Trends differ from years to years. In the past, the t-shirt was fitting perfectly on everyone’s body for a cute and sexy look. People were training hard to fit in their shirt. But recently, we took that trend and wipe it away like it never happened! Please welcome the oversized trend world!


How can we describe this trend? A comfortable and unisex type of clothes that don’t show anything that could make you incommodious. Fashion has never been more sexless than lately. Because who said fashion was not comfortable?

The oversized trend is more of “boy” looking but who cares?



Photo credit : Instagram / @blvckd0pe


Nude, designer, rockstars logo, you can find an oversized tee in any stores and in any shapes nowadays.



Photo credit: Instagram / @naomiegenes


Going from a t-shirt to hoodies, the oversized trend has changed fashion in many ways. The fitted look is now only for a night out or a gala!



Photo credit: Instagram / @jilvanhelen