Admit it, you have fallen for at least three of the following trends…

#1 Mom jeans

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The question I’m asking you isn’t whether you bought a pair or not, but rather how many did you get?


#2 Tiny sunglasses

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Although highly impractical for sun protection, these sunglasses have made their way into 2018’s fashion world. Will they remain next summer? Probabilities are high…


#3 Chunky sneakers

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When this trend began, everyone was like ugh, not sure… Then celebrities started to wear the Balenciaga triple S like there was no tomorrow. Not long after, we all went shopping for those big shoes, at least I did. Pretty sure you went too. Chances are that you got that exact same Fila pair that sold so much (picture above).


#4 Polka dots

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Okay, maybe you didn’t get that particular outfit. I mean, you probably don’t have Martha Hunt’s budget (me neither). But, you still own a polka dot piece, don’t you?


#5 Anything from Kappa

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3 sports companies completely rebranded in the past years, Kappa, Fila, and Champion. They all shifted to enter the streetwear market and it sure worked for me…


#6 Plaid

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From blazers to trousers, this pattern has been everywhere recently. Do you own a plaid oversized blazer like I do? By the way, if you want some tips on how to master the oversized blazer style, you should definitely read our article by clicking here.


#7 Neon

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If you don’t own neon already, I’m telling you it has to be on your next shopping list. This trend will be huge in 2019, trust me.


#8 slogan t-shirt 

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This basic piece has made its way back into the latest trends. Did you fall for it?



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Did you also fell for the ”lob haircut”?


I bet you are you as guilty as me of these trends!