This past week a new brand came to life in LA. This mysterious clothing line is called the house of DREW and it really put emphasis on the fact that their clothes are ethically made.


What is the style? I would say mid 70’s. The skateboarder kind of corduroy look. Its nod bad if you like nude shades and not fitted clothes. The house of drew has kind of the same look as YEEZY, nude clothes that mix both boys and girls. Would it be the next competitor for KANYE?




Okay back to the point!! Who’s the founder? The one and only JUSTIN BIEBER.

Fans have been waiting so long for a new album to drop. I guess he’s decided to surprise his fans with a clothing line instead.



As you might have noticed, their logo is the big yellow smiley face that Justin kept posting without any information! You can find the emoji face printed on their long sleeves and on their hoodies.



Going from 48$ to 148$ Justin BIEBER new merchandises is definitely a COP if you like anything comfortable and trendy. BUT also if you still think you are going to marry Bieber one day… SORRY Hailey big love!!!


What do you think? COP or DROP


Photo Credits: Instagram / @drewhouse