Many of us are warming up in front of our television watching the current cold wave hitting the USA. We are all looking forward to saying a final goodbye to Winter. We’ve been bundled into our coziest jackets and boots for a few months now and it’s about time we have some sunshine and warmer weather.


This year, the colours of summer are the brightest we’ve seen for a long time. (BTW Living Coral is Pantone’s shade of the year). Turmeric, Pink Peacock, Aspen Gold… We’re going to have a hell of a colourful summer.


YELLOW heels, sweaters and bags are already making their way onto online stores. No doubt about it, you’ll fall for them. Black clothes addicts, this article may not be for you. Or, maybe this is the season you come over to the bright side.


“Aspen Gold”


“Aspen Gold”, that sunburst yellow/orange makes you immediately feel upbeat. This warm colour brings, at first sight, a feeling of summer. It’s like a heat wave in your wardrobe.


For our fans of black and white outfits, use this colour to accessorize. A backpack or shoulder strap in this golden orange tone will fit any monochrome outfit.


Living Coral


The colour of summer 2019 is a soft coral with a golden shade. The kind of colour we see in summer dresses and beautiful bikinis. It’s being brought into your everyday clothes in full force.


Style advice? Play with layers and associate this shade with your existing wardrobe of neutral tones.


“Sweet Lilac”


As if our wardrobes were not already filled with colours! There is a little space for one more I’m sure. You can add the bubblegum lilac pink. It’s sweet and sugary.


Plus, if worn the right way, you might find out you’ve been a pink lover your whole life.




“Fiesta” everything is in the name! The ultimate orange-red bright, fiery. Fiesta is the red version of Princess Blue (see below).


For those who are more hesitant, try a pair of heels with your favorite jeans or just a fiesta red handbag with your black leather jacket.


“Princess Blue”


Thinking of a bright royal blue that will have you standing out in any crowd? You got it. Ocean, sea, lagoon… Those are the images that might come to your mind when you look at this colour. Combine your blue princess heel with a vibrant coral top or with a pair of golden aspen pants.


Let your creativity speak and thus creates perfect complementary pieces. The colour panel for summer 2018 is delivered. Let us know your fav in the Facebook comments.



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