Honestly, who does not do that? When it comes to go out with friends to celebrate, you look at your wardrobe and try on 148 outfits. Then you ask your brother, your sister, your friend, your dog which one you should wear tonight. After being indecisive for 45 minutes you finally choose one but it’s not over yet … No. It remains for you to decide which shoes to match with your look, this is where the nightmare starts again. If you do not recognize yourself in there, you’re not into fashion.

The Soubois, located at ‘’1106 boulevard Maisonneuve Ouest’’, has a reputation of gathering people with incredible looks.

At Trnds we thrive for fashion. That’s why we decided to list the top 5 best outfits of 2018 at the Soubois.

Let’s go!

#5 @Andreea_victor rocking those matching gucc’ belt & handbag. And look at @Sarah_ahaidar’s blue velvet shirt…. Faya!!

Instagram – 23/12/2018 – click to see post


#4 @mua.tarabarone’s all black outfit with her snake black & white purse is simply gorgeous. I have to mention @nutellas_hot beige skirt and black top…. OMG – both outfits deserve 4th position.

Instagram – 25/11/2018 – click to see post


#3 Matching these pants and boots is courageous, but in my opinion, it turned out to be pure genius @mtlchlo

Instagram – 4/11/2018 – click to see post


#2 @aeislit‘s all-white outfit with a pink fur coat. The handbag couldn’t be more suitable for the outfit… WOW

Instagram – 22/10/2018 – click to see post


#1 This outfit is the cutest I’ve seen. Yellow elephant pants with white: top, sandals and purse… perfection @dibsdash

Instagram – 04/08/2018 – click to see post