Despite what our parents would say, socks are definitely a fashion accessory in today’s world.

You might have seen this trend by scrolling down your Instagram. Seriously,  who would have thought that showing off your socks would become a trend? As a matter of fact, fashion is now more creative than ever! So here are the 5 best socks trends.


1. White on white, simple but stylish! You can never go wrong with a classic.

Photo credit : Instagram / @hypebae



2. Kind of in intriguing, socks with high heels! As strange as it sounds, it kind of look cool. I guess there are no more boundaries in the fashion world.


3. More expensive, the designer ones! Showing off a purse is a classic but now this? Designers are taking the socks trend to a whole other level.

Photo credit: Instagram / @lissyroddyy


4. A favorite for everyone I think. The Nike socks paired with any shoes. Theses one look good with everything and it gives the style a little plus.

Photo credit: Instagram / @hypebae


5. Paired it with flipflops!! People are loving it, even though it looks kind of weird.

Photo credit: Pinterest / @TarynBelmore


Not convinced? At first, we all felt the same. But I tell you, whether you like it or not the ”socks trend” is making its way into the fashion game. Not only are brands producing socks in their collections, but consumers showed they are willing to pay as extravagant prices as $ 160 CAD for pairs like this one.