Never heard about it? Don’t panic! Here’s a little guide of everything you need to know about seersucker, including how to style it to perfection.

Seersucker is a type of textured fabric that can have a bold or subtle striped appearance. So now, you’ll ask me, when can I wear it? The perfect time to wear it is during summer, and it can be worn in many different ways. However, it’s also a good alternative to wear when traveling as the crease-free style won’t let you down after a long flight.

Seersucker comes in suits, jackets, shirts, pants, shorts and hats.



The “Suit ensemble”

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The Seersucker suit is sold in fitted cuts to meet modern standards. The original colours are the light blues, grays and whites. It’s the perfect addition to your outfit for an outdoor summer wedding or for those hot office days.



The “Jacket only”

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The jacket comes in an array of different colours. It’s a great lightweight option for those hot days at work. The jacket pairs nicely with dress shoes. I told you! It’s a perfect item to take you from day to night, from work to home and also for your next party.


The “Shirt”

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It’s a must for outdoor afternoons and especially surviving the commute to work on the metro or train. Save yourself the embarrassment of the armpit! What a good choice. You can pair this shirt with gray shorts for an amazing summer look.



The “Pants”

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They can be worn for any occasion, including to the office or even to a festival. Pair them with a shirt or a t-shirt. The Seersucker pants: it’s a “master key”!



The “Short”

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This part is only for one season. I’m sure you understood! This kind of shorts make a great addition to your summer wardrobe. What about those who are not willing to wear seersucker from head to toe? Shorts are a good way to introduce it to your wardrobe. Play with basic colours such as white or navy.

Perfect classic outfit! Trust me


Some final tips? Wear it like other cotton or wool clothes. It doesn’t need to be styled any differently. Avoid wearing a matching seersucker tie or pocket square. Try to go as soon as possible for a slimmer fit.


Now you have all the keys to wear seersucker. Time to suit up! Show us your best seersucker outfit!