A couple of hours ago, Prada has announced one of the most unexpected collaborations of the year, a Prada x Adidas collection! It is quite rare to see a high fashion powerhouse like Prada working with a sportswear company!

There had been rumors of this collaboration over the past month, but nothing was confirmed until today. In fact, Prada has officially announced its upcoming collaboration with Adidas on Instagram.

The picture posted by @Prada earlier today is pretty selfexplanatory. It features two Adidas shoe boxes, one of Adidas Originals and one of the mainline, both inside a Prada bag.

On the Instagram post, you can read Coming soon and Link in Bio. The link in Prada’s bio redirects you to this page, where very little information is displayed. In fact, you see the same Prada x Adidas picture with a mention “Stay Updated”.

UPDATE: Official pictures of the Prada x Adidas collaboration have been released


Prada x Adidas speculation

Prada’s instagram post seems to confirm the leak from PY_LEAKS which reported that two collaborative Prada x Adidas shoes will be releasing soon.

When PY_Leaks first started the rumors of this collaboration, they also added that the sneakers would be called “Adidas Prada Sailing” and that they would release in two different colorways. First, a “White/Metallic Silver” one and a “Red” one. As of now, we can’t confirm if this information is true, but PY_Leaks was right about the Prada x Adidas collection… Are they also right for the colorways? We will probably know shortly.

Release date

There is no release date set yet! But stay tuned, we will keep you updated as soon as new information surfaces.

Another important fact that is still unconfirmed is the price range of this collaboration. It is unclear whether this will be an affordable or an expensive high-end collection. However, there have has been rumors about the sneakers to be priced at $350 USD.

UPDATE: here are the official pictures and release date of the Prada x Adidas collaboration.