It’s currently the nomination period for the 91st Academy Awards. The ceremony is taking place on February 24th and it is always an exciting time for fashion enthusiasts. Actors, actresses, directors, films, technicians will walk down the red carpet fashionably dressed.


This great event makes the whole world react. Social Media will be fired up and every platform will be blasted with fashion content. We’ve decided to adapt the concept to fashion and take this occasion to reward our friends with the Oscar Fashion Friends Awards.


Tag your friends who deserve awards!


In the “Best Look Category”

This is for your friend who’s always on the top of her/his game. He looks like he’s straight out of the Milan Fashion Week.



In the “First Role Category”

Our main advisor. This person who knows what shirt color goes with your shoes. He provides clothing advice like a pro.



In the “Worst Emergency Plan Category”

You just dropped mustard on your white shirt. This award is for your friend who’s 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than you who offers you his leather jacket. Obviously the worst solution! But we appreciate the gesture. A good pal!



In the “Best Wardrobe Category”

This is your friend with an infinite choice of trendy clothes and all kind of outfits. The most amazing wardrobe you’ve ever seen!



In the “Worst Mix Category”

This friend definitely cannot match his clothes. Despite our advice and our comments, he manages to pull off weirdly matched outfits.



In the “Visual Effects Category”

This friend always wears clothes recognizable from miles away. We can only notice it and talk about it. The one who dares color, who dares fashion.



In the “Best Group Trend Category”

This group of friends does not hesitate to put forward a trending idea. They’re the ones wearing matching outfits at a party.



Go on and reward your friends. Tag them with the hashtag corresponding to the category! Outfit photos are highly encouraged!