The New York based company Kith will release February the 15th a new collection in collaboration with Versace.

The brand has been working on this enormous project for a long time now. The vision is to mix the Italian couture of Versace clothesline with the street New-Yorker vision of Kith. The collection will use the old classic print mixed up with some new trends like fur coats, velvet tracksuits and silk robes.



A collaboration between these two players is the perfect idea to seek new clients. Versace needed something younger and trendy, while Kith needed to prove their authenticity and their place in the fashion industry. The collaboration is what the two brands needed for renewal.




It is important to mark that it is the first time in history that Versace accepts to change their logo ”the face of Medusa” for a collaboration. Kith must have worked hard.




All of the styles are designed by kith’s team and all fabrics are chosen by the Versace’s team. The collection also includes shoes for both men and women.

The cherry on the sundae… You must have realized that they chose the perfect model to demonstrate the beauty of their product, the one and only: Bella Hadid. 

February 15th 11 AM EST, prepare yourself this collection will be sold out in a minute.

Available on Kith website and in Versace selected flagship stores.


Photo Credits: Instagram