Kith has teamed up with Disney for an exclusive collaborative collection that Kith’s founder Ronnie Fieg describes as “one of the most important moments” of his life.

Kith x Disney Collaboration

Ronnie Fieg used his Instagram profile last weekend to share the first teasing images of the upcoming Kith x Disney Collaboration. A huge moment for Fieg, who posted about the partnership various times.

The Kith and Disney partnership will arrive as a capsule including footwear, apparel, and plush toys. For now, the Kith Chuck 70 is the only collaborative footwear that we know of. However, more sneaker options might be unveiled with the complete release.

In terms of apparel, the collection features jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans. Of course, each piece comes with Kith branding and Disney motifs.

In addition, some Disney-themed accessories such as the plaid Mickey Mouse doll will be part of the collaboration. Take a first look at the upcoming Kith-Disney collection in the gallery just below!

Kith x Disney Chuck Taylor 70


The key sneaker included in the teasing is a pair of Chuck Taylor 70. The Kith and Disney black leather sneaker features a Mickey Mouse timeline above the trim of the midsole. It’s a tribute to Disney’s main mascot and the evolution of his style.

Ronnie Fieg


“Thank you to the Disney team for trusting us to do right by their most beloved icon. I’ve done so much research on Mickey and his history, I literally feel like I’ve lived with him the last 14 months”

Kith X Disney Release Date

The full Disney and Kith collection has not completely been revealed and there is no official release date set yet. The only thing we know is that the Kith x Disney collection is coming soon.

So, stay tuned for a complete look at the upcoming Kith x Mickey collaboration. And of course, for the official release date.