As a young adult myself, I experienced a lot of questioning about who and how I want to be as an adult. Even though I thought that finding my way through life would be easy, it certainly is not. BUT one thing that I learned is that fashion may be the answer to most of your questions.

As my mom would say “confidence is about showing people who you truly are”. One thing I learned in my path of “growing up” is that when in doubt, put on a nice outfit and everything will turn out well. It turns out that the key to self-confidence is seeing yourself at your best every day and that is why fashion makes it so much easier.

So less self-talking and more showing, here is 3 steps on how to overcome your lack of confidence by dressing up.

#1 Matching up colors

The first step is easy, try to match up colors the way it is supposed to. Per example, if you are wearing blue jeans try to avoid a purple shirt. You have to choose wisely the matching color based on how they fit together. Understanding colors is important because each skin tone is different, and some colors may look different or less appealing on you.



#2 Be comfortable in your outfit

This one is crucial. If you want a send a message of self-love you need to release the feeling that you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

Uncomfortable outfits lead to unwanted feeling and insecurities. This step is extremely important: if you’re going to the restaurant, you certainly don’t want to feel like your jeans are about the explode at the end of your meal.


DO :        DON’T :


#3 Choose the perfect kind of shoes

This is not a Christian Louboutin request! You have to find shoes that match your outfit in a way that people will be staring from top to bottom. Confidence is about showing off without caring and shoes are the perfect accessory to put on if you really want to be stared at.


These 3 little steps need to enter your mind and NEVER go out. If you think fashion, you’ll be.