Men fashion has really evolved during the past years. Formerly, designers were more likely to use their creativity in women’s fashion because as far as they knew, women were the ones that shop and bought.

But, this reality isn’t true anymore, male tend to like fashion as much as women. This evolution has given a boost in the men fashion industry. Designer restructured their vision in order to give men the same attention as women in fashion.

This equality has brought men to wear accessories that were qualified for women’s only!

In this concept, here are 5 handbags designed for the men!


1- The Dior Homme saddle bag.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Dior Homme


2- The Jacquemus “Le Gadjo”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jacquemus


3- Louis Vuitton’s “malle à motif”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


4- Palm angels “pochette”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Palm Angels


5-Prada’s small leather bag

Photo credit: Courtesy of Prada


Your sister is mad at you for stealing her purse? New idea get your brother’s! Your husband doesn’t want to buy you a new purse? Make him think it is for him!