The trend was immortalized by the one and only @Kim Kardashian who pulled it off all summer 2018 in her Yeezy supply. At first, everyone was kind of surprised and skeptical that bicycle shorts were now a trend, but it turned out that we all accepted it with a big YES.

Biker shorts are the perfect combination for a trendy and comfortable look. You can pull it off with a long boyfriend type of shirt or with a coordinate cropped top. Either one will fit perfectly. They can be nude, black, even neon yellow all you need to know is that biker shorts can be coordinated with anything.

As much has it can look sporty, biker shorts can be used for a classy look too.

As you can see in the picture above, it can be matched with a blazer for a fitted and classier look. Even though it’s classy, you still feel comfortable and that’s a must for feeling confident in your outfit.

Matching biker shorts with a hoodie is the perfect outfit for a school day or an airport vibe!

What you need to know is that biker shorts can be pulled out with any top and still be so fashionable. Finish your outfit with some sneakers or even high heels!

You must put them on your list for summer 2019, you will thank me later (or Kim).