As we mentioned in a previous article, the oversized blazer is a trend that should come back in 2019.  We wanted to give you some tips on how to wear an oversized blazer!

How can you create a spring vibe using an oversized blazer? Use vibrant colors, or pair it with a dress, or with Capri. Nothing is off limits.

Style it with a belt or drape it over a slogan tee-shirt, the oversized blazer is your new best friend!

#1 The “Checkered Jacket”


Simply match the blazer with basic jeans and a white shirt. You can’t go wrong with this outfit.

Let the design of your blazer do the rest!

#2 The “Accessorized”


Beret, Shades, Handbag.

Accessories can turn an outfit from 0 to 100 real quick.

#3 The “Detail”


In this oversized blazer look, it is all about one specific detail. The two stripes on the arm are in perfect harmony with the white pants.

A simple detail to make all the difference.

#4 The “Long One”


Use a white dress and simply wear it with a longer blazer. The choice of the color is yours.

The contrast is awesome!

#5 The “Business”


Who said an oversized blazer cannot be used as a work outfit?

This picture is the answer. No more comment!

#6 The “Matching”


You are already wearing blue today? From head to toes?

No worries, choose a blazer of the same color. You got to admit, it looks amazing!

#7 The “Slogan”


A message to deliver? Why not!

Just drop the oversized blazer on your shoulder over your slogan t-shirt.

#8 The “One”


If your pants match perfectly with the blazer or you just bought both together. No problem. This is a very fashionably acceptable way to wear it.

The fit is perfect. Just depends on where you go!

#9 The “fashionista”


Told you, oversized blazers can be matched with almost anything, even a skirt or shorts.

#10 The “School”


You can wear a boyfriend blazer with a skirt. Wear both with the same design.

And here we are! Ready to go to school!

#11 The “double Oversized”


Matching an oversized blazer with an oversized shirt gets you a perfect spring look. Don’t be afraid to match a striped shirt and a plaid blazer!

Let us know in the comment your favorite way to wear the oversized blazer. You can also tag us on your Instagram look.

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