Are you a victim of “Fast Fashion”? Some might say yes, others will tell me, but what is it?

Don’t worry, you will understand through the article.

For my part, I plead guilty! I have already found myself in many of the following cases.

Your turn !

#1 “Cheap”

Have you ever bought clothes you absolutely didn’t need only because the price was ridiculous? A good example is seeing black t-shirts at 5$ and having the not so good idea of buying six of them. Did that happen to you?

#2 “Once upon a time ..”

I’m sure you already bought a piece of clothing to follow a trend and it turned out that you only wore it once.. Yeah me too. 


#3 “The Shopping list”

Planning to go shopping for a winter jacket and getting out with a pair of shoes, two pairs of jeans and not even the jacket! Well, I hope I’m not the only one…

The theorem of the shopping list!


#4 “The Twins”

Buying a garment only to match with a friend or a girlfriend/boyfriend?


#5 “The follower”

Feeling the need to buy a particular piece of clothing in order to belong into a group. “If I do not have the last pair of Converse, I’ll look like I’m not one of them.”


#6 “The bad Tailor”

Buying clothes even if the cut, the size, the material is not suitable.


#7 “Now too short ..”

Buy cheap clothes (back on our 6 tank tops or 12 bras), wash them and realize that they have shrunk …


Now another context: We all had one day or another to clean up our closet (either because we’re really motivated or because our mother asked for it several times).

And doing it, I’m sure one of these thoughts came to your mind :

#8 “It adds up! “

OH, I only wore this sweater twice”


#9 “The Forgotten”

“I had almost forgotten I ever bought this shirt”


#10 ” The Dilemma”

“I throw it, I keep it? Will I still wear it? ”


There are still many examples, the list is long! So your score?

How many situations do you find yourself in? All of them? NO!

No shame, I’m sure your friends are feeling the same way.