For the second year in a row, the British designer has teamed up with Adidas to launch another vegan Stan Smith sneaker. Animal preservation is, once again, at the forefront of the collaboration.

Stella McCartney x Adidas


The Earth is suffering more than ever before. Fortunately, consumers are increasingly asking companies to offer sustainable products and brands are adapting to this conscious trend. For example, more and more footwear giants are investing to offer vegan sneaker alternatives.

Following the success of last year’s Stella McCartney x Adidas collaboration, which saw the release of the very first vegan Stan Smith, the two companies will launch another cruelty-free construction.

The idea behind this new collaboration between ​​Stella McCartney and Adidas is to create a good looking sneaker while taking animal preservation seriously. It will be the second time that Stella McCartney and Adidas unveil a 100% green collab.

The latest collaboration will echo the values ​​of the British Brand: excluding animal cruelty and favoring the use of recycled and plant-based materials.

Vegan Stan Smith Shoe

Ethics won’t affect the style in this upcoming partnership. In fact, the Stella McCartney x Stan Smith 2020 capsule will come with interchangeable laces, some immaculate, others in the colors of the rainbow.

Moreover, the heel of the sneaker will come with two black stripes. The tongue of the right shoe will feature a portrait of Stan Smith himself while Stella McCartney’s face will appear on the left one.

This last edition ideally combines fashion and eco-friendly commitment. Take a closer look at the upcoming Adidas x Stella McCartney vegan Stan Smiths in the gallery just below!

Release Date – Vegan Stan Smith

Adidas and Stella McCartney’s new vegan Stan smith will be priced for approximately $304 USD. The sneaker will be available starting December 2 on Stella McCartney’s website and select retailers worldwide.