Neon colours are definitely a must this season.

We have seen many neon colours in the New York Fashion week in September and it hasn’t stopped since.

People ought to like the fact that they can’t be ignored. Bright colours tend to steal the spotlight. I guess that’s why miss Jenner is living by the green neon shades.



We haven’t been used to see fluorescent colours for many years, so at first people were skeptical, but I guess that feeling went away as fast as it came. These highlighter shades are the perfect combination for a fun outfit because everybody likes to lighten up a bit!




Fashion is about stepping out of your comfort zone right? Well, this trend will DEFINITELY push you far far away from that limit.


The neon vibe is perfect for both winter and summer, I would say it helps you get a little bit of energy in this hard winter of ours. Let’s be happy and wear bright colours and maybe snow will get away faster (if only it worked that way).