What is Athleisure? Athleisure = Athletic + Leisure. If we have to make simple definition, Athleisure is a casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for your everyday life.


Before I told you why athleisure will still be here in 2019, here’s 3 reasons why it is so popular.


First, it is, as we call it, a ”lifestyle” type of wear. Second, there’s a symbiosis between fashion and sports. Fashion has given sports an uplift in credibility and sport has given fashion functionality. Third, it creates a feedback loop. If you start to dress like someone active, your mental health gets better and it slowly leads to a better life.


#1 The “Innovation”


Athletic brands are continually looking to improve the performance of athletes, which enforces brands to innovate. Comfort and feel are their top priorities.


#2 The “Clash”


Fashion designers focus more on the trends and less on the comfort and functionality. Not a good choice! Who doesn’t want comfort while wearing the trendiest clothes?


#3 The “Lifestyle”


Athleisure can be worn anytime and anywhere. You can wear them while lounging, walking down the street, at a casual dinner or even at a party. No one will judge you!


#4 The “Growing”


Here the question is “How?” Athletic brands are sneaking more fashion in their clothing whereas fashion brands are making more leisure-friendly clothing. More and more people prefer athleisure aesthetics over denim in their casual wear.


#5 The “Social Media”


Health and fitness influencers are getting lots of traction through social media. They have access to a larger relevant audience. Which one of you does not follow a fitness or health page on Instagram?


#6 The “Contagious Coverage”


Fitness brands get lots of contagious coverage, which motivates others to live a healthy lifestyle. Millennials and Generation Z want to display the best version of themselves on the internet. Staying fit, eating healthy and showing off on the internet is just the kind of things millennials do.


#7 The “Cult”


People are looking for clothes they can wear to the gym as well as on the streets. Athleisure has merged urban, sports and fashion to create a new lifestyle. Today in the street, you can cross a woman who wears yoga pants, or trendy leggings.


#8 The “Weather protects”

Athleisure clothing is perfect for any weather. In summer, the sportswear is wicking moisture and keeps your body cool and dry. Athleisure fans love wearing activewear in hot weather. Similarly, athletic overcoats or hoodies aim to keep your temperature during cold days.


#9 The “Shoes”


The line between athletic shoes and casual shoes continues to blur as it did for clothing. Today we see more sneakers as sports shoes.


#10 The “Work”


Would you wear activewear to work? More employers are accepting the flashy athletic shoe with muscle fit tee. You can find the trend in the modern-day offices. This trend is related to marketing and media. Who has never been or tried to go to work with his activewear? Come on! Be honest.


Photo credits: © Pinterest/athleisure (All Images)