Emily Ratajkowski, also known as @emrata on Instagram, started her career as an actress at the age of 15 years old. When she turned 17, she began modeling.

You might know her from her role as Tasha in iCarly or from her modeling for Forever 21. It’s also possible that you simply know her from Instagram. Are you one of her 21.7M followers?

Her account exploded in 2013 after her topless appearance in ”blurred lines” video clip (Robin Thicke). She proved the world that she really assumed her body.

Her new collection is all about embracing the feminity of women bodies.

”What do you mean you don’t wear lingerie for groceries?” – @emrata

We want to bring the beach attitude to the city. It’s not about the body–it’s about the confidence, it’s about self-love. – Inamoratawoman.com


Crop and skirt ensemble.

Photo credit: inamoratawoman.com



This outfit looks so comfortable. Plus, it embraces women curves almost to perfection. We absolutely love it! Both pieces are available on her website for $ 32 USD each.



Tank and short outfit.

Photo Credit: inamoratawoman.com



In case you weren’t aware of the athleisure trend. We tell you, it’s going to be THE THING in 2019. Who wouldn’t like a mix of fashion and comfort? We don’t know…

Again, both pieces are available on her website. Biker shorts: $ 35 USD, Tank : $ 24 USD



Delicate bodysuit.

Photo Credit: inamorata woman.com



It takes a lot of confidence to go out in that bodysuit alone, sure. Remember, fashion is all about confidence! If you can picture yourself wearing it on vacation, why not try it at home? Plus, nothing prevents you to wear it with jeans.

Available for $ 45 USD.



Bralette and high-rise cotton thong.

Photo Credit: inamorata woman.com



Cozy as hell. Amazing texture. We told you her collection was super SEXY.

Bralette :  $ 28 USD, Thong : $ 18 USD



Her full collection is made of 47 pieces all available on her website. Whatever your shape, remain confident and assume your body. The real fashion is all about that.