Finding a great prom suit is far from easy. Some succeed, others don’t. 

Unfortunately, it is often the failures that mark us the most.

We listed the classic prom faux pas. You are going to recognize some friends, I promise you that.

It’s always really fun to look back at our past and laugh about it. We designed this article precisely for this purpose. Hopefully, it will also help you not make the same mistake at your wedding.

Mom: You’ll take your brother’s suit and I don’t want to hear about it anymore

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This is our friend who’s parents are super strict. He tried several times to tell them that they had to buy him a suit, that otherwise, his friends would laugh at him… Obviously, he lost the battle and showed up with his older brother’s suit which was obviously too large for him. Here you are 5-10 years later, still laughing at this outfit.

Tips: Take the time to find a suit that fits your measurements.

Has never been known for his extravagant style, overdoes it at prom day…

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This friend spent high school in the shadows, he was rather discreet. He saw the prom as an opportunity to finally stand out. All year long he thought about his outfit, he had to go 100%. So he bought all the accessories possible. It turned out to be WAYYYY too much. 

Tips: be careful with accessories, try not to wear more than one or two.

Girlfriend: you’re going to wear something that matches my dress or I’m leaving you

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This is our friend who is dating an ultra-controlling girl. He sees nothing but her and does not dare to give his opinion. For prom, we all knew he wouldn’t choose anything, so you waited impatiently to see him arrive in his cheesy outfit. He sure wasn’t proud, but he couldn’t show it…

Tips: Assume your style, you can’t be confident wearing an outfit that does not fit your personality.

The basketball player who shops at Zara #tooshort

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Okay, the photo may not be 100% accurate, but it was difficult to publish one without exposing anyone in particular … Anyways, that’s your friend who plays in the basketball team. He’s 6”2 and always last minute. He bought his clothes the day before the prom and did not think that his measurements were out of the ordinary, that he had arms longer than normal. He came out with a suit where we could see half of his forearms. It looked like he had put his suit in the dryer.

Tips: Again, take the time to find a suit that fits your measurements. It goes both ways.

The colorblind

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This guy is the type of guy who wears his sunglasses indoors, or his new coat when it’s 25 degrees outside. He is ready to do anything to be noticed. At prom night, he dressed in the most flashy colors for the sole purpose of being watched …

Tips: dare to stand out, this is the purpose of the prom, you want people to remember you, and your style. Be careful with flashy colors, it is a risky path.

The clique who wants to look like Al Pacino

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That’s the clique who saw the prom as an opportunity to score with girls. They said to themselves, if we dress like men, girls will necessarily think we’re mature … Pretty sure it didn’t work out, but if it did, you guys are geniuses.

Tips: it’s the last time I mention it, wear a suit that fits you well. Try to avoid the all-white style and don’t accessorize your outfit with a snapback, please.

I hope you had fun reading this article. Feel free to tag a friend to remind him old memories.