John Elliott collaborated with the Japanese manufacturer Lexus. Their mission: Equipping a vehicle with tires inspired by a famous pair of Nike sneakers. Who said cars can’t be fashionable? If you think about it, a car’s tires are like feet for us. Not only they’re what we’re standing on but we dress them both for winter and summer.

Tires inspired by sneaker models are now a reality and the Lexus manufacturer is the first to hit the market.



Photo Credit: John Elliott


John Elliott and Lexus launched a partnership to equip the Lexus UX Hybrid with tires inspired by the iconic Nike Air Force 1. The brand has reproduced the appearance of the famous pair of white sneakers and goes so far as to use the same materials. The collaboration is pushed to the top, even the Nike logo is on the tire. Of course, they are not intended to be used in everyday life. You might suspect that the material is much too fragile and that its lifetime must be very low.



Photos Credits: John Elliott


The model aims to be showcased in trade shows and corporate events as publicity! Nevertheless, Lexus and John Elliott prove us, in the most skillful way, that there are many similarities between the world of fashion and automobile. We love it!



Photos Credits: John Elliott


Will fashionable cars be part of our future?