Gigi Hadid has been working with Reebok to design a collection of sportswear for quite some time now .

The collection is inspired by the 90’s and Gigi chose flash colours for a pop looking line. The model wanted a young looking collection that reunites fashion and sports. The former volleyball player was passionate about creating the perfect sportswear clothing line for her fans because she is a BIG sports lover herself.



You can find tracksuits, leggings, tops, joggers and many more!

Gigi wanted to add her signature to every piece of the collection so she decided to include the three flags of her origins. The result is AMAZING, Both cute and modern.




You can also find in the collection the shoes she designed: Aztrek Double. She reviewed the old version to make it at her image. The sole is way bigger to make it trendier and colours are bright and all mixed up!




The collection is now available on Reebok’s website. Check it out and hit the gym!


Photo Credits: Instagram Gigi Hadid