Handbags are very useful accessories… sure! But they are more than that. In fact, they are an incontestable fashion accessory. Today’s purses are loaded with grown-up charms. Still skeptical? Seriously…


Similarly to clothing, purses have their trends. In 2019: some are in, some are out.



The “Duffle Bag” ⇒ IN



Spotted on the spring 2019 runways: duffle bags are a must.

Embrace the cylindrical shape in addition to the boxier style of recent years.


The “Single Loop Handle” ⇒ IN



The style is clean and sophisticated, especially when it’s made of leather.

The innovative design has already made its way to Net-a-Porter and fast fashion hot spots like Topshop.

A good reason to have it for our next evening… No?



The “Geometric” ⇒ IN



It’s time to think outside of the box.

Geometric handbags are emerging as a new trend.

Their exaggerated shapes in structured leather create lust-worthy art pieces.

The perfect combo between trends and art! Let’s Shine.



The “Bright Color” ⇒ IN



Colours like orange and lime green are having a real hype moment.

And with the 5 new colours trend for summer 2019, these kind of bag are a big “Yes”.

Choose your colour and wear it with pride!


The “Vintage Inspired Shapes” ⇒ IN



A vintage bag adds so much to an outfit.

The trend is to the textured leathers like stamped croc and python.

This style lends itself to women who like investment pieces, but also to trend driven persons. No doubt about that!

For people who don’t want to spend too much, brands have already mastered the technique in term of faux fabrications.

No excuses!



The “Evening Clutch” ⇒ OUT



Clutch bags are not practical and people have overworn them, ENOUGH.


The “Straw” ⇒ OUT



People are looking toward more sophisticated materials such as woven leather.

Leather > Straw in 2019!



Bonus : The “Miniature” IN ⇔ OUT



In or Out?

While highly impractical, these tiny purses are cute for special occasions.

Pro tip: Use a tracker if you’re always misplacing your belongings.

The choice is yours! Ours is already made …


Photo Credit: Instagram / Backpack