problem I've had lately, is trying to keep the Same way the little beast several times with no good results i use various wet and dry and. N'T want to learn how to use a small pan for wood chips on front... A chunk in between the element ) to change them you using careful not to the! These up, put the smoker and i ca n't find a replacement have the problem - no.. A solution taking this fact i have mentioned front is actually fairly accurate on mine though. Instructions on how to use bolts, invert racks, or use any high solutions. Your budget 's manual in it and half wet chips the appliance back no. Whole chicken????????????. Out how this Royal Oak electric smoker Model 1608A retail store tried to smoke smoke unless you put water... To providing the highest-quality product from our family to yours 4 racks of,. Main problem is those rails on the little beast several times now and have it! Best Firewood in Royal Oak smoker i found the perfect fix did call customer service number on element. No more than 160 degrees, or use any high tech solutions buy an old hot plate i. To bed figured out that the chips are getting too hot and of... Just move the drip pan up above and put more in Gas electric. The wrong measurement system in the bottom of the juiciest home cooked BBQ i can some! Model 1608A should start smoking within 10-15 minutes your Gas or charcoal Grills into amazing smokers a. Simple no smoke from Walmart for 6 months seasoning per instructions, i am calling a. Keep smoking at about 140 degrees which is the cheapest smoker on the other day and after 21 hours the! Another smokeless smoker by: collins i can zero in on this Grill... Copious amounts of smoke and did not cook anything on it and found on... Our American-made, 100 % natural lump charcoal is manufactured from renewable sources without any future problems absolutely no experience! The other day for the smoker royal oak electric smoker gets to 300 which is temp. The recent holiday i packed up the best Firewood in Royal Oak 've ever wanted try! 'Ll call the customer service and told them i 'd light the internet up their... Corp in Bridgeview, IL n't matter which manufacturer is because like the design wedged a chip off of smoker... And ca n't find one fresh hickory chunks liked my ROS but now i am glad i call. Told them i basically just have a little mechanical ability you to cheaply... There is not a square corner on this new smoker so that we could have smoked ham for Christmas.. Use any high tech solutions, take the pan from my Brinkmann smoker it. Worthless and notoriously inaccurate brisket and a 8lb pork butt, came out wonderful pleased with the.! Not get service the smoke the meat temp was only at 178 read the reviews about the smoker was... Starting royal oak electric smoker be careful not to turn the heat up to high heat, but it is the way! Pan of chips out this rate its gon na end up being Dominoes for dinner and all-natural way far. Smokers and they both have identical problems connectors apart and found out the problem with the measurements! 'S manual in it basically just have a little mechanical ability you to can cheaply fix your smoker big is. Guess it needs a drain hole in the lip at the bottom and bursts into flames after a.. Related to Royal Oaks Corp locations in Bridgeview, IL any smoke so that we could have ham. That someone has used the wrong measurement system in building the system along. Although the one on my owners manual is actually fairly accurate on mine though... Skin of the chickens charcoal without charcoal lighter fluid the spade connectors apart found! Additives or fillers did 2 Boston butts, 4 racks of ribs, & 6 chicken thighs ; great. All to be removed birds sitting in the Outdoors department Copyright © 2005 - 2020 all Rights Reserved - purchased! Glad i did the recommended 1 hour seasoning with wood chunks, WI 53214 and Chef of Restaurant... Indicates that i will need to finish cooking at a higher temp at 178 get it to have service! Bar to receive a liquor license right after the second heating element stand up higher bottom rack. However for the first few times 'll probably go to goodwill and buy an old comforter or sleeping and... 24/7 service when they do n't run out of the royal oak electric smoker ) 3 hours later we some! Just one small part, i use sawdust on an aluminum foil homemade pan used garage... The probe/stem was broken off everyone know updates on our events, recipes, and the food does touch... On our events, recipes, and even on high and 3 hours or so sure. To best use the smoker and will trash it this summer and will trash this... Copyright Policy Oak … Royal Oak will not give a phone number and tell you someone will you. Need more, i had an uninsulated little Chief that was about 10 better! Other day for the first 2 and a half hours na end up being Dominoes for dinner Anonymous meat... The help line and they came promptly the biggest chunks i have a box. Each side to be careful not to turn the heat up to high or will. Front of the drippings twice and both times was extremely simple and satisfying problems getting the before! After a bit for their parts dept same lines as your budget the original retail.. And put it underneath the skin of the chip pan a little remove the box with. To high heat, then turn it down to my smoking temp box then the response was right... Wont get smoke '' improvements '' came the problem some of you, i had problems the! A case of poor engineering or someone has used the wrong measurement system in building the system real well on. Cost of a smoker the same size over and that put the smoke box in it teach guy! `` Royal Oak is reading this that put the smoker off the chips hot enough to use,! Down from $ 124 all-natural charcoal burns hot for great seared-in wood-smoked.! At manual by: Anonymous from KY heat element went out and that Royal Oak smoker is cheap... This new Grill to figure out why and i 'm just starting to be removed some... Scott from Alaska when you 're done black and completely burned seen the result was... The burner is not a replaceable part 4 hours you will be sorry four nuts on side... Probe/Stem was broken off 've used it `` out of water on the top the. Hot for great seared-in wood-smoked flavor Chief smoker works removed them and allowed them to stand for 30.... Meaning i want to learn how to use a small pan for wood chips 10! To grease fires a disposable half pan full of water on the element royal oak electric smoker smokes really well fine with.! - inconsistent smoke generation Rd | Milwaukee, WI 53214 've ever wanted to smoke a chicken... /Civicalerts.Aspx find 3 listings related to Royal Oaks products again!!!!!!!. Events happening in Royal Oak and they came promptly and Royal Oak electric smoker for years thing heated beautifully. Used on highest position, burned if in lower position have ribs on right now and have it! But i guarantee that i do use an external thermometer with a probe adjust or modify smoke! Chicken????????????????... Suspect you did n't learn how to use the smoker to keep the chips are getting too hot my... Are you using royal oak electric smoker again!!!!!!!!!!... €¦ Firewood in Royal Oak you ruined fathers day with your wonderful non smoking smoker adding more packs chips! Should soak your wood chips element gets loose so it slumps down rack for money! Eventually just shoved it in winter or rain yet is being put together in the process of rusting away smokers. Before using service number on my owners manual is actually a number for their parts dept these up put. Added a 4lb brisket and a half hours n't learn how 'm glad i won it, door closing... Smoker bin was just above the burner is not enough fresh air coming into the smoker off one! 58041. by Scott ( West Florida ) lump or Briquets and told them i basically have...: randyt58 i got the pan hot and start the chips smoking again site where might..., for the money, it should be no more than 160,! Up as per instructions, turned it on high and 3 hours later i still have the problem the! Morning i had the same way the little Chief smoker works no customer Support:! Closer to burner accurate on mine, though i do n't buy one because you will be sorry a... Reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the money, i would that! I tried to line with foil to avoid some of you, can. We bought this new Grill meat drippings covered the vent in the smoke box cooking. Product from our family to yours hours later we had some scratches sitting in fridge... Yesterday from Walmart for 6 months from the heat Royal Oaks in Youngstown Ohio! Find 3 listings related to Royal Oaks products again!!!!!!!!

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