Sneak a peek into the closet of literally any guy you know, and you’ll see some combination of dark-wash denim, plain white tees, comfortable hoodies and a handful of button-downs. (Seriously, try it—we dare you.)

Thankfully, 2019 men’s fashion trends are ready to inject a little fresh energy into any dude’s wardrobe.

The following men’s fashion trends will delight even the most style-conscious and style-evasive.


The “Light-Wash Denim”

© victormphoto


Denim is arguably the most classic fashion trend of all time so it’s no surprise to see it stick around for 2019.

Although many men opt for a darker wash (Everyone has his own taste), switching up shades in favour of lighter washes is officially the move for the New Year.

Find your “Wash” and wear it!


The “Neck scarf”

© elizabetta


Scarves are a really underrated way to stay warm and look amazing. The trend is in the colours and the materials.

A small accessory that can make all the difference on your outfit. You can wear it with almost anything from a suit to a leather jacket.


The “Vintage watch”

© Stan Vintage Watches


Vintage watches are super chic, and they’re making a serious comeback in 2019. These timepieces serve as conversation starters and are a statement-making accessories.

Plus, it still tells time. 

They can be wear with a suit, but also with a very casual outfit for a dinner with your friends.


The “Cropped trouser”

© libaifoundation


Cropped trousers pervaded women’s fashion in 2018, and they’re heading straight to men’s in 2019.

Ankles, guys, ankles!  It’s the perfect opportunity to show off a cool pair of socks.

Don’t be afraid, just be careful with the Wind!


The “Mismatched Print”

© Instagram/blaire.apparel


Maximalist is everywhere and the men’s fashion sphere is no exception. A very different and colourful look, no doubt about it! If you wish to bring a some freshness in your wardrobe, nothing else could do a better job.

It’s a look to be worn with confidence. Start small with one piece or an accessory, and build it over time. All will go well.

Make it colourful.


The “Corduroy”

© theunstitchd


Denim might be a timeless MVP, but corduroy is making its comeback and it’s a serious challenger. It gained a lot of popularity lately. Free tip for you! Thrift stores are the best place to find sweet corduroy pants or jackets.


The “Plaid pants”

© DHgate


Plaid pants are 2019’s favorite way to add a little statement-making to any wardrobe. Plaid pants can skew as edgy-or subtle-as you want them to. In this case, option is not an option.

No excuses not to find your style.

My point of view? I “Plaid” Guilty to loving it.


Little Bonus: The “Quarter Socks”

© Instagram/danish.endurance


For too long, men’s socks have been relegated to one of two categories: dressy high socks or everyday no-show socks.

But 2019 is ushering in an age of moderation. Time for you to shop for snazzy socks. It could be nice with your new cropped trouser. Think about it.


Men – be ready for 2019, many new trends are coming.