Golf Le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70 “Flames” by Tyler, the Creator

Pay tribute to the iconic cover of “Cherry Bomb”

A New Collaboration


Since joining Converse after leaving his relationship with Vans, the faithful musician Tyler, The Creator has been able to stretch his legs a lot more liberally. Indeed, the design of floral motifs on the One Star and even the dress of the iconic Chuck 70 with its signature and playful style.

Tyler unveils his latest collaboration with Converse. He redesigned the Converse Chuck 70 with bold and unrestrained flames graphic. He has been featured in the Wang Golf line several times before, as well as his album Cherry Bomb. In fact, this is the first Golf Wang print to be applied to one of Converse’s most classic silhouettes. Converse never stops reinventing his famous Chuck 70 silhouette. Those past months, the Chuck 70 received many makeovers such as the Sun-Activated “UV Chuck 70” or the exclusive NEIGHBORHOOD Chuck 70.

Sneakers Details

Bursting with pastel tones characteristic of the artist himself, this last couple enters more deeply into its history. Indeed, the pair pays tribute to the iconic cover of “Cherry Bomb”. Simple, as it should be, the brilliant blue tones of the stem are accentuated by tiny flames, as if they had been extracted from the Wang Golf print. Elsewhere, the design is largely kept close to the original models. But the additional marking is only manifested by the footprints and the outsole covered with flowers. Finally, the design is complemented by a floral printed sole in bright cherry red. Take a look just below!


Golf Le Fleur x Converse Release Date

The Golf Le Fleur x Converse Chuck 70 “Flames” will be released on October 12 at Converse and Golf Wang‘s website.

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Photo Credits: golfwang