Are you one of those who dream of the famous Balenciaga Triple S but can not afford to put $ 1,500 in a pair of shoes? If yes, this article was made for you! I listed 5 affordable alternatives to Balenciaga Triple-S that you’ll certainly like.

*Please note that although I selected ”all black” pictures of shoes, they are mostly available in lots of different colors.

Let’s take a look at these ”chunky” beasts!


#1 Jeffrey Campbell’s ”Lo Fi” chunky sneakers

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I listed this pair first because it’s definitely one of the most similar to the actual Balenciaga Triple S. If you take a close look at the sole, you can see that it is almost identical. This pair is available on a lot of different websites for an average of $ 130 USD. Click here to see the pair on


#2 adidas ”Yung 1” chunky sneakers 

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Available in plenty different colours, the adidas yung 1 collection has similarities with the Triple S. If you like the all-black version of the chunky sneakers, they are available on endclothing for $ 155 CAD, click here.


#3 Nike ”M2K Tekno” chunky sneakers

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If you’re more nike than adidas, this one is for you. For $ 140 CAD these chunky sneakers are a great alternative to Balenciaga Triple S. Available on, click here.

#4 Puma x Bradley Theodore Thunder Chunky Sneakers

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Although a bit more colorful, these sneakers were certainly inspired by the famous Balenciaga Triple S. I love the way they added super flashy tones to the black chunky sneakers. They are available on for 140$, click here.


#5 Fila Disruptor 2 Patches Chunky sneakers

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Last but not least, Fila can be an affordable alternative to Balenciaga Triple S! The black version of the Disruptor II is quite interesting. Again, I am impressed by the result of adding flashy yellow on the shoes. They are available on for $ 80 USD, click here.


If you want to save more than a 1000 bucks while rocking chunky sneakers, those affordable alternatives to Balenciaga triple-S are for you.